Hey look what I found: EJ Su’s character designs for Tracks from Spotlight: Jazz

Up top is Priscilla Tramontano’s colour scheme mockup on the robot mode. I think we can all agree that Tracks would highly approve.

Bottom version is the original inked sketch, which nicely shows off all those amazing details that make EJ one of the best mecha artists of our time (who I still cannot believe we got to work with). 

I’ve always been fond of Tracks, he’s a damned fine lookin’ Cybertronian (no robo).

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desperatixnis replied to your post:okay i wanted to show off a bit but i also wanted…


after playing so many norms for the past few years and realizing that i feel like im capable of a higher rank that isnt silver V i decided to climb and realized that climbing to plat for me was really easy

and now im stuck in plat hell