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Hi! I want to get my friend into Bts and I want to ask your opinion on what videos I should show her ( just a few). I already showed her music videos for their title tracks, but now I want to show her videos that show their personality like in the bangtan bomb videos or maybe their V apps. There's just so many I can't decide!

Hey!!! Ohhh, it’s nice to know you want to introduce your friend to BTS, and way better that you want to show them a bit about their personalities, you’re right there are a lot, but let’s see. You can start by showing them this post i made where i talk a bit about each of their personalities (it’s kinda long, but the response was positive, everyone liked it) and about videos i suggest watching

1. Weekly Idol. This is the funniest one ever, hands down the best, they have the chance to be super extra in this variety show. Ep1, Ep2 & Ep3

2. After School Club. It’s supper funny and they also get the chance to talk about them and their music as well, definitely worth watching. Ep1, Ep2, Ep3 & Ep4

3. Run BTS! It’s a must watch. Ep1, Ep2, Ep3, Ep4, Ep5, Ep6(pt.1, pt.2), Ep7, Ep8, Ep9, Ep10,Ep11, Ep12, Ep13, Ep14, Ep15, Ep16, Ep17, Ep18 +Bonus (RUN BTS Live in Thailand)

4. BTS GAYO. A must watch pt.2. Ep1, Ep2, Ep3, Ep4, Ep5, Ep6, Ep7, Ep8, Ep9, Ep10, Ep11, Ep12, Ep13

5. BTS in NAVER STAR CAST. My god, this is so cool, they have a bunch of challenges to complete and games to play, it’s so funny. Ep1, Ep2, Ep3, Ep4 & Ep5

6. BTS Festa. They record one each year for their anniversary, this is amazing, it’s long, but they joke with each other a lot. Ep1, Ep2 & Ep3

+Bonus (Halloween Party w/ BTS)

+Bonus A few bangtan bombs worth watching as well 1, 2, 3, 4


I really like how he tries to make it clear that Kaiba didn’t lose because one of them is stronger than the other. Atem considers Kaiba to be his equal, to be the strongest duelist he’s ever fought against, so of course he’s not going to gloat or anything like Kaiba would have in his place. He’s trying so hard to make Kaiba understand the real reason why he lost but of course Kaiba is still being as stubborn as he always is. :\