EDC gear

DIY Survival Kit from cascadiarecon


Quick recycle project .

Recycled Dental floss container .

Once empty the handy pocket sized container was sprayed black with added cyflect glint & glow marker .

Hunter orange nano cord with a central mono filament fishing line keeps cord neat and tidy ready for instant use using the in built floss cutter .

Custom knives , sheaths and gear from rtknives@hotmail.com

This leather sheath/sleeve keeps your classic Opinel no. 6 knife safe and protected. Whether you keep your knife in your pocket or your bag, this sleeve makes sure your knife doesn’t accidentally open (if you forget to lock it closed) and protects the rest of the contents of your pocket from scratches. The sleeve also prevents the wooden handle from getting mashed up from keys and stuff.



Spotlight: Urban EDC Supply

In an age where the number of items we call necessities increase, one would be hard-pressed to leave home without an abundance of what they regard as “essentials.”

These particular items that call pockets home can tell a lot about a person and Urban EDC Supply has lead the line in offering what the contemporary man or woman deems important enough to warrant a place on them each day.

With a huge focus on collaboration, supreme quality, and the art of Everyday Carry essentials, Urban EDC Supply releases a “Gear Drop” every Wednesday at noon Pacific Time with a limited edition selection of the latest and greatest in hand-made goods.

What makes Urban EDC Supply especially dope? It’s the ability to merge the lines of style and Everyday Carry supplies. No longer does tactical gear have to be an eye-sore. Peep the brand’s full range and get a pair of essentials for yourself now at urbanedcsupply.com



Pelican 1010 Micro Case
I got this to hold a few items in my new Rothco Vintage Canvas Messenger Bag. It is a bit smaller than I thought it would be; so, I will eventually get the next size up, which would be what I really desired. Still I have a use for this case. I picked yellow because I like that color, plus I believe it will be noticeable in a dark bag.

Skullcandy Ink’d Earbuds & Microphone
I lost the pair I had in my Rothco Medic Bag, which is my old edc bag. I have no idea where those earbuds went off to, and I really like this earbuds. Sadly these are discontinued. Everything cool gets discontinued! (I learned the Jeep Patriot is now discontinued. My love of my life’s car was discontinued! All the cool things are being discontinued.) I got a second pair of these earbuds to last me since these where discontinued! I may even grab another two sets of these earbuds with mic. I do have my pair without a mic. I really wonder where my old pair went? Maybe it will turn up someday.


Victorinox Swiss Army Knife the Swiss Champ

Specs: (from Amazon)
Length: 3.58” (91mm)
Height: 1.3”
Weight: 6.526oz
33 functions:
1) large blade
2) small blade
3) corkscrew
4) can opener with -
5) small screwdriver (also Philips screws)
6) bottle opener with -
7) -large screwdriver
8)-wire stripper
9) reamer
10) keyring
11) tweezers
12) toothpick
13) scissors
14) multi-purpose hook (parcel carrier)
15) wood saw
16) fish scaler with -
17)- hook disgorger
18)- ruler (in/cm)
19) nail file with -
20)- nail cleaner
22)- metal file
23)- metal saw
24) fine screwdriver
25) chisel/scraper
26) pliers with -
27)- wire cutter
28)- wire crimper
29) Philips screwdriver
30) magnifying lense
31) pressurized ballpoint pen
32) straight pin
33) patented mini-screwdriver
34) sewing eye

I know one of those is the awl punch, but I guess the Swiss call it something else.

This is probably the largest, and; yet, still useful Victorinox Swiss Army Knife on the market today. I cannot say that for sure, and yes I know there is that monster demonstrator model, which has every single tool ever made for a Swiss Army knife on it. That monster though is useful or practical. The Swiss Champ is useful and practical.

As for pocket carry? I will keep this in a bag. It is a bit heavy to walk around with in a pocket. A leather sheath on belt carry would be another option, but straight pocket carry would be a bit much because of the dimension and weight of this pocket knife/multitool.

I forgot to mention that I have never got a Swiss Army knife that comes with a user manual.


Victorinox Pocket Knife Sharpener

I have a small Opinel pocket sharpening steel. I like it. I also have a few other pocket sharpening tools. The reason for this one is because it is set up for their knives. That wedge thingie of ceramic sharpening stones is at the right angle of degrees for Victorinox knives and edged tools. It takes the guess work at touching up a blade real quick with any of my Swiss Army Knives that I carry.

I am a big fan of Victorinox and their Swiss Army Knives. I have taken many of their pocket knives through its paces. I have yet to truly destroy one of their products. I do have a tendency to either lose or gift their knives. Yes, I have given away several Huntsmen models. I really should get another backup Huntsmen in the future, which is my favorite. Though the Field-master I got may change that, and that One Handed Trekker (non-serrated) model is absolutely awesome! I have only one complaint about it, which is that it lacks a clip or drop point on the main blade. I do not understand why they rounded off the main blades tip? Maybe that is best for an Alpine environment? I do not climb mountains. In fact I live in the very flat Gulf Coastal Plane in the midst of the Katy, Texas prairie environment. I do not even have hills to climb; so, I do not understand why they did that to the knife’s tip/point. Anyway, I shall toss this into my bag. I may get another to keep in the Jeep and even one for my pack.


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZA_rD2CNN1k)