Bath, England, UK

On this day in the History of British Queens, 23rd July

1316 - Isabella of France and Edward II leave Westminster and ride to Eltham Palace, then part of Kent, where Edward left her on 26th July to ride north and start a military campaign in Scotland (which was later cancelled). Almost a month later, on 15th August, Isabella gave birth to her second son John of Eltham at the Palace.

1543 - Mary of Guise and her infant daughter Mary, Queen of Scots, flee the Earl of Arran at Linlithgow Palace and head to Stirling Castle, where the younger Mary would be crowned on 9th September. Cardinal David Beaton had claimed to have been named regent for the princess by her father, James V, but his enemies dismissed this as forgery and had him arrested, and the Earl of Arran was named as regent. He had kept Mary of Guise and her daughter under his watchful eye, even negotiating the Treaty of Greenwich (which agreed that the infant Mary would marry the future Edward VI of England), until Cardinal Beaton’s supporters surrounded him at Linlithgow and the Earl of Lennox escorted the pair to Stirling.

1559 - The Articles of Leith are agreed between Mary of Guise and the Protestant Lords of the Congregation.

1596 - Elizabeth I’s cousin and privy councillor Henry Carey, 1st Baron Hunsdon, son of her mother’s sister Mary Boleyn, dies at Somerset House on the Strand. According to legend, Elizabeth offered him the title of Earl of Wiltshire on his deathbed, but he refused, stating “Madam, as you did not count me worthy of this honour in life, then I shall account myself not worthy of it in death.”. Some say he may have been Elizabeth’s illegitimate half-brother, as Mary Boleyn was Henry VIII’s mistress at one point. He was also a ward of Anne Boleyn as a child, and it was she that ensured he had a good education.

1885 - Queen Victoria’s youngest child, Princess Beatrice, marries Prince Henry of Battenberg at Saint Mildred’s Church on the Isle of Wight. Beatrice wore her mother’s veil for the ceremony.