The steady stream of terrific remixes of The Chainsmokers’ Halsey featuring Closer continues as Southern California’s Two Friends and Class & Clowns team up on another dazzling edit of the much renovated tune. Their light plucky approach is heart warming and endearing, an incandescent fluxing future bass and summery dance transformation with a smidgen of blistering dubstep. Closer has quickly become the most remixed track of the year, with Major Lazer’s Cold Water a close second. Considering the quality of these edits, I’m not complaining. 

Danelle and Salda have proven time and time again to be a ravishing Los Angeles duo with their recent songs. Nobody is no different, a melodic crisp, honeyed endearing melding of dance music and pop. The fizzy carbonated, bright eyed anthem, though more airy and delicate, should easily appeal to fans of The Chainsmokers and Louis The Child. Nobody is a free download, here.

TITLE: A Gentle Pace

ARTIST: Audio Sprite

It’s not every day when someone remixes the Saturn music from the Sonic 3D Blast game. It’s even more rare when you find an artist who is so good, they could be featured on either Too Legit Tuesday or Toss Up Thursday, and yet I found one. This is a dance, EDM remix of Green Grove Zone Act 1; but it also has a little bit of rock guitar to really put it over the top! It really takes a regular remix and gives it that extra punch of awesomeness.

Download it here.

-Samurai Echidna.

Hayden James’ Just A Lover is deep bouncing, smooth sensual deep house jam, a racy and seductive late night dance floor anthem. It’s that sexy jam that Canadian producer POMO takes on for his latest remix. POMO gives Just A Lover into an eargasmic steely future house and funky garage makeover. The shifty dynamism and tactile ebullience of the track are mesmeric. The glassy sleek remix is divinely intoxicating.

I tend to get very excited when I first discover talent arising out of my home, the Bay Area, and CVRSE left my heart aflutter when I stumbled upon his new original, Verana. This DJ and producer breathes new life into the local trap scene with his grandly cinematic Hudson Mohawke and Rustie evoking anthem. Verana pitches and yaws, saws and thunders, a savage and vehement sonic adventure. CVRSE recently teamed up with Gill Chang on a dreamy pensive number named Where Is My Mind, too, which can be streamed below. Verana is a free download, here, while Where Is My Mind can be copped, here.


DJ Sliink - Run Ricky Run x Higher