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In the first two parts of the Carry Smarter: Titanium series, I talked about how Titanium’s useful properties are able to benefit the gear in your EDC, as well as showcase its unique luster on beautiful products.

Given how useful titanium can be and how abundant it is in the Earth’s crust, you’d think Ti tools would be more common, if not at least less expensive. However, extracting titanium from naturally occuring alloys is not an easy process. Plus, its strength makes it costly and difficult to machine.

Luckily, there are some manufacturers that manage to put forth capable titanium gear at an accessible price point. What this means is that owning Titanium is a privilege for everyone, from the simplest one-piece multitool to the highest-tolerance custom knives. To conclude our Carry Smarter: Titanium series, we recommend some of our favorite products that not only use Ti to great effect but also won’t break the bank. Add any of our sub-$200 picks to your EDC and enjoy the benefits of this truly obtainable material.

Kershaw Dimension

Kershaw is well-recognized for their affordable knives, but few realize they’ve dabbled with Titanium beyond coating their knives’ handles. The Dimension sports a capable 8Cr13MoV steel deployed with Kershaw’s SpeedSafe assisted flipper opening, a quad-point deep pocket clip, and of course, Titanium handles with deeply-machined grooves for better grip. In place of a liner or framelock, the Dimension employs a push-button lock for ease of use with opening and closing. If you’ve been wondering what the fuss is about with the feel of Ti knife handles, the Kershaw Dimension is a great place to start.

BUY ($48)

Spyderco Techno

The Spyderco Techno is one tank of a knife. This Marcin Slysz design is beefy, rugged, and designed from the ground up to be a workhorse. With a thick, fully-flat ground 2.55” CTS-XHP steel blade and solid Titanium handles with a Reeve integrated liner lock, the Techno definitely puts Ti’s qualities to good use, allowing the knife to be light enough for EDC but strong enough for every task.

BUY ($177)

Fenix E99Ti Flashlight

This limited edition light from Fenix takes the best qualities from their portable E series line and wraps them up in a sleek Titanium housing. The E99Ti features twisty activation with three brightness levels at a maximum of 100 lumens, while its body is lightweight and knurled for excellent carry and handling off a keychain. If there’s one piece of gear that would help you “get” just how nice Titanium is to handle, it’s carrying and using a full Titanium light such as this.

BUY ($47)

ThruNite T10T Flashlight

A single-AA cell, pocket-friendly light is rather common. A light with a choice of cool or neutral white tint with 0.15 lumen firefly mode, rear clicky and can tailstand is rare. All those features sealed in a stylish, indestructible Titanium body is exceptional. ThruNite being able to deliver solidly on each of those features in the T10T and keeping the price below $50? That pushes this light from being a passing recommendation on this list into being a must-own in any flashlight collection.

BUY ($42)

Seiko SGG731 Titanium Dress Watch

Seiko is no stranger to providing fantastic value in their watches, and many of their models have become EDC classics. It comes to no surprise that they’re able to offer a completely Titanium timepiece with plenty of desirable features. The SGG731 presents a classic day/date dress watch design, with a 38 mm Ti case and bracelet. It’s water-resistant up to 100 meters, sealed up with scratch-resistant Sapphire glass. The best part is this Titanium/Sapphire combination, a premium feature on higher-end watches, won’t cost an arm and a leg: this is a lot of watch for under $150.

BUY ($147)

Boker Plus Vox Access Tool

We’re big fans of one-piece multitools, and appreciate how they are able to use Titanium’s strength in heavy applications but still be light enough to disappear on a keychain. The problem is, many of these tools are either exclusive or made of heavier steel to save on manufacturing costs, as Titanium is more difficult to process being a harder metal. It is, then, a pleasure to see German-based produce the Vox Access Tool, which packs some uncommon but welcome tools in its form factor. Its carabiner-style gate makes split ring carry easy, and also doubles as a bottle opener. It has a thick bottom edge suitable for prying and pulling tasks, with side jimping for improved grip. Its main feature is the carbide glass-breaker point on its rear, protected by o-rings. Best of all, at under 4” and weighing under an ounce, the Vox Access Tool is invisible in your carry until called into action.

BUY ($28)


We love pens and writing around here (have you seen our Carry Smarter writing series?), so it’s only fitting that we featured one on this list. The Ti-POST RAW from Big Idea Designs (reviewed here) is a solid TA5 Titanium jotter and stylus, as well as an inexpensive entry into the world of machined pens. With its focus on clean aesthetic, balance, and versatility (compatible with over 35 refills!), the Ti-POST RAW performs its tasks with the strength befitting of its Titanium shell. You don’t have to spend a fortune for a great EDC pen with an enviable fit and finish and quality to last generations.

BUY ($75)

Thank you for reading this series on the benefits of Titanium. With these articles, we hope we’ve given you enough ideas to make use of both its beauty and beastly potential. Do you have a favorite piece of affordable Titanium gear that you’d like to recommend? How has Titanium helped your EDC? What’s the next "grail" Titanium piece of gear you’re looking to pick up? Let us know in the comments below!


Klarus ST2C.

 The first picture shows what the ST2C looks like when shone at a condensated window in the depth of a winter night  , it kinda reminds me of deep space through the Hubble telescope .

Running off x2 CR123 or a single18650 battery with a 2.2 hour runtime on high or 700 hour runtime  on moonlight 1 lumen mode with a medium and low mode inbetween as well as an ultra blinding 820 lumen strobe and SOS mode making the ST2C a serverly well rounded flashlight for general use .

 Ive mostly been using this as my Go- to house torch and for helping to glow up GITD cyflect  when photographing  but to be honest its way to bright to help with the reflective shots  it also did very well in and out of the water down the coast last week .

Avaiable here in the UK

from left to right:

Raven Works Brass KeyGrip w EclipseSharp brass Trit bead

Copper Micro LenLight w Delta Wrap and H3 Trit bead

Copper Hinder Investigator pen

HandGrey H3 Ti carabiner w Quantum DD light and Obstructures Pry-Tool

Saddleback Leather card wallet

Strider SMF GG w Pete Grey LBS button

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Whatever you’re carrying, Bellroy’s Carry Out has the room and organizational affinity to handle it, but also conforms to your needs — and the size of your jean pockets — for when you want just the essentials. The Carry Out includes compartments and slots for plenty of goods, including up to 16 cards, bank notes, coins, a pen, passport, your smartphone, and a spare SIM card. Then, two magnets lets the removable billfold pull out and snap right back in again afterwards, doubling as a sleeve when part of the bigger whole or as an ultra slim carrying option for a night on the town…

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Brite -Strike APALS .

I was first sent one of these great bits of kit by Andrew from Valley deep mountain high about 2 years ago  and found that for their size and versitility they are invaluable items to have if you need to be seen or to see in the dark especially when partnered up with other flaslights or illuminating kit .

 The latest versions apparently have a 200+ hour runtime , can be seen up to a mile away and have 2 strobes and constant on / off ability with a 3M adhessive pull off tab that allows them to be stuck to many types of surfaces .

 In use the APALS is supplies enough light to naviagte a small room , read or check a map by as well as a great marker for personal or kit use to find your gear or team mates in the dark .

This white one was kindly sent to me by the folks at  who I beleive are the only place in the UK that are currently selling them individualy rather than in standard packs of 10 of the same colour .

Full specs here

Beer and Blades! Simple but sick shot for @b_rock1911 Showing off his Bead love he got from my shop on his Manix 2 from @spyderco_inc . Thanks for sharing brother! 👊🇺🇸🍻
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