Fandom Sorting Hat

Willow Rosenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer): SLYTHERIN

Slytheirns value cunning and ambition. Even in her earliest days as an apparently ‘mousy’ novice, Willow demonstrates a penchant for both . Remember in the very second episode, she leverages her knowledge of computers to trick Cordy into deleting a project? Under the polyester, scales have always lain.

For Willow, knowledge means power, a means to an end. There’s a reason they call it witchcraft; Willow is interested in magic predominantly for the power she creates for herself. Possibly only next to Buffy, Willow’s arc centers the most on her relationship to power. 

Futhermore, Slytherins are also fervently protective of “real” friends, to quote the Sorting Hat itself. From s4 onwards, it became a season staple for Willow to go on a rampage of some sort fueled by the loss of someone dear. 

Troublemakers/Criminal AU’s
  • I saw you struggling with that man so I ran over and knocked him out…why are you taking his wallet…omg I just helped you mug a person
  • You know the best way to steal a car is? Not taking the person you stole it from with you
  • I caught you stealing that person’s wallet but it’s okay I hate them
  • This is my first time egging someone’s house and I accidentally broke your window I am so sorry
  • Why are they putting bags of money in the trunk? why are you guys wearing masks? holy shit this isn’t a taxi cab
  • I saw you running and good job for getting fit but then I saw the cop run by too
  • I saw you taking candy from a baby and thought good that kid was annoying anyway
  • Why do you always break into my car yknow I don’t got anything in there
  • You caught me filling the principles desk full of pudding and asked what flavor it was
  • If you give me your bag I’ll give you my number
  • This totally isn’t your cat shut up
  • You figured out this isn’t a real gun but a BB gun but they still hurt like hell when shot in the face so hand over money
  • Is that…is that the neighbors confederate flag in our trash?
  • You keep stealing road signs and it needs to stop this dorm isn’t big enough for all of them
  • I thought you were just really secretive about selling oregano

Aenar Targaryen and his dragon (Song of Ice and Fire)

Heeeey everyone!

This is the first piece of a series of Targaryens that I’m about to make. There is little to be known about their appearances or how exactly they lived. In this one I’m focusing on the beginning of their House. Aeron is the oldest house member mentioned in the books and that is how imagined the first ones of them  to be - strong, resilient, tough, with scars and bodies burned by fire. Mounting a dragon must have required a lot of hard work, therefore them being pristine and white doesn’t sit well in my vision … :>

In this piece, Aenar took dragon hunting for new eggs from and encountered a huge wild female protecting her cave. Aenar’s dragon is challending her to protect his rider, the king calms the dragon and prepares himself to face the female.

I’m planning on painting more members of House Targaryen  Dragonlords, mmm!

Hi mom! <3

The Belieber Boycott: A Summary
  • News:Justin Bieber has egged his neighbor's house.
  • General Public:*groans* What the hell, Bieber?
  • News:The cops have raided Bieber's house, found drugs, and arrested his friend for the drugs.
  • Jared Padalecki:Hey Justin! How much did you pay your friend to take the fall?
  • Justin Bieber:
  • Tumblr:We're warning you now: don't mess with the Moose. His fandom will rip you to shreds.
  • Supernatural Fandom:WHO DISREPECTIN' THE MOOSE?!
  • Tumblr:The Beliebers. They're gonna boycott the show to ruin the ratings.
  • Justin Bieber:
  • News:The Beliebers have pretty much gone batshit. Padalecki and Supernatural should watch their backs.
  • Jared Padalecki:I have a bunch of 12 year olds trying to kill me now!
  • Tumblr:*general laughing and scoffing at Beliebers* Yeah right. You guys realize you're talking about one of the most insane fandoms out there right?
  • Justin Bieber:
  • Supernatural Fandom:*slightly calmer than before* Listen up guys! We need everyone to tune in on Tuesday to watch the new episode. Let's make the boycott fall flat on it's face! SUPPORT THE MOOSE!!!!!!
  • Sherlockians:We want to help! Count us in!
  • Whovians:Us too! Superwholock needs to stick together!
  • Every other fandom:We've got your backs too! Let's do this!!!!!
  • The CW:Here's the new episode guys! Enjoy!
  • News:The new episode of Supernatural just got the best ratings the show has gotten since 2010.
  • Misha Collins:*heavy sarcasm* Wow, the Belieber boycott sure ruined our ratings!
  • Supernatural Fandom:*laughing to hard to form a coherent sentence*
  • Supernatural Fandom:*Still laughing* SUCK IT!!!! WE WIN!!!!!!
  • Tumblr:We told you so. And now we will all mock you with post after post of Misha's beautifully sarcastic tweet.

Aries: At a Halloween party dressed as a sexy bunny or a hot werewolf getting hella turnt

Taurus: Baking cookies for kids :)  with raisins instead of choc chips tho, #TRICKMOTHERFUCKERS

Gemini: being their usual satan selves :3

Cancer: snuggled up on a sofa with a loved one watching Halloween movies with candy because they deserve treats no tricks

Leo: Being a mischievous bad girl/boy, just doing really shady and mysterious activities,making the opposite gender intrigued as per usual ;)

Virgo: Ouija board and vodka, letting loose asf

Libra: Going door to door making sure they get the best and most candy because they have the best costume out of all the kids,they know they deserve all the jolly ranchers in the world

Scorpio: mocks everyone and the childishness of the Celebration but secretly is Satan (with Gemini)

Sagittarius: Egging houses like the cheeky bastard they are

Capricorn: Goes on a psychotic murdering spree

Aquarius: Manages to go trick or treating, gives treats and a lot of tricks, goes to party, gets turnt, plays a lil ouija and gets LAID all in that one night

Pisces:in a SEDUCTIVE ASF outfit and eating candy,all before they get the fucking of a lifetime that they wanted

  • Character A:I need to get revenge on this ass. And I really need your help.
  • Character:I understand the need for your revenge. But, I was thinking revenge more around the lines of egging or tping his house. Not setting him up for murder!
  • Character:So your not going to help?
  • Character B:No I'm going to help. I just wanted to state my objection first.
  • Larry King:Did [Justin Bieber] go through things a lot of teens go through except their name isn’t famous?
  • Scooter Braun:Well, yeah, I egged houses when I was a teenager!
  • Larry:My son did. He egged cars.
  • Scooter:Yeah, I never had a SWAT team show up at my house to look for the eggs.
  • Larry:*laughs*
  • Scooter:That is the only thing that he’s on probation for – egging the house. So I think what happened is, as the media came down on him, he started, you know, there were so many things that weren't true that he couldn't keep up with them. And then he started to rebel against the lies and actually create reality and, you know what? It takes a strong person to get through it and he's a tough kid, and I think people are rooting for him now.

The Media Created A Justin Bieber That Doesn’t Exist” so the it was the media that egged his neighbours house, spat on fans, drove under the influence under the legal drinking age and acted like a spoiled twat?

apologies to anyone who has lost a loved one to drinking and driving but he’s really cute” are you fucking serious. so because he is good looking he can do what he wants? what if he hit someone and killed them? “oh he’s attractive so it doesnt matter?” for fucks sake

this level of devotion to one person is terrifying. i really like one direction, and if it was niall horan pulling this bullshit i would not hesitate to completely slam him for being an irresponsible dick bag. 

#WeWillAlwaysSupportYouJustin is a worldwide trend. there are young people out there who think this behaviour is fine because its justin bieber.


y'all need to stop with this “Justin Bieber’s only 19, he doesn’t have to be held responsible for his actions” shit. Harry Styles is only 19, and last I remember he was donating to charity and spreading awareness about starving kids in Ghana, not egging his neighbors houses and getting caught with cocaine.


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