[nct 127] their kinks

[181017] requests are open

Originally posted by jaehyuneybuns


; dom

  • sensual sex
  • praise (giving)
  • scratching
  • hair pulling
  • eye contact
  • foreplay
  • overstimulation (giving)

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; dom

  • praise (giving)
  • toys
  • orgasm control
  • doggy style
  • hair pulling
  • sexting
  • ffm threesomes

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; dom

  • sadism
  • anal play
  • master kink
  • roleplay
  • (consensual) blackmail
  • videotaping
  • humiliation

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; dom

  • orgasm denial (giving)
  • marking
  • experimentation
  • face-fucking
  • begging
  • bondage
  • double penetration

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; sub

  • scratching
  • begging
  • light biting
  • brat-taming
  • sexting
  • pegging
  • attention (receiving)

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; dom

  • slight exhibitionism
  • photography
  • pet play
  • breeding
  • love making
  • hand holding
  • pampering

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; sub

  • hand kink
  • orgasm control (receiving)
  • thigh riding
  • attention
  • panty fetish
  • mutual masturbation
  • voyeurism

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; sub

  • mommy kink
  • asphyxiation
  • toys
  • buttplugs
  • oral (receiving)
  • heavy bondage
  • strip teases (receiving)

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; switch

  • joi
  • blindfolds
  • teasing
  • temperature play
  • roleplay
  • oral (receiving)
  • thigh riding


Giving is natural and something that can always be enjoyable, it’s just a matter of finding the way or ways that you personally enjoy and prefer giving.

The ways that people prefer to give can be divided into 3 categories: doing, speaking, and being. Some prefer to give by doing, through acts of service or by giving gifts. Some prefer to give by speaking, through uplifting words or words of encouragement. (This is not to be confused with empty promises.) These words are true and kind. Some prefer to give just by being, by spending time with people and being present or just by emanating high vibrational energy. Many spiritual masters have mastered this way of giving. And finally, some prefer to vary it up.

Many of us have been taught to believe that one of these ways is more important than the rest, but they are actually all equally important and very much needed. So feel free to give in ways that you want to! With that said, people also have different needs and values, so it’s important to surround ourselves with those who value our preferred ways of giving and who prefer to give in ways that we value.

[nct 127] dom!yuta

[181016] requests are open

Originally posted by doyujaes

  • overall, i can see yuta being really into experimentation
  • there isn’t anything he won’t try at least once with you, honestly
  • he’ll be eager to try new things, even if he has to coax you into doing so
  • mirror sex is a major kink that he has. he finds it so hot, being able to watch himself as he orgasms
  • he’ll instruct you to keep your eyes open, to watch as he fucks you
  • this is his favorite thing to do if you’re fucking doggy style in like,, the practice room for example,,
  • with one hand full of hair and the other secured on your hip, he’ll yank your head back and demand that you watch
  • “see how fucking filthy you are, whore? your mother must be so proud.”
  • it’s likely that you’ll be gagged the entire time too, unless he wants you to beg for something
  • he isn’t picky about what he gags you with, either
  • whether it’s a ball gag or his necktie, he’ll find an efficient way to keep you quiet
  • though he’ll use whatever, his favorite thing to stuff into your mouth is your panties
  • it’s so fucking filthy and that’s what he loves about it
  • he’s definitely into bondage; probably the more hardcore stuff
  • you’ll have rope wrapping around your arms, legs, and torso when he really feels like he wants to tie you up
  • handcuffs are really good for quickies, when there isn’t the time that bondage takes
  • he’ll simply cuff your wrists to the bed frame as a means to keep you secure and in place. if need be, you’ll be cuffed at the ankles as well
  • he always holds this over your head. unless you get him off in a certain amount of time, he’ll leave you there until he gets back
  • window sex is something else that really gets him off
  • he’ll press your front against the glass and whisper filthy things in your ear as he fucks you from behind
  • i left the last subtopic fairly short since this one goes along with it, but i feel like yuta’s a bit of an exhibitionist
  • he likes the riskiness, the possibility of being caught
  • lol he’s probably the type to go down on you while your family is just one room over, just daring you to make noise