Idols are humans too. They get acne, scars, pimples and have bad hair days just like each and every one of us. They make mistakes, say thing they don’t mean to or intend to say on accident. Idols don’t have to be the epitome of perfection for every single second of the day, they are allowed to have off days, and that should be considered acceptable, but in our society, it isn’t.

Let idols breathe, have fun, be themselves, without having to put up some kind of barrier so that fans think that they lead a perfect life.

someone calling mon-el the epitome of male perfection is so sad like damb im sorry a bland looking guy like that is perfection for u must be tough living w ya standards so low i would hate to live like that…

Why he cheated

Aries: You couldn’t keep up with him.

Taurus: You weren’t passionate, and real enough. 

Gemini: You didn’t satisfy both twins.

Cancer: You didn’t give them your undivided attention.

Leo: You didn’t make them feel special enough.

Virgo: You weren’t the epitome of perfection.

Libra: You didn’t want to hike, and sky dive with them like they wanted.

Scorpio: You weren’t exotic enough.

Sagittarius: Its not you its them. They need constant change.

Capricorn: You aren’t classy, and passionate enough.

Aquarius: You aren’t the chase anymore.

Pisces: Too many people like you, and they want you to themselves.

//Just as you are//

Word Count: 2093

Group: BTS

Member: Jungkook

Warnings: none

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“Is everything okay?”
You looked up at you Jungkook, your boyfriend. He had been observing you for the past while, and even though you knew about it, tried to pretend not to notice.
“Yeah - everything is fine, why do you ask?” You cringed, catching your mistake. Picking up your favorite drink, you took a sip, eyes flickering around the coffee shop before landing back on Jungkook.  
Jungkook was older than you by a year, and sometimes you felt like you were at the same level as him. 

He was so cool, handsome and basically the epitome of the perfect boyfriend… It would make sense if he had someone at this level to be the perfect match for him.  
That’s when you decided to try and act more mature.
It didn’t help that he kept teasing you as if you were still a kid.
“You’ve been acting different lately,” Jungkook said.  
“No I haven’t,” you denied, shaking you head lightly. You brushed as strand of hair back as you straighten your posture. “Maybe you’re just imagining things.”
Jungkook reached over, putting his hands over yours resting on the table.
“I’m not.” The certainty in his tone almost made you falter. 

“Don’t think I don’t notice these things, (Y/N). Like even now, you usually slouch a little when you sit, you’re as stiff as a tree right now. I also noticed the little thing you do when you’re worried. So, what’s wrong?” 

When he saw you hesitate, Jungkook’s eyes clouded with worry.  

“Did I do something wrong?”
“No!” you immediately denied his claim. “I… It’s just… Okay, look, Jungkook. Sometimes, I feel like you’re treating me like a kid and I’m really worried that someone might think I’m not worthy of you. I mean, you’re older and so much more mature -”
“So you tried to act more mature,” Jungkook finished. He let out his breath, smiling softly at you. “Oh, (Y/N), you don’t need to worry about what others think. I tease you because I love seeing the cute expressions you make. Sorry if I made you think otherwise, I don’t mean to make you feel bad. I love you, just as you are, and no one could ever change that.”
Giving your hands a reassuring squeeze, you felt the built up nerves slowly ebb away.
“I love you, Jungkook,” you replied, returning his smile. “I love you too, (Y/N).”
Perhaps you didn’t need to rush into things, because no matter what you did, Jungkook’s feelings wouldn’t change.


Miss Lemon outfits

Full offense but it makes me so angry to hear people say that a white man or woman is the epitome of beauty and/or perfection like please get that nasty toxic bullshit out of here.

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Tell me how you feel about Zutara.

Forever bitterly ugly crying over the fact that such perfection wasn’t cannon

although everyone, their mothers, and  anyone with two braincells to rub together know deep down in their heart of hearts Zutara was meant to be. Zutara is and always will be the epitome of perfection.  

I just fucking love these kids. So, so, so much. 

I kinda feel sorry for well-intentioned celebs who are seen as the epitome of perfect to their fans. The blind worship they get probably pressures them to adopt this facade where they have to appear perfect at every turn. Because if they slip up in the slightest, their fanbase turns on them and suddenly they’re the spawn of the devil. Some people hold celebrities up to a really high standard as if they’re infallible, especially the ones who aren’t shy about expressing convenient or the “right” political views. 

Friends With Benefits - Hansol (M)

Requested: hiii could you pretty pls do a hansol smut where he teases a lot + neck kisses/bites + daddy kink + overstimulation, sorry I’m just rly thirsty and I love your writing v v much :)))
Please write a smut about Hansol. A rpugh one. Thank you.
Hi could you write a smut with Hansol? I kinda thought about shower sex… but once you said you don’t write similar histories so if my request is similar write anything you want! >.< thanks~

A/N: this is the epitome of a perfect request omg kinkz
friends w/ benefits Hansolo?
-Admin Finn


Word Count: 702

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You know what still baffles me? This murderous stupid cunt thinks he’s the pinnacle, the epitome, the paragon of the perfect White race. Like buddy, if this is the white race, I’m staying the hell in my lane.

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"Give me a reason not to forget it then" OK I'm pretty sure you invented kinks. Like, in general. Your writing is just the epitome of perfect kink wtf.

Agshsjssiissisi thank you 😭😭😭 I’m just a sucker for good dialogue.
Yesss so glad people like it. 🙈

INFPs with crushes

-We will overanalyze everything that you do.

-We constantly day dream about you.

-We periodically glance at you to check if you are staring at us.

-We avoid contact with you at all costs because we fear embarrassing ourselves in front of you. 

-We image scenarios where you passionately declare that you are in love with us.

-We get nervous when we are around you. 

-We try to get to know as much about you as we can. This may include stocking your social media or asking are friends personal questions about you. 

-We idealize you. In our minds, you are the epitome of the perfect human.