Self-propelled unit coupled 30-mm cannons ELC Even
First shown at the display of new military equipment at the end of 1959. Combat weight of the machine was 7 so She was armed with two coaxial 30-mm automatic cannon Hispano-Suiza and two 7,5 mm machine guns installed in enclosed rotating turret. Ammunition for the machine guns consisted of 1700 rounds.

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Do Alex and Willy have matching necklaces? I thought I say a picture awhile back, and they both wear a necklace. I was just wondering.

olivia i swear to god.

but in the case that this isn’t olivia and i just jumped to conclusions, apologies my dude and yes they do!!! and it’s really cute and i died when i accidentally confirmed it whilst scrolling thru alex’s insta.

so. the nylander bros matching necklaces. i present you with my findings courtesy of instagram and a couple of sabres development camp photographs. be prepared for a lot of pictures of hot nylander bros.

Also this is going under a read more because it gets quite…long.

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Musee des Blindés Part 13


1 & 2) AMX ELC. Part of the ELC project of 1955. It was supposed to develop a lightly armored, heavily armed fighting vehicle capable of being transported by airlift. The AMX ELC vehicle weighed 6 tons, with the driver and gunner located on either side of the 90mm gun mounted on the turret. Since in addition to being very light, the tank was also very short (half a meter shorter than the AMX-13), the driver used a reclined position and the gunner had to have his body halfway inside the hull, so the turret couldn’t be rotated on the move.

AMX ELC. Parte del proyecto ELC de 1955. Se suponía que debía desarrollar un vehículo con blindaje ligero y armamento pesado, capaz de ser transportado por avión. El vehículo AMX ELC pesaba 6 toneladas, con el conductor y artillero ubicados a cada lado del cañón de 90mm montado en la torreta. Ademas de ser bastante ligero, también era muy corto (medio metro mas corto que un AMX-13), el conductor usaban una posición reclinada y el artillero debía tener medio cuerpo dentro del casco, por lo que la torreta no se podía rotar con el vehículo en movimiento.  

3 to 5) ELC Even 30. The ELC 30 was a variant within the ELC series of light tanks which was armed with twin 30mm HS825 cannons mounted on a pedestal-type turret and two machine guns. This is one of three preserved at the museum.

ELC Even 30. El ELC 30 fue una variante de la serie de tanques ligeros ELC que estaba armada con cañones gemelos HS825 de 30mm, montados en una torreta tipo pedestal junto con 2 ametralladoras. Este es uno de los 3 preservados en el museo.

6 to 8) AMX-13/75. French light tank produced from 1953 to 1985. It served with the French Army, as the Char 13t-75 Modèle 51, and was exported to more than 25 other nations. Named after its initial weight of 13 tonnes, and featuring a tough and reliable chassis, it was fitted with a novel oscillating turret. The 75 designates the caliber of the gun.

AMX-13/75. Tanque ligero francés producido desde 1953 hasta 1985. Sirvió en el ejercito francés como el  Char 13t-75 Modèle 51, y fue exportado a más de 25 países. Llamado después de su peso inicial de 13 toneladas, y presentando un chasis robusto y confiable, fue equipado con una innovadora torreta oscilante. El 75 designa el calibre del cañón. 

9 & 10) Batignolles-Chatillon Char 25T. French tank developed by Batignolles-Chatillon in the 1950s. It was designed for a 25-ton weight class, which is twice the weight of the AMX-13. Its primary armament was a 90mm gun, and was operated by 4 crew members. Its speed could reach 65 km/h. Two prototypes were made before it was set aside.

Batignolles-Chatillon Char 25T. Tanque francés desarrollado por Batignolles-Chatillon en los 50. Fue diseñado para una clase de 25 toneladas, con el doble del peso del AMX-13. Su armamento primario era un cañón de 90mm, y era operado por 4 tripulantes. Su velocidad podía alcanzar los 65 km/h. Dos prototipos fueron construidos antes de su abandono. 

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Gift art for Pyrophoricitee (aka Pyro)!!

I’ve been wondering his “All Hail the ELC AMX” headline for quite a while, this is a famed/notorious (Depends on the user perspective) light tank appeared in World of Tanks. Due to it only exist as a prototype in real world, so I assumed that he is a WoT player and drew this.

France, ELC AMX, iyts-a-bun-and-fix, isn’t it the best ingredient to create a perfect Pyrophoricitee??