elli is giving me hope again, she has made 3 of my poems look GREAT and visibly pleasing. she even told me if she does all of my poetry, I’ll have a 60 page book right there :o. she’s an angel. when I have more confidence about more of them, I’ll reach out to dolly about art!!!

me when i meet katie: im sorry tha i laughed tha time when i saw u gettin ya ass nailed and im sorry tha i made a post about it and im sorry im repeatin this to u

katie listenin to all this: who the fuck are u how u get into my house

me, in tears now: katie im so sorry

katie,  alarmed: im callin the police

So I’m sat here watching Ellie’s video for Sweet Creature and I’d never heard the audio of that interview before. I agree with what a lot of people said, it was a wildly inappropriate question to ask H. However. His answer is. Wow. Just wow. And then you hear him sing the song and juxtapose it with footage of the two of them, and you just know. You just know

cookie-moi  asked:

Ellie's new long hair causes me to imagine her getting whipped in the face by it all the time when she is not on the job. Like she is on the beach - hair in mouth. Trying to phone someone - constantly hair inbetween phone and ear. Walking along the clifftops with Hardy who, of course, stands dramatically in the wind, his coat billowing behind him. While she has no idea where she is going because of all the bloody hair in her eyes.^^ (So he will have to hold her hand to keep her from falling)