I think my favorite part of the Lord of the Rings film by Peter Jackson is at the beginning of the movie at Bilbo’s birthday party the sheer amount of joy and happiness Gandalf get’s by making fireworks. 

Like look at this adorable wizard I strive for this level of happiness

Types of girls: magical creature edition

Mermaid girls: wavy hair, sea shells everywhere, wants to/lives by the sea, always happy, moon child, loves to explore creeks & lakes

Elf girls: blushes all the time, loves mushrooms, collects crystals, obsessed w/ their record player, adventures in the forest alone to take photos

Fairy girls: quiet, wears very pink shimmery highlighters, has tiny random braids in hair, sweetest creature, always wears a dress, sews lace on everything

Nymph girls: loves playing by creeks, eats cherries all the time, tons of gold jewelry, only listens to lana, acts like an angel, tangling long hair, writes in her diary