Find Your Center at These Great Yoga Spots! by RAs Naomi & Ekta


1. Yoga to the People: There are many YTTP studios throughout the city.
St. Marks (closest to Laf.) has a power vinyasa flow—a balance between
effort, awareness and breath.  These classes are vigorous, yet
accessible.  They utilize fluid transitions from pose to pose,
seamlessly linking body, breath, and movement.  These classes are
donation based while the suggested donation is $10 per class however
they really emphasize give as much as you can so if you can only give
$2 please do.
26th and 27th Street- Traditional Hot Yoga-  While these classes are
accessible to everyone this is not “gentle Yoga”…it is yoga with
awareness.  We do not encourage pushing, muscling and fighting to get
into poses.  Traditional Hot Yoga classes are 60 or 90-minutes long.
They consist of 2 breathing exercises and a series of 26 poses
incorporating balance, strength and flexibility.  These classes are
done in a heated rom of 105-108 degrees.
38th Street- Traditional Hot Yoga and Hot Vinyasa
Brooklyn- Traditional Hot Yoga and Power Vinyasa Flow

2.Yoga Vida: 99 University Place: Yoga Vida has student discounts and
is conveniently located on campus
•       Drop Ins: $6
•       10 Class-Pack: $50 (3 Month Expiration)
•       10 Class-Pack with Mats: $65 (3 Month Expiration)
•       Student Monthly Unlimited: $85 (Free Mat Storage)
•       Student 6-Month Unlimited: $75/month (Automated Credit Card Payment)

3. Yoga High:
19 Clinton Street—East Village
Yoga High is a vinyasa studio on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Yoga
High was founded in 2008 by two women — Mel Russo and Liz Buehler
Walker. Liz and Mel had been teaching in the East Village for years,
but they were both yearning to have a space where people could come
not just to pop in for a great Yoga class but also a space where
students and staff felt comfortable, at home and welcomed.  Each
student receives personal attention in every class in the form of
verbal alignment reminders, hands-on assists and/or suggestions for
variations in the poses. But the experience of Yoga doesn’t just
happen during the class; the friendly staff, clean comfortable space
and community of warm, down-to-earth teachers and students make Yoga
High a place where everyone is encouraged, empowered and challenged in
the true Yogic spirit. As one of our students puts it, Yoga High is
your “happy place”.

4. Bikram Yoga: Yogis, you’ve sent your concerns about tough times
hitting your bank account and we’ve read every one of them. In
response we are now offering Half Moon classes at only $8 a session.
Call it ‘Bikram a la carte’ for those feeling the woes of expense
cuts. Just pay separately for your towels and mat (or bring your own
to save even more)!
We at Bikram Yoga NYC don’t want anyone left in the “cold” just
because you’re on a tight budget. How else are you going to de-stress,
stay fit and continue to IMPROVE your overall quality of life during
the winter blues and seasonal stress? We look forward to seeing you in
our studio to continue the beneficial practice of Bikram with us.

5. Ishta Yoga: Ishta Yoga Downtown: 56 East 11th Street, between
Broadway and University Place Upper East Side: 1026 3rd Ave Between
60th and 61st St.Whether you’re looking to try yoga for the first
time, stretch and tone your body, explore the healing effects of
meditation, practice advanced Hatha Yoga, or rejuvenate with
restorative yoga, ISHTA Yoga NYC offers a selection of Yoga Classes to
meet your needs.