• me: man i wonder if this song is good 🤔
  • song: i need a cha cha beat boy
  • me: 🔥💥💯👂😍👏🎊💓🙌🎶👍👅💟🎉🎼✔✔🔂 😭💞🎉🔥💥💯🗣👅🎉✔💕👂😍👏🎊💓🙌🎶👍👅💟🎉🎼🔥💥💯✔🔂 😭💞🎉👏🗣👅🎉✔💕👂😍👏🎊💓🙌🎶👍👅💟🎉🎼✔✔🔂 😭💞🎉👏🗣👅🎉✔🔥💥💯

haha this is what happens when AOMG tries to introduce themselves. a mess haha Simon D is like the Papa trying to get everyone together and to listen to him while Jay Park is the five year old that keeps messing around xD! They kept introducing themselves over and over again haha…