Ok, weird photo to mark exactly 3 months hrt. What with the no-makeup and neutral clothes and whatnot. Explained: today was my third professional networking meeting in my serious business binder sports bra. Totally necessary. Pretty much everything has happened way ahead of schedule, including the bubs getting all bubsy, and the need to bind. 

Not complaining in the slightest 😊


Ok, some real shots of Brian Duskmire. I was attempting to get more detailed shots of the tattoos and his scars, but seems I need to pull out the old poser anims to do that. He would not stand still. Ansty little Bosmer.

There’s some minor texture work I still have to finish, mainly scars for his arms and back. A pirate’s life, right? Aside from that it’s armors and dialogue that still need to be created and finalized. And of that scripting.

And by the way… I totally was trying to inspire Mads Mikkelsen in Britan’s profile, as much as could be done with an elf chin.