So this is happening.😍
We are finally getting a Gay RomCom👨‍❤‍💋‍👨
Romil & Jugal is a Romantic Comedy based on Romeo&Juliet with a twist
& since its on web No Censorship
take that pahlaj nihlani🖕
It’s first few episodes are free & we have to pay a mere amount of 100bucks to watch remaining epis,which are not much.
I am waiting for my exams to get over & other series to start so,I can take optimum benefit of my subscription 🙈
M super pumped up!!!
After all that saas-bhau rona dhona Balaji finally came up with something related to youth &/or current scenarios.

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There is one question I desperately want answered after years of watching these dramas, just where do those dupattas that fall over every single couple on these shows even come from?? Girl trips, boy obvi catches her and suddenly.. DUPATTA!!

It is willed into existence by the Tellywood God of Fuck Physics and Logic - the same god who makes girls’ jewelry catch on the men’s clothing. And makes the hawa flow every time something romantic happens, EVEN IF THE COUPLE ARE INDOORS. And gives the couples telepathy to know when their “better half” is around, or in trouble, but fails to give them the basicass communication skillz to fucking talk about their issues. 

Name of the God?  EktUl KhanPoor. And she is a Vicious Old Testament type God - one who enslaves us, and then loves to watch us suffer for all eternity.

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How can you stop watching ishqbaaaz when you've clearly seen and like ipkknd and arnav and shivaay are like twins????

Please accept my thousand apologies, oh wise grey sphere with sunglasses, for committing this grave mistake of leaving a show in between. I must have truly hurt your feelings and I’m aware that nothing can justify my terrible commitment issues towards a daily soap. Yet, I would try my best. I can only hope that this confession would save me from purgatory.

*Prepares tea*

How could I stop watching Ishqbaaaz?

Ah, so many horrible Shivaay memories to choose from! I’ll post just a few here - 


- His views on feminism. (worse than my great grandmother’s) Standing ovation for being this dense in this day and age.

- Him slut shaming her during the whole Daksh fiasco.

- Him belittling her on numerous occasions regarding - her lack of surname, command over English, mannerisms, habits. Tried to change her by constantly bringing his nose into her business. Don’t do this. Don’t act like that. Don’t eat like that. Don’t talk like that.

- He called her road trash more than once. Such romance much love.

- His obsession with lineage.

- One of the most toxic relationships I’ve ever seen on television.

- OTT background music (with a few exceptions) that threatens to burst the ear drums every fucking time.

- Repeating a scene three times like some ekta kapoor shit.

- Hilariously bad editing.

- Too many conspiracy plots and not a single damn one interesting!


- Honestly Annika is sunshine, even after all the troubles she has faced. She is a literal goddess and this privileged asshole does not deserve her. At All. 

//Not even going to dignify the “twins” thing with a response//

Yes, I like IPKKND. Sure. But I’ve never sided with Arnav whenever he grabbed Khushi forcibly or called her a gold-digger or other similar nonsense. I’ve always called him out. 

Abuse is not a competition. However, I’ll say this - I’ve wanted to punch the bejesus out of Arnav so many times but Shivaay, oh god I wanted to strangle him with my bare hands.

And even now if you can’t see why I stopped watching the show, consider this - What I watch is none of your business. Mind boggling concept, right?