Fall in love with ordinary. Fall in love with the everyday. Fall in love with brown eyes and small towns and a hand full of dandelions. Discover. Discover the crevices. Read the books that aren’s so popular, by little known authors who have a lot to offer. Listen to music that makes you think. Choose art that is buried in the corner of galleries, or on the street. 
Teach yourself to love the small things. The special but unnoticed things. Teach yourself how the ordinary is not so ordinary after all.
—  what I mean by “every little thing” (this isn’t from me btw)

Does Dark Matter Exist, Or Is Gravity Wrong? The Answer Lies Billions Of Years In The Past

“If this result holds up with more and better data, this may provide a window into galactic evolution that finally allows us to discriminate between dark matter and modified gravity in a clear and robust way. These types of observations, to measure the rotation curves of galaxies many of billions of light years away, will be a prime science goal for new telescopes in the 2020s like GMT, E-ELT and WFIRST. Both sides will continue to argue for their interpretation of the data, but in the end, it will be the full suite of data that reveals how nature truly behaves. Will Einstein be superseded? Or will we all wind up joining the dark side? By time another decade goes by, the answer may finally be known.”

The dark matter wars rage on and on, with both sides – those in favor of modifying gravity and those in favor of adding an additional mass component to the Universe – claiming victories for their own side and defeat for the other. But one piece of evidence, hitherto elusive, might finally hold the key to distinguishing one from the other: early, young, less-evolved galaxies. Billions of years ago, not as much dark matter had fallen into the inner portions of galaxies, meaning that the outer portions of rotating spirals should display less dark matter in the past than they do today. Instead of flat rotation curves, the galaxies in the distant Universe should exhibit falling rotation curves. In a series of new papers, a team was able to observe 101 distant galaxies at relatively high redshifts, and what they found presented compelling evidence for exactly this phenomenon. As always, more and better data is needed, as it’s only a three-sigma effect so far. 

But as the first hint of this long-anticipated effect, it’s a compelling preview of what the telescopes of the 2020s will offer! Come get the scientific story today.


Some stevetony being cuties :3

meant to be 616 or maybe ma:a, though in the interests of finishing the thing I didn’t reference tony’s suit, so its an amalgamation again with some mcu elts and classic 616 elts. 

i’m happy with how this turned out :D

1. She - Computer Music 
2. Every Little Thing - Pray (Quo Vadis Remix) 
3. Utada Hikaru - traveling (PlanitB Remix) 
4. Bonnie Pink - SWEET (Todd Edwards Remix) 
5. m-flo loves BENNIE K - Taste Your Stuff (Happy Drive) 
6. Namie Amuro - What A Feeling (Shinichi Osawa Remix) 
7. Perfume - Polyrhythm (Hard Floor Remix by k.466) 
8. Aira Mitsuki - Colorful Tokyo Sounds NO.9 (Disco-Punk Remix)

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stop ! telling ! people ! to ! kill ! themselves ! cause ! you ! disagree ! with ! them! if you ever feel the need to go tell someone to end their life over petty internet drama consider this: turn off your device! go outside! get a job! resurrect harambe! it’s not that hard of a concept to grasp.

Week 7 - TESOL Methods

Finally caught up with the posts! This week we talked about Differentiated Instruction and Motivation. We had a guest moderator, Robert Diem.

I had misconceptions about the concept of Differentiated Instruction. It is not about changing your lessons to suit your students’ every interest, that’s impossible, but about not insisting on a method of delivery and practice that clearly isn’t working, finding out about your students’ learning styles and preferences, and adapting to that whenever possible. One of the suggested ideas is of using Learning Stations, different focused areas within the same subject, where students can pick and choose whichever interests them most, giving the teacher more time to help and turning learning into a more fun and personalized thing.

Motivation is one of my favorite subjects to talk about, and while I believe teachers can and should motivate their students, I think in some contexts the students should also try to motivate themselves. It’s a 50/50 effort – teachers should keep the classes interesting and be enthusiastic about the subject, and help the students build goals for what they want to do with the skill they are learning. Students should know learning English doesn’t happen magically and effort IS necessary, and if you’re not willing to prioritize then things will be extremely difficult in your learning.

This week’s FAP task was to describe in detail the innovation(s) you plan to use to solve the issue/challenge you described last week. Explain how this innovation will help to solve the issue. I still have a couple hours to finish this, too many ideas in my head!

well whatever i guess this is just my life now

This may not be entirely accurate:

In Merrie  olde England in the 1500 ’s most people got married in June because they took their yearly bath in May, and they still smelled pretty good by June. However, since they were starting to smell, brides carried a bouquet of flowers to hide the body odor. Hence the custom today of carrying a bouquet when getting married.

And it took a while due to end of term suffering but here is my fic for the @hqrarepairexchange for @crunchrapsupreme, hope you like it!

Title: Will never be the same (and you’re to blame)

Pairing: Hinata Shouyou/Tsukishima Kei

Summary: Tsukishima acting weirdly kind around him is really strange. Hinata’s starting to wonder if maybe he’s getting sick,maybe that would explain his behaviour.

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