Tuesday night shopping this week was closer to home in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.   Burlington is a suburb at the Western edge of the Greater Toronto Area.

Fun things today!

  1. A new (and bizarre!) Gibson called the N-225.  Semi hollow, pinstriped, matte black finish, black hardware.  $1400.
  2. ES-195 (left) and strange yet intriguing new Les Paul Custom “Lite”!  See below for more on this new and exciting (for me) model!
  3. Fender Custom Shop, AVRI, and Select models along with a stray ES-339!
  4. Nice top!
  5. What is this strange and wonderful creature?  An EBMM with a semi-carved, semi-flat top?  A flamed maple headstock veneer that matches the top?  A triple-bound headstock?  Unusual inlays?  And it doesn’t weigh more than 7.5 lbs?   I think I Have just found my first EBMM! 
  6. Sorry…I don’t take orders from price tags!
  7. ES-195 and this incredible new Les Paul Custom Lite.  What makes it light?  It about the same thickness as an SG!  I think I may have just found a Les Paul that I could actually love!
  8. Look at how thin it is!  In true Les Paul fashion though, it still weighs close to 8 lbs!  But that’s pretty good compared to what they usually weigh! 
  9. A couple of ES-195s.  But who cares?  I found a thin LPC!  :D