A “true” magic circle is the growing of ears to hear the stars and voices to speak the language of the dead. It is building nerve endings that let you caress the spines of demons. It is opening eyes that can see angels dancing between subatomic particles. It is having a portable research lab and having a postal address in this world and the next. Divination, enchantment, malefica, prayer. These all blur into /the right action/ in the /opportune moment/.
the signs as fairy tale aesthetics
  • aries:stolen treasures, flashing swords and thunderstorms
  • taurus:wild woods, hidden curses and fur gowns
  • gemini:gingerbread cottages, wildflowers, and potion vials
  • cancer:glass slippers, enchanted springs and gemstones
  • leo:sleeping dragons, secret keys and gold crowns
  • virgo:pressed flowers, wild hair and fairy wings
  • libra:ermine trim, magic mirrors and a throne
  • scorpio:eternal love, haunted forests and crushed velvet
  • sagittarius:red roses, magic lamps and a castle steeped in fog
  • capricorn:swan feathers, ice palaces and a string of pearls
  • aquarius:leather-bound spell-books, wooden cabins and mason jars
  • pisces:mermaid tails, crescent moons and a raging sea
Door Lock Negativity Banishing Chant

This is a simple protection chant I say every night as I lock my doors before sleeping, I thought I’d share it here!

1. Hold lock between fingers (don’t turn yet)

2. While charging the door knob with protective intent, recite: “I banish all negative/harmful energies or beings who wish to enter my home”

3. Lock door and sleep soundly!~


The Enchantment by Raphaelle Monvoisin
Via Flickr:
Portfolio Raphaelle Monvoisin www.raphaellem.com ~ Facebook page © All rights reserved Photographer : Raphaelle Monvoisin Model : Johanne Bouix Rouviere Stylism : Argothe Couture



Necklace Enchantment Courage Spell

This spell is designed to aid you in feelings brave and courageous in the face of fear! I hope it helps you!

What you’ll need:
♠ One Yellow Candle (for confidence)
♠ One Necklace or Pendant

Begin by lighting your candle. Focus on letting the energy of the flame consume you, bringing confidence and courage into your mind. Imagine scenarios in which you can act bravely, whether while presenting in class or asking a boss for a raise. Just focus on this for a moment.

Next, take up your necklace in both hands and fill it with the energy you’re feeling. Put as much courage and power into the object as you can, and use this chant:

“Gleaming necklace, I fill you with my power!
A potent dose of bravery enters you,
And when you are worn,
You shall do the same and give off an equally strong amount of courage!”

Sigil Enchantment

Hello everyone. So an idea popped up in my head a couple of days ago about using sigils to enchant objects.

I’ve come up with a spell that has universal purposes based on your needs! And it’s pretty easy depending on the amount of sigils you plan to use.


* A sigil(s). You can make them on your own, or if needed, just shoot me an ask and I’d love to help you make it! 
* A lighter
* Fire-proof bowl
* Herbs corresponding to your goal (optional)
* An object or piece of jewelry you would like to enchant.


I. Create sigils that you would like to put on the object.

II. Activate the sigils by burning them. But, when you are finished, keep the ashes in a separate container from your fire-proof bowl.

III. Place object/jewelry in bowl. Before you put your ingredients in, you will want to create a sort of activation, that way you can turn it on and off if needed. For instance, mine is:

Every time I tap this object and say the command “on”, it will activate and turn on. When I tap this object and say the command “off”, it will turn off - until I state otherwise.”

IV. Now that you have your activation down, take your ashes and corresponding herbs and sprinkle them on top of the object in the bowl. While you are doing so, now is your time to say your activation. 

V. After you have done so, I would advise to allow your object to charge overnight in the bowl. 

Since I am doing this to take to school with me, I am leaving it in the bowl overnight and before I leave the house in the morning, I will put it on.

VI. The next morning, you may take the object out of the bowl and put your energy into it. I find it very helpful to reassure yourself and the object your intention and what you want the outcome to look like when you use this enchantment. 

thesigilwitch requested that I tagged her tomorrow with feedback on how it worked, so I decided to share the spell completely before I did so! I hope you guys like it!

~ Eris

Charisma Enchanment

I believe that this would work well during any lunar phase and during any day of the week, however, I would personally expect to see peak results if this spell was done during a full moon on a Friday. 

You will need:
- dragon’s blood incense
- dried orange peels
- cinnamon
- mint 
- rose quartz
- sun symbol
- sun water
- coppery piece of jewelry
- a small container
- something to hold the jewelry 

Light the incense, then combine the dried orange peels, cinnamon, and mint. You can do this with a mortar and pestle, spoon and bowl, or just get them into small segments using your hands. Place the piece of rose quartz and sun symbol in a small container, then sprinkle the herbal mixture on top. Pour a good amount of sun water over the whole thing, and finally, put the piece of jewelry in the container as well. Allow the jewelry to charge overnight.