Thursday Night Guitar Shopping this week at the Cosmo Music Superstore in Richmond Hill (near Toronto, Canada):

  1. If/when I ever buy myself a Gretsch, I believe I will start with this model, which I believe is a “Chet Atkins Solid Body”, except it has no leather trim.  On sale for ~$2k
  2. Establishing shot, exterior.
  3. Hey look…Music Man now seems to have a budget line…this model was under $300!
  4. It’s a big store.
  5. There are all sorts of interesting new Stratocaster variations for the 60th Anniversary this year.  Here is a tiger maple-topped Deluxe.
  6. Big sky and environmentally-aware Torontonian motorist in a Prius.
  7. “Hand Rubbed Oil” finish on this American Standard Stratocaster.
  8. A George Benson signature amp?  Wow.  Who’d have thunk?
  9. But it was this little guitar that made my entire evening!  It’s a Hofner Verythin (either a deluxe or Standard…the price tag said one and the label inside the f-hole said something else!).  Small, light (no more than 6 lbs!) and sounded really good.  All for 700 dollars.  The best part for me?  It was roughly the same thickness as an SG!  Why aren’t more guitars as thin as SGs??

Tuesday Night Guitar Shopping at Cosmo Music, Richmond Hill (Toronto) Canada.  This shop is incredible - and probably the biggest guitar (and other instrument) store in the entire country!

  1. Lovely Gretsch Roundup
  2. Lovely Custom Shop Nocaster
  3. Lovely Custom Les Paul
  4. Lovely speeding cars
  5. Lovely EBMM with rosewood top & neck
  6. Lovely same as above
  7. Lovely John Mayer Martin
  8. Lovely Truck.

As Samuel Taylor Coleridge once opined in the celebrated poem “Rime of the Ancient Guitar Player”:

Guitars guitars everywhere, and nor any amp to play!

Note: his second name was Taylor.  Other than being a major opium addict and reasonably good poet, he was also one hell of an acoustic guitar designer/builder!  

To business: 12th Fret, Toronto:

  1. 1976 Gibson Explorer
  2. 50s or 60s Martin dreadnought on the left.  A few back is an amazing “Kalamazoo” 12 fret guitar, made by Gibson in the 1930s
  3. I know very little about EBMM. but I must say I really dig the Armada design.
  4. For some reason there seems to be a news truck exploding out the side of the City TV studios in downtown Toronto!
  5. If I had more cash and was able to try out a bunch of different guitars without having to prioritize, I would LOVE to get my hands on a Larrivée RS4.  I usually dislike when companies who build the best acoustic guitars try and put out an electric.  They always try to be all distinctive and whatnot, and the results, from a purely aesthetic point of view (IMO of course) tend to be disastrous!  Take a look at a Taylor T3/T5, or any Ovation electric (I’d make an exception for a 1960s Martin electric, but not because I like its design but becasue it’s such an oddball it’s actually cool!), but I really like the RS2/4 - they made an electric guitar that actually LOOKS like an electric guitar!  Sadly, though it will probably never come to fruition as I have a LOT more to get to on my prioritized guitar-acquisition list before I get to “RS4”…  :\



What flavour is it?  

It’s a bird, innit? It’s a bloody sea bird . .. it’s not any bloody flavour. Albatross!


Tuesday night shopping this week was closer to home in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.   Burlington is a suburb at the Western edge of the Greater Toronto Area.

Fun things today!

  1. A new (and bizarre!) Gibson called the N-225.  Semi hollow, pinstriped, matte black finish, black hardware.  $1400.
  2. ES-195 (left) and strange yet intriguing new Les Paul Custom “Lite”!  See below for more on this new and exciting (for me) model!
  3. Fender Custom Shop, AVRI, and Select models along with a stray ES-339!
  4. Nice top!
  5. What is this strange and wonderful creature?  An EBMM with a semi-carved, semi-flat top?  A flamed maple headstock veneer that matches the top?  A triple-bound headstock?  Unusual inlays?  And it doesn’t weigh more than 7.5 lbs?   I think I Have just found my first EBMM! 
  6. Sorry…I don’t take orders from price tags!
  7. ES-195 and this incredible new Les Paul Custom Lite.  What makes it light?  It about the same thickness as an SG!  I think I may have just found a Les Paul that I could actually love!
  8. Look at how thin it is!  In true Les Paul fashion though, it still weighs close to 8 lbs!  But that’s pretty good compared to what they usually weigh! 
  9. A couple of ES-195s.  But who cares?  I found a thin LPC!  :D


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