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*misses you*
*still doesn’t talk to you*


In light of the recent events that have taken place at TRB in NY, fans attending the TRB in LA are asked to show their appreciation and love to all BTS members during the concert. We are asking fans to please bow as far as you can (a 90 degree angle bow would be ideal) to BTS AFTER their individual introductions. This plan will be made most effective if all fans in the VIP+ area start bowing first so that others fans are made aware of when to bow. From there, everyone behind them will join in. If possible, we ask fans to remain silent while bowing until the countdown. After the countdown we ask everyone to chant, “We love you.” We understand that not everyone will be able to bow completely, but we still ask for everyone to give their best effort and chant loudly! Please be mindful of your surroundings and know when to start. U.S. ARMYS must show BTS just how much they are treasured and loved.
Below is a script for the chant. *Remember this chant will take place after everyone introduces themselves*
“We love you”

If you have any questions you can also refer to Haru and/or Liv

Reviewing... do it.

In light of Natasha’s post and the general feeling among my fellow writers, I’d like to remind everyone that this was an integral part of the post about 1daaw:

  • Each day, pick a writer and send them a message (or a review). Tell them what you love about their writing: talk about your favourite character, pick a quote you really love, let them know why their story stands out. Or even just say hi so they know that you’re there. If you’re a silent reader, now is the time to speak up.

That initiative was meant to be done above and beyond regular reviewing. Everyone should be reviewing what they read, especially during a week like this when we’re promoting authors and thanking them for everything they do.

If you need some help and guidance, check out these posts Natalie recommended to help with reviewing or my own post on the same issue.


(Hello everyone, I am Aoi Shouta. Thank you!)

2015.07.28 HKACG2015 HEARTBEAT音樂祭 Aoi Shouta 


Shouta’s live is so much better than CD.  This little sweet pie has THE talent!
He said heaps of 多謝 (thanks you) and being so excited!
I (we) am the one who need to say thank you to you.  Thank you for the great performance and your effort.  Please continue your singer and seiyuu career and I will support you forever!

learn your shit- when to vote

Alright people. Tumblr’s (and I think the internet’s) fan favorite for next president is Bernie Sanders. With so much talk about him in our inner circles, he has to stand some sort of chance, right? However/unfortunately, we are a large group of (mainly) younger voters, people that no popular candidate would dare attempt to rake in, because our numbers at the polls are so low. We don’t effect jack shit when it comes to elections. This bares the question:

When the fuck am I supposed to vote?

Everyone knows election day falls in early November. in 2016, it will be November 8th. That is not the only day you can vote! In order for Sanders (or your chosen candidate) to even make it that far, you need to vote in the primary elections. This is sort of a “what’s up in the polls” survey that tells the government who’s voting, and for whom. It narrows down the playing field. This bares the question:

When the fuck am I supposed to vote in the primaries?

Go to mytimetovote.com and check that shit out. Search by state. Get some sort of “facts” about what’s up. It’s not a government affiliated website, so it’s not completely accurate about stuff I’m sure, but there are DATES you need to GET ALL UP ON in order to VOTE in both the PRIMARIES and the GENERAL ELECTION

Thanks, good luck, be prepared, have a nice week, love, Jake.

p.s. Also please check out wikipedia to learn more– figure out if your state holds open/closed primary elections. Depending on state, you may not be able to vote in the primaries as a registered independent. 

I’m the first person that hates the most to say those things, but here it is: thanks to very good friends that notified me I found out that someone reposted and edited my art without permission. I contacted with that user but seems that they haven’t removed/credited the post yet.

Please, do not to repost my art without permission. Edited it’s fine as long as it’s credited and previously asked (I think I don’t bite! And that’s why I leave my ask box open!). About reposting, I find it kinda silly since I’ve posted every drawing I made (but either way, ask first, please).

But please, don’t do this to me. I know it’s no excuse because I draw only fan-art, but I work hours to make my art and the last thing I want to see is them being used that way without even know. Just some respect, please, that’s the only thing I ask. Thank you so much for reading this.


No Way Jose, 2015
written and directed by Adam Goldberg
Release date: July 7, 2015

Tagline: A Coming of Middle Age Story.

I promised to write a review. [Insert apologetic comment here.]

No Way Jose is Adam Goldberg’s most recent movie project in which he not only stars in the leading role but also acts as writer and director.

Jose (formerly known as Joseph) Stern is an aging indie-rocker turning forty, whose current employment includes playing at children’s birthday parties in L.A. with his rock band Jose and the Borges.

In a more or less formulaic romcom manner the movie - not uncharmingly - portrays Jose’s and his fiancé Dusty’s relationship as it is severely shaken by the chance discovery of an unpleasant detail about Jose’s past. Revelation is followed by temporary break-up which sends Jose on a journey to work through his issues and make his way back to Dusty.
The plot is interspersed with flashbacks into the couple’s past, for example of  how they met at the animal clinic where Dusty works because Jose and his friend had brought in a bird.
As such, while the story is always entertaining, the movie certainly offers few surprises in terms of plot.

And yet, it makes good on this in many ways.

What distinguishes No Way Jose from the stereotypical romcom is its love for its characters and attention to detail. Neurotic and pessimistic Jose is in the center of it all yet the other characters are by no means loveless plot devices. There’s Jose’s fiancé Dusty, the voice of reason, the best friend – rocker turned piano teacher- his wife Kate who has  a steady, well-paid job, keeping it all together, and the mandatory misbehaved kid.
While all characters are types, they’re never ridiculed in a mean or degrading fashion but treated with utmost care.
If you think that Kate, finding drunk Jose with a Swedish hooker in her living room at night, will turn into the stereotypical yelling mom nightmare, you’re very wrong.

The movie is characterized by a charming and quirky humor that sometimes verges on the macabre.
As when we find out that Jose and Dusty are planning to go to Mexico for their honeymoon, the upcoming catastrophe, i.e. break-up, is foreshadowed by background newsflashes happily announcing that “In Mexico, today, six severed heads were reunited with their bodies.”
Or when Jose pretends to choke so his friends stop fighting and devote their attention to him…

The crucial break-up scene has Jose, in PJs with a breathing strip on his nose, wearing his dental splint which gives him a slight lisp. After that his medication kicks in and we’re left with this:

What I love about the movie is that it’s usually hard to tell if a scene is funny or tragic – or maybe just the right amount of both.

Also, sometimes I found myself at a loss to say with certainty whether a scene merely exploited romcom plot devices or was supposed to make fun of them. It’s a vibe I personally enjoy a lot.

Besides all that, the story is carried by superb actors. Adam Goldberg’s way of portraying all of Jose’s (sometimes pathetic) peculiarities and anxieties is heartwarming yet funny.
And I especially liked Anna Belknap as Kate: smart, strong, not perfect.

Furthermore, the film offers beautiful visuals of L.A. that will remind you of Goldberg’s photography.

Lighting and colors (browns, caramel, warm yellows, muted reds and greens) are always on point and give the somewhat sad story a soft touch.
If you’ve never been to L.A., like me, it’s very much how one is prone to imagine California.
Hand in hand with lighting and color go tasteful interiors. I suspect the movie was filmed in real homes. Either way, the set decorator did an incredible job. The interiors certainly help bringing the movie to life; they frame the characters and set a matching mood.

Music. Please don’t make me talk about music in this movie because I don’t know anything about film scores etc. It’s beautiful music and certainly supports each scene just as is needed.
Even though Jose is literally picking up a guitar every time he has a chance to do so, music is not a character in the movie, and it feels about right to me the way it is.

No Way Jose is a mix of the conventional and the quirky, it plays on types, modifies them, portrays them and while lovingly exposing them, never fails to amuse.

On a scale from 1-10 I’d give it a 7 because I’m inclined to give movies with shirtless Adam Goldberg plus 0,5 bonus points. Also, I really liked the ending and how it was filmed. (I’m not going to spoil it here.)

Favorite Quote:
Jose: “I’ve been super passive aggressive about it!!!”

The movie is available on Amazon USA and will be released in Europe in September 2015.


normal na sa mga babae na mahirap sila intindihin. kaya nga sila ung may period eh. sila ung may mood swings. sila ung natutuldukan ung pasensya.
ang kailangan lang nila, ay ung tao, kahit di na nga lalaki eh, na maiintindihan at tatanggapin ung ganung ugali nila. at di mang iiwan kahit di na maintindihan ung ganung ugali nila.
yan lng namn kailangan ng mga babae eh. ung mag effort kang intindihin sila at lalo pa silang lambingin kpag lalo silang nagalit. di ung sasabayan mo pa ung pagiging mainitin ng ulo nila.
khit yan lang ung challenge na magawa mo para sa kanila, umasa kang mamahalin ka na nila ng sobra.

imitation is not flattering, it’s not cute, i don’t enjoy it. i’ve approached you several times about the matter & nothing seems to make a difference. you are a friend to many people i care about, & imitation is usually rooted in a lack of self-confidence so i don’t want to drag your name through the mud just yet– but it is no excuse for making others uncomfortable, & i’m not about to plaster my url from corner to corner of  my icons to stop you. you’d just imitate them again anyway.

i have evidence & the back-up of several people who have been following us both, stating that it is very clear what you are doing: taking my things either directly, or editing   ( crop / blur / add a border )   etc to call it ‘your own’– as well as generally trying to copy the way i run my blog. i’ve had this blog for two years this november, so i’m sure there are a plethora of my followers who can say i have worked very hard to develop my own style / meta / writing– i’m not just pointing fingers, as much as you avoid owning up to it when i try to confront you. i’ve given you fair warning, & i don’t want more drama on this gd dash, so please cut it out. thank you.