We missed Rin-chan’s birthday, but November still hasn’t ended! Here’s the (almost) entire  episode of Emitsun Fight Club where Rippi was the guest!


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galaxyparade  asked:

Hello Oreana! How are you doing? I hope you are well! May I please ask you what would Emmett's reaction be to being in a situation where his friend (or S/O) is holding onto him as she is on the point of falling to sea and drowning (since she can't swim and it's her biggest fear) and she is pleading him not to let her go, but she slips and her last words to him are "I don't want to die like this." Please and thank you very much.

{I am doing just fine, lovely, but I hope you’re doing well. ♥♥ Feels like it’s been awhile, to be honest. Love you muchly~.}

Emmett wouldn’t let it end this way. He knew her fear, and he knew drowning was one of the worse ways to go as he nearly drowned himself when he was a small boy. When her fingers finally slipped past his, Emmett tossed the top hat he wore now and again off to the side and dove after her by using a leap of faith to try and catch up with her falling body.

He hated to see how frantic and fearful she was, but he did everything he could to out do her in speed by keeping his arms to the sides. Grabbing at her quickly, upon catching up, Emmett pulled her close to his chest and did his best to make sure he would take the brunt of the fall and not her.

“You won’t die like this,” he whispered upon her head. “I’ve got you…I’ll always have you—!”

And before long, the water engulfed them both, striking Emmett in the back harshly and causing much pain given the position of the fall.

anonymous asked:

Evie, could I bother you for a cuddle? This week has emotionally and physically taken everything out of me. Studying is haaaard.

“Bother me?” Evie asked curiously, shaking her head with a smile to accompany her delicate features. “It is hardly a bother, love.” Moving to do so, the Assassin wrapped her arms around you to bring you close to where she was sitting upon the decorative chair. “Studying can be a bit difficult, so I do pray you know when to take your breaks…I do not wish of you to drain yourself,” she spoke with concern.

lady-mz-hyde  asked:

Walking over to Emmett Sophie grabbed him by the colloar of his shirt and kissed him. She never found the courage to dobit at first but then exactly a minute before she found the courage to do so.

Emmett blinked and nearly fell over from the grab by Sophie, but he could hardly say it was unwelcomed. Relaxing into the kiss from her, he embraced her tightly while encouraging it onward. His tongue toying with her lower lip, he begged for a bit more of her, desiring her taste more than ever at being reminded how long it had been since he last had the chance to love upon her.