Construction begins on world's largest telescope in Chilean desert
The dry atmosphere of the Atacama provides as near perfect observing conditions as it is possible to find on Earth, with some 70 percent of the world's astronomical infrastructure slated to be located in the region by the 2020s.

Construction began in Chile on Friday on the European Extremely Large Telescope, which when completed will be the world’s largest optical telescope, some five times larger than the top observing instruments in use today.

The size of the ELT has the potential to transform our understanding of the universe, say its backers, with its main mirror that will measure some 39 meters (43 yards) across.

Located on a 3,000 meter-high mountain in the middle of the Atacama desert, it is due to begin operating in 2024.

Among other capabilities, it will add to and refine astronomers’ burgeoning discoveries of planets orbiting other stars, with the ability to find more smaller planets, image larger ones, and possibly characterize their atmospheres, a key step in understanding if life is present.

“What is being raised here is more than a telescope. Here we see one of the greatest examples of the possibilities of science,” said Chilean President Michelle Bachelet in a speech to mark the beginning of construction at the site.

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english literature tip #4

always pay particular attention to figurative language (metaphors, similes, etc.) in the literature you read

whenever you encounter the use of figurative language, consider its meaning and purpose. chances are, it was included by the author for a specific reason―otherwise, why include it in the first place? you might find a metaphor, for example, and notice that it reinforces the overlying theme of the piece. talented authors can carefully weave different instances of figurative language (as well as other elements of writing) together to strengthen their work

basically, figurative language is rarely thrown into a piece of literature for absolutely no reason. look for a reason before assuming there isn’t one

Every Little Thing 17

Summary: Are the reader and Jensen finally getting back on track?

Characters: Reader, Jensen, Cali

Word Count: 1360

Warnings: Fluff… Smut (poorly written)

A/N:  I’m so sorry I haven’t been writing as much lately, I’ve been going through some personal stuff lately and I’ve hit a massive writer’s block wall. As always this is a work of fiction and I mean no disrespect to Daneel or their beautiful family! All feedback is appreciated!! 

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Journal 3 shitpost doodle dump part 2! (Part 1 is over here and part 3 is over here)

To be honest, I don’t think I’m done yet. There’ll probably be a part 3 as well because there’s just so much more I want to poke fun of. This book truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

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english literature tip #2

annotate the hell out of anything you read

don’t understand a word? highlight it. have an interesting thought about a section? write it on a sticky note. something doesn’t make sense to you? circle it. underline it. do something

this will keep you focused on the material so you gain a stronger understanding of the piece as a whole. it is useful not only when you are initially reading the piece, but also for reference and studying. and it can make class discussions a million times easier

english literature tip #1

if possible, always read a piece (story, poem, essay, etc.) more than once

the first time, just read. you shouldn’t be focused on anything other than the words on the page as you comprehend them. don’t annotate or think critically about it until the second read. this is when you can take a closer look and examine the piece with more detail

Every Little Thing part 16

Summary: Fall out from the car accident still looms over the reader and Jensen.

Characters: Reader, Jensen, Cali, mentions of Jared, Misha, JJ & Daneel

Word Count: 1,032

Warnings: Mentions lost of a child, self loathing, guilt, angst, Awesome- Fluffy Jensen

A/N: Sorry it is taking so long to post new parts. I took my last final today so I should have more time to write!  As always this is a work of fiction and I mean no disrespect to Daneel or their beautiful family! All feedback is appreciated!!

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anonymous asked:

Hi ^_^ Can you suggest studyblrs that are based on English literature or English Language Teaching (ELT)? Thank you. 😊❤

Hello!! yes, I can! And sorry for the lateness in these, I have so many and they always take me time to make. ❤ 

I wasn’t able to find any ELT studyblr I’m sorry :c , the closest was an English teacher: @95heartmindsoul who blogs about their work, and @testedbytutors teaching english.

but here are tons of active English lit studyblrs:

ELT and English Literature studyblrs please tag yourselves so I can add you to this list!

Ezt most fotózta valaki az ELTE Lágymányosi Campuson. Eszerint több kurzust is tartok az új gender-árnyékképzésen. A legbüszkébb a ‘Hónalj- és fanszőrzet fonás’ szemináriumra vagyok.

Every Little Thing part 14

Summary: After an amazing holiday nothing can come between Y/N and Jensen, right?

Characters: Reader, Jensen, Cali, Jared, Gen, mentions of JJ & Daneel

Word Count: ~1,800

Warnings: Lots of fluff then some Angst, mentions of cheating and a surprise.

A/N: Time line is all off, I know, I’m sorry just works better like this. This isn’t one of my favorite chapter but I needed to post it.  I am also really tired and haven’t had time to revise so please forgive and errors.  As always this is a work of fiction and I mean no disrespect to Daneel or their beautiful family! All feed back is appreciated!!

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