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Have any video suggestions?

Moving on from all this drama, I want to go back to whats important to me, educating and helping people in and out of the community. I’m researching and preparing new informative/educational videos to make for friends, families, allies, partners, parents, and so on and was wondering if you guys had any good ideas for me? I’m here to make videos to help you and even though I have a bunch of ideas I am working on, I want to cover topics that you want! So please feel free to comment anything you think would be useful for this group of people.
Love you <3

Turtle Spotlight

Is time? For turtle spotlight? Yes?


Is time for mata mata!

Is only member of genus Chelus! Is unique rock friend!

Has most long snoot and is beautiful!

An look at smile!

Is biggest turt smile!

Yes is friend

Is large? Can be 33 pounds? More rock friend to love yes?

Pebble mata mata? Is also beautiful? Has red in shell? V pretty?

Friend likes acidic water! Is in Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, and the Guianas! Likes slow water like wetlands an backwaters an slow moving rivers! Is aquatic rock friend!

Also is suction feeder! Pretends to be bark an is still? Then fishie swims close then rock friend goes gulp an then no more fishie?

This has been a mata mata turtle spotlight!

Smile friends!

Materials science for Minecraft

Credit: University of Texas, Dallas.

Researchers at the University of Texas, USA, have created an alternative tool for teaching their students about materials science. Their creation, Polycraft World, is a mod for the video game Minecraft that features petrochemical refining and harvesting of new ore types, and the construction of polymers, plastics and specialty items. 

The team says that the students can learn, and try, 2,000 production methods to make over 100 polymers in game, including processed such as distillation, chemical synthesis and various manufacturing processes.

Polycraft uses Minecraft to approach a university-level subject in a way that even those who have not studied it before can take apart and begin to learn the ins-and-outs of materials science.


How do cells in your body differentiate into other types of cells? Explore cell specialization featuring stem cells and the role they play in cell differentiation.

Looking for blogs to follow

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-bouei bu


-anything nintendo (or came out on nintendo)

-ace attorney

-funny (or if your blog is)

-cute (or like, if your blog is)

-you do music stuff

-you do art stuff (inc photography)

-basically if you do anything creative



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