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I have found my future super-villain lair.

So this place is currently for sale.

It’s an old gun battery on a little spit of land that can only be accessed by boat, except at low tide.

The address:  1 The Thames.

Sure, it needs a little work, but some of the plans for it are just wild.

Like I said:  this thing has future super-villain lair written all over it.

So if anybody has a spare £500,000 that they don’t need,

I have a need.  And a highly illegal business plan to discuss with you.


Road trips, anniversary celebrations, exploring and carving out a place for myself. It’s been a process - and not necessarily a pretty one.

There’s been a lot of kicking and screaming and even a few meltdowns, if you will. Instead of taking to the Internet to lament yet another less-than-stellar day or my inability to adapt to my surroundings, I thought it best to keep my trap shut. Sure, not everything is kittens and rainbows all the time for anyone, but after a certain point aren’t we all thinking, “Shhhhh… now that’s enough out of you.” Overexposure is the worst, no?

I would say within that last two weeks, things suddenly became a lot easier. Whether it was because of my attitude or I’d simply accumulated enough time to adjust adequately, I’m not sure. And quite frankly, I don’t care. I’m just happy that I finally started feeling a bit more settled and less like a forever clueless immigrant.

I still pine for and romanticise home. Although, the FOMO is fading significantly. One of my biggest obstacles to feeling more at home here was my inability to give up Ohio or see both places as home. Part of me was afraid I was losing a huge part of who I was – who I am.

For reasons I won’t jump into now, that fear has faded. My family will always be my family no matter how far or how long we are apart. And my friends are proving that I chose wisely, always keeping in touch. Some friendships may fade, but I have a feeling those were always tenuous relationships on their last leg anyway.

See, it’s not always kittens and rainbows, but that’s ok. For one, I’m allergic to cats and secondly rainbows mean rain. I’m much happier in the sunshine.

19 Years Later

The Battle of Hogwarts was fought the summer of 1997. That means that the day the trio wave off their own children from Platform 9 ¾ is the 1st September 2016. That’s next year. That will be the fourth ending the Harry Potter fandom has suffered; this is the finale. We have to go out with a bang. On that day, 1st September 2016, we should all gather at King’s Cross Station to celebrate the magic of Harry Potter and what the queen of the Magical World, J.K. Rowling, gave us. We should dress up, meet the fandom, light Chinese lanterns and release them into the sky, as a final celebration of our era.


England Women set off for Canada [x]