On Hamilton and Slavery

Okay so I’ve been seeing a whole lot of screaming on my dash about Hamilton and his opinions/thoughts on slavery. In the name of making sure everyone is properly educated in their screaming, I’m going to try and dispel some of the myths surrounding this topic.

First, let’s get one thing straight: Hamilton was NOT an abolitionist. I don’t care how you look at it, he simply was not. He made deals involving slaves, he married one of the largest slave holding families in New York, and he was obsessed with raising his station in society, which meant, you guessed it, owning/renting slaves.

Many biographers, including Chernow, cite Hamilton’s impoverished childhood in the Caribbean as the basis for his supposed abolitionist tendencies. There are a number of problems with this theory. After his mother died, Hamilton and his brother James found themselves the owners of a few household slaves, but due to legal inheritance laws, they could not technically own them. The fact still remains, his family, however poor they were, they still had slaves in the house, showing that even poor whites had social and legal status above slaves. When Hamilton was working in the trading company, while he may have become disillusioned with the idea of slavery, he most likely supported the institution, simply because it was his livelihood. If he spoke out against it in any way, he could have lost his position in the company.

After Hamilton came to America and joined the war effort, he and John Laurens both supported Laurens’ idea for an all black army regiment, which is another point that biographers often use to support “Hamilton was an abolitionist”. This brings up a key point of this argument: whatever Hamilton thought of slavery, his decisions involving such were often politically motivated, not personally. He probably supported the idea of the black regiment because it was the best for America, not because he exactly wanted the slaves free. Another problem is that, according to Henry Laurens, John wouldn’t forcibly make anyone free their slaves because he believed too much in the property rights in the colonies, which also speaks more to political motivations than to personal ones. As Alexander and John were very close, it can be assumed that they shared very similar views.

Hamilton married Eliza Schuyler, a member of one of the most wealthy northern slaveholding families. Their marriage is somewhat romanticized in the musical; Hamilton most likely married Eliza as a way to move up on the social ladder, not for love. If someone was opposed to slavery as much as Hamilton is usually portrayed, he would have had serious qualms about marrying into a slave family. While it is disputed if the Hamiltons ever actually owned slaves, often, he made deals for his in-laws involving slaves, including some for Angelica and her husband, and also made slave purchases for the Continental Army. Another factor in his complacency in a slave economy was most likely his close relationship with George Washington, the owner of one of the largest plantations in the south.

After the war, Hamilton was a member and founder of the Society for the Promotion of the Manumission of Slaves in New York although society records don’t show much direct involvement in proposing anti-slavery legislation, or, indeed, much involvement at all. The society did not interfere with property rights, however, as members could still own slaves. Remember, slaves were considered property in 18th century America. As you’ll recall, Hamilton was a staunch supporter of property rights. Another probable reason for his membership in the society was the fact that it brought him close to the upper echelons of New York society. The Marquis de Lafayette praised Hamilton for his involvement in the society, but Lafayette had his own set of issues involving slavery.

Like James Madison, Hamilton supported the 3/5ths compromise in the Constitution, which allowed the southern states to count a certain fraction of their substantial slave population for their representation in the House. This compromise managed to keep the southern states in power until the Civil War. Hamilton was an elitist, thinking that the more property one owned meant their vote should count more. Because he wanted a strong national economy, Hamilton knew it was a necessary compromise in order to appease the south and get them to participate in the economy.

In the peace treaty at the end of the revolutionary war, Hamilton supported compensating the slave owners whose slaves had run behind British lines, proving, once again, his opinion on property rights outweighed whatever he thought of the institution of slavery as a whole. When the Haitian Revolution broke out in 1791, he supported the French government in lieu of the new one, but as Toussaint L'Ouverture’s government grew in power and control, he supported continued trade, so long as L'Ouverture could guarantee the safety of US property and assets.

Hamilton, as far as I know, never wrote specifically about his ideals on slavery. If he did refer to it, he was usually talking about a transaction that he carried out for someone else. His membership in the manumission society was mostly symbolic. Mostly, he was there to interact with high society. Whatever he truly thought about slavery, we’ll never know. He simply chose the stance that would most benefit him or the country, straddling the line between abolitionists and slaveholders.

Biographers often overstate Hamilton’s membership in the Manumission Society, saying that indicates staunch abolitionist tendencies, which is an exaggeration. It is important to remember when reading any biography, it will be biased in the direction of the subject. Sure, it may list faults, but it usually will not go into too much detail. In order to get a full picture of anything, look at multiple sources from opposing sides, or from sources not focused on one individual. Be educated in any argument you are involved in. It makes for a lot better a conversation.

Hi. Don’t forget about Chechnya. This LGBT concentration camp has been open since early 2017, maybe even earlier than that, and the UN has yet to acknowledge its existence. Hundreds of Russians in the LGBT community have died since the existence of this camp surfaced in news headlines in March/April. Educate yourselves. Figure out what you can do to help.

People who aren’t angry or disappointed in Sebastian are either extremely uneducated, white or just too blindsided by their love for this man to realise what he did was wrong, poorly timed and extremely insensitive and he absolutely should apologise for what he said as there are many POC who are taking this “take the knee” very seriously and he’s just come along and belittled them and if you’re saying he’s not wrong for making that “joke” then pls exit to the left and take note of what’s happening in the world…

Guys, you have got to understand that you can still love something while you are neglecting it.

Neglect is not inherently malicious. It’s often not something you intend to do. It stems from a lack of education on the proper care. It’s when you know the proper care and still choose to neglect your animal that this becomes an issue of you just being cruel to your pets.

I once had a girl who was keeping her female rat alone in an aquarium. I was trying to educate her; it was clear she cared for the rat exponentially, said it aided her with her mental illness, but keeping rats alone is neglectful and an aquarium is not a proper home. She was neglecting her rat by not giving this intelligent, social animal proper companionship or a sufficient living space. It wasn’t that she didn’t love her rat! But that rat was still in a shitty situation for rats.

So this argument of “These people love and care for their outdoor cats, how can they be neglecting them?” Love isn’t enough, my friends. You have to be willing to put in the proper care. I’m sure people who try to turn their cats and dogs vegan love them very much, but we all know why that is harmful. You can love your animal and still be putting it in harm’s way, still neglecting it, still leaving it in an unhealthy situation.

The hope is that you love your animal enough to do better as you learn and grow. Do better for your animals, and educate yourselves constantly on how to achieve that for their sake, because our information is always expanding. We used to think it was okay to be an intimidating “alpha” for our dogs, now we know better. We used to think goldfish could thrive in fish bowls, now we know better. And we used to think outdoor cats were fine, safe, and healthy because they were independent, but now we know better.

Dear disrespectful dumbasses

STOP saying that Michael Jackson wanted to be white. Stop that shit right the fuck now. Michael Jackson did not want to be white. He did not bleach his skin. He was proud to be who he was. He was proud to be a black man. He donated to SEVERAL black charities throughout his career. He gave countless speeches uplifting black people. He invited underprivileged black children to his home. Don’t you dare try to erase what he did for us. Did he try to help others as well? Yes he did, but don’t ever try to blur out the fact that he cared about black people. Don’t insult us like that. Michael Jackson had vitiligo and lupus. Vitiligo takes away skin pigmentation. He tried to tell us for years (which wasn’t easy for him) but no one wanted to listen. When he died, his autopsy report proved that he had vitiligo.

Still don’t believe he had vitiligo?

Don’t pretend you don’t see the discoloration. Don’t pretend you don’t see the splotches. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought people that bleached their skin bleached all their body parts at once. That means he wouldn’t have certain areas on his body be lighter than others. I think it’s beautiful that we’re at a time where people are beginning to accept vitiligo, but don’t deny Michael Jackson that acceptance because of your close-mindedness. 

PLEASE educate yourselves. Stop choosing to be ignorant just because it’s a trend.

Random dialogue prompts

1. “Well, not everyday your uncle’s boyfriend comes back from the dead so excuse me for acting surprised”
2. “Are you seriously throwing forks at me?”
3. “I’m here, I’m queer and I’m ready to kinkshame your ass ‘til you can’t walk”
4. “Do you ever chill?”
“Not really, no”
5. “And now we all know why (s)he doesn’t get drunk”
6. “I never loved you, just the idea of you”
7. “I can die and my reaction would be meh”
8. “Do you like my IPhone 7?” *shows a very old Nokia phone*
“My IPhone 8 is broken”
9. “You shouldn’t trust me planning weddings”
10. “Guess who broke their nose? I broke my nose!”
11. “I’m kind of broke so sorry if I couldn’t afford your fancy medication”
12. “I’m starting a revolution, any of you wanna come?”
13. “Never let them die, they’re the soap opera of my life”
14. “I will come back from the dead most so you can pay me those 30€, got it Clarice?”
15. “Have you lost your mind?”
“Yes, kinda”
16. “I knew it! You wouldn’t ever like the way I am! You are just like the others, trying so hard to make the perfect daughter you never had!”
17. “Are you sure you wanna be friends with a back stabbing bitch like me?”
18. “I’m never touching that tie again”
“You just set it on fire, of course you won’t”
19. “Today’s lesson is that your morals are so low that I’m not even trying to stop you anymore”
20. “Educate yourselves, you sexist sons of bitches!”
21. “My logic is plain weird, don’t ask”
22. “Does every evil genius have a secret fridge full of Nutella?”
23. “What’s happening?”
“All I know is that my phone is dead and those weirdos we’re saying something about a queen but that’s not important”
24. “There’s no way in hell you’re going to do that”
“Why not?”
25. “Could you stop, Idk, murdering people for fun?”
“Did you just used idk in a verbal conversation?”
26. “I’m pretty sure you won’t get tumblr popular if youjust lay chill”
27. “So actual methods didnt work… time to be problematic!”
28. “There’s an angel blade stuck in my ass and that’s what you’re thinking about?”
29. “I wouldn’t say that”
“I would”
30. “Did you heard the news?”
“MCR is coming back?”
“Then I don’t care, go fuck yourself”

Swedish period vocabulary

Inspired by @speutschlish‘s Spanish menstrual vocabulary 

(ett) blod (uncountable) - blood

(en) flytning, -ar - menstrual discharge

(en) humörsvängning, -ar - mood swing

(en) livmoder, livmödrar - uterus

(en) mens (uncountable) - period

(en) menscykel, menscyklar - menstrual cycle

(en) menskopp, -ar - menstrual cup 

(en) menstruation, -er - menstruation

(en) mensvärk, -ar - period cramps

(en) sanitetsbinda/dambinda/binda, -or* - menstrual pad

(ett) trosskydd, trosskydd - panty liner

(ett) snöre, -n - string

(en) tampong, -er - tampon

(en) tampong med applikator, tamponger med applikatorer - tampon with applicator

(ett) toxiskt chocksyndrom/toxic shock syndrome/ (en) tampongsjuka - Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)

(en) vetekudde, -ar - wheat sack

(ett) ägg, ägg - (reproductive) egg

(en) ägglossning, -ar/ovulation, -er - ovulation

att absorbera - to absorb 

att blöda - to bleed

att blöda igenom - to bleed through (your underwear) 

att byta tampong/binda - to change tampon/pad

att ha mens - to be on ones period

att ha mensvärk - to have period cramps

att ha ont - to be in pain

att läcka - to leak

att sätta in en tampong - to put in a tampong

att ta ut en tampong - to take out a tampon

*They all mean the same thing but binda is the most common, you would practically never say the others

I am so sick and tired of white Canadians trying to defend themselves by saying that because they aren’t personally racist, there’s no race issue in Canada, when, in the next sentence, they’ll go on to tell indigenous peoples to “get over” what’s happened to us and that the government should cut off funding to us because all we do is waste it and beg for more… the reason indigenous peoples in Canada are protesting is because we want the same chances and the same basic human respect that other Canadians have. Indigenous peoples can’t even put a tipi up on Parliament Hill alongside “official” Canada Day celebrations because that offends all the white people who don’t think they have anything to do with the ongoing colonization of these lands and don’t want to be reminded of it. Let me lay it down for you:

Whether your family came here 1 or 5 generations ago, you have access to opportunities that indigenous Canadians will never get access to

you will have a home with clean drinking water, which over 100 indigenous communities in Canada do not have access to

you will have access to healthcare and education for yourselves or your children, which many indigenous children do not have access to

you will have the opportunity to integrate into Canadian society, which many indigenous peoples do not

Your existence on these lands is at the expense of indigenous peoples. The system was created to protect and provide for you, and not us. You came into these resources at the expense of our wellbeing. And all we want is to be heard. We want equal opportunities that were stolen from us YEARS ago that YOU benefit from to this day by the simple act of existing. We’re not asking to take opportunities away from you, we’re not asking to send you back where you came from. We’re literally just asking to be treated as equals.  

OCD is ranked in the top ten most debilitating illnesses of any kind yet we’re out here suffering and we have to tag our posts with #actuallyocd instead of just #ocd because that tag is just full of pictures of that one time you went to a supermarket and rearranged the stock on the shelves.

OCD is so much more than you think it is. Don’t throw the term around lightly, use it responsibly and show support for those suffering. Educate yourselves.

Here’s a reminder for EVERYONE:

Just because you’re lgbt+ doesn’t mean you’re not racist/colorist.

Just because you’re a person of color doesn’t mean you’re not homophobic, biphobic, lesbophobic, or transphobic.

Educate yourselves, if you’re oppressed that doesn’t mean you don’t oppress others.

shout out to all the bi people out there who happened to end up with someone of the opposite sex and spend their life

1) coming to terms with their sexuality in a world where there is close to zero representation and a lack of acceptance and understanding altogether 

and then

2) have to defend their sexuality and their relationship because some people can’t get their heads around the literal definition of bisexuality

I can’t believe I actually have to clarify this:

feminism: the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of equality of the sexes. A.K.A, equality.

• gender inequality is something that needs to be fixed in society in a peaceful and mature manner

• people of privilege should use their position to help others more oppressed than they, but should not be attacked for their privilege

• men can be feminists

• we should all work together to reach the same level and become more united

• about equality, not superiority

misandry: dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against men. A.K.A, “man haters”, “feminazis”.

• men are fucking pigs. they’re all stupid and just want sex. good for nothing, nobody needs men

• men have more rights than me when I deserve more rights than them, women should be in charge

• you want to hold the door open for me? I can do it myself, I’m not helpless. not holding the door open for me? rude

• you’re a man and you dare call yourself a feminist? get out you idiot

• you’re all misogynists and I hate you

KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. If anyone shows signs of misandry but claims to be a real feminist, they aren’t. You can’t change textbook definitions. Educate yourselves.

Conservative Americans are being fed lies about the Charlie Gard case (hate to be cynical but the baby is blind, deaf, can’t move, eat, cry or even breathe sans a machine and the procedure would only prolong suffering) and using it to be like “ummmm universal healthcare is BAD!!! socialist death panels!!! we don’t need tax funded healthcare” like shut the fuck up and educate yourselves