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instead of jars to bury your spells in, my i suggest the idea of peat pots planters?

not only are they biodegradable, they are useful for many different things. you can grow herbs and starter plants or use them to bury a home protection without the fear of broken glass rising to the surface, or your jar staying in the ground for a 100 years. they also come in many different sizes as well. from large to very tiny

and you can even make your own from left over toilet paper rolls for a byproduct option that lessens garbage going into landfills.

there are plenty of cheaper, earth friendlier options available to us, as witches, at our disposal. it is up to us as a whole to start making better earth friendly choices, to modernize the practice. we are not from the middle ages and tradition has nothing to do with glass jars - we have the knowledge in modern days to realize how harmful the practice of burying jars actually is, we have resources to change that as well.

Faery Gifts

• Earth friendly offering dishes •

  • Eggshells
  • Acorn caps
  • Walnut shells
  • Hollowed out mini pumpkin / watermelon
  • Wide flowers
  • Milkweed pods
  • Small stones
  • Leaves
  • Shells
  • Garden stepping stones
  • Base from a potted plant
  • Buried in the earth
  • Snow shaped into a bowl
  • Mini flower pot
  • Bird’s nest
  • Bark
  • Origami box or bowl
  • Mini pastry shell

• Offering Ideas

  • Any tea (hot or iced)
  • Milk or cream (you can add honey, spices, herbs, etc)
  • Honey
  • Bundle of fae flowers or herbs (thyme, lavender, daisy, pansy, yarrow, etc)
  • Sugar (you can add flowers or scents)
  • Flower crowns
  • Butter
  • Strawberry roses
  • Apple slices with cinnamon
  • Baked goods (cakes, cookies, pies, bread, jams and jellies, etc)
  • Candy sticks / rock candy
  • Paper stars or hearts
  • Dandelion or Elderberry wine
  • Strong spices like ginger, basil and cinnamon
  • Bowl of water
  • Pretty stones
  • Art and poems
  • Candied fruit or flowers
  • Candles (don’t leave unattended)
  • Painted rocks
  • Bubbles
  • Garden decorations
  • Pretty shells
  • Feathers

• Things you should NOT put outside!

  • Chocolate: I see lots of blogs recommending this but do not leave it outside! It’s bad for any animals who could eat it.
  • Glitter: It’s basically spreading lots of tiny plastic pieces that will not decompose and will end up in water where it will be eaten by fish. Some companies like EcoSparkles make biodegradable glitter alternatives.
  • Salt: Will kill any grass, moss, and plants it falls on.
  • Jewellery: Unless it’s natural stones/shells/wood beads strung on a biodegradable thread, don’t do it.
  • Glass jars: They’re the same as if you tossed a beer bottle into your yard. If you really need to bury one, put it in a plant pot and dig it up again the next day.
  • Plastic trinkets
  • Essential oils: Strong oils like peppermint and rosemary will burn or kill plants.

• Things faeries don’t like as offerings

  • Man-made mirrors
  • Clothing (not cloth)
  • Bread (some fae are fine with bread, others it offends)
  • Metals (excepting silver and gold)
  • Tomatoes
  • Money

On Consistency: I’ve seen lots of people saying you must always leave gifts at the same time, but you don’t need to worry or feel guilty about this! Just do it when you can, and refresh things when you remember.

Faery blessings! 💜

There’s a device that fits over your car’s exhaust pipe, captures pollution, and turns it into ink. Because exhaust contains the same material that ink is already made of, a company called Air Ink takes the carbon emissions collected from tailpipes, makes their own earth-friendly inks and markers, and simultaneously reduces pollution from both car exhaust and from the ink-making process. source

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People love you because

Aries: you’re brave and strong
Taurus: you’re calm, cool and collected
Gemini: you’re smart and talkative
Cancer: you’re nurturing and caring
Leo: you’re loyal and warm
Virgo: you’re practical and down to earth
Libra: you’re friendly and classy
Scorpio: you’re deep and mysterious
Sagittarius: you’re funny and open minded
Capricorn: you’re humble and true
Aquarius: you’re different and unique
Pisces: you’re generous and loving

People love you because ...

Aries: You’re brave and strong

Taurus: You’re calm cool and collected

Gemini: You’re smart and talkative

Cancer: You’re nurturing and caring

Leo: You’re loyal and warm

Virgo: You’re pratical and down to Earth

Libra: You’re friendly and classy

Scorpio: You’re deep and mysterious

Sagittarius: You’re funny and open minded

Capricorn: You’re humble and true

Aquarius: You’re different and unique

Pisces: You’re generous an loving

Humans are weird

So, aliens have to figure out how to deal with us, and how to survive our planet, and they think it’s crazy.
Until they meet an 8 year old, and his 5 year old sister.
After decades of space travel with humans, the aliens are approached by earth’s leaders. The leaders want to start sending out family groups and making small colonies of humans off world. Not to take over, but so other traveling humans have familiar faces when traveling great distances for large stretches of time.
Shortly after Capt Al gets word from command that he will be taking a family to the next star system to start the ‘earth friendly faces’ program.
The family is very excited, the mother is a biologist and is tasked with cataloging and recording as much about the ‘new world’ as possible, the father is an engineer and is trying to ‘build the farm ’. The kids are clean, quiet, and seem relatively harmless. The best way Capt. Al could describe them would be human. Very humanie humans. The Capt gets them shuffled off to the crew quarters in the human section and hardly gives them a thought.
Now on this ship they observe a 30 hour day, and 17hr night. Not hard for most things to adapt to this, but small children are not used to this. The mother didn’t want them wandering the ship alone, but a curious 8 and 5 year old have to see! The had some courses at the colonizing education center and picked up some of the alien speech, but the writing never really sunk in. To them it looked like upside down animals.
After silently sneaking out of bed, They followed the sign with a giant girrafe on it’s back. When they didn’t run across anyone after a few minutes, they figured everyone was in bed.
Everyone was except the first mate.
The kids stepped in front of the door and it slid open revealing the large expanse of the bridge command. The first mate was startled but regained composure quick, he had never seen humans this close and ‘oh my stars they do smell! ’ is all he could think.
The kids however were not struck dumb, they had questions. As soon as they looked away from the giant viewing screen, the 8 year old saw the alien sitting/ perching across the deck from them and walked over.
“Hi! Mom said it would take 2 weeks to get to the colony, why can’t we just make a jump? She said that we can’t because of laws but I don’t know. Do you know why?
As the aliens translator tried to make sense off this child speech, the dialect was called ‘southern’ he would learn later, the other child piped in
“I’m not going to jump anywhere. Mama says I’ll break my head. Did you break your head?” The first mate had no idea humans broke their heads, then realised she was confused by his headpiece, he hit a switch on the consol and starred taking. A few seconds later a computerized voice starred coming out of the speakers. ‘This is my headpiece for my uniform, I have not broken anything. We have rules about jumps and this trip is not allowed to jump. Where are your keepers? ’
This was not satisfactory to the kids. The 8 year old immediately started asking where the rules were located so he could see where they could jump to and from, the 5 year old was just caught sight of the first mates tentical. The tentical he would later find out, looks to an earth child like a cat tail, this is why the little girl reached out and petted it. The first mate was so startled he fell over. This made the small girl laugh. After a moment of squirming around on his back the KluUggö first mate regained his perch. 'Do you have a name?’ The 8 year old asked. The alien responded but the children had no idea what to make of those noises. They looked at each other a moment and then the 8 year old said 'can we call you Meeb for short?’ The poor bewildered alien didn’t know what 'for short’ ment but thought it might be rude to refuse. 'You may address me as Meeb, and your names are? ’ the tinny voice of the translator echoed in the quiet of the bridge. 'I’m kate!’ The little girl boasted 'K-A-T-E and I can write it’ The boy rolled his eyes at his sister, 'my name is Connor. ’ Meeb bowed to them as was tradition for his species but it wasn’t like any bow the children were expecting. Meeb folded himself entirely in half and his extremely long hands stretched across the floor, his tentical went straight up behind him. This sent Kate into another fit of giggles. Meeb stood back at attention and looked at his consol. ’ You should go and begin your sleep cycle now, your keepers will be waking soon.’ Connor and Kate reluctantly left the bridge and started looking for their quarters. They had only one problem, they didn’t know what upside down animal to look for.

Blood in the Cut

Winchesters x Sister!Reader

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Warnings: Language, kind of descriptive painful moments, Angst

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Unfamiliar surroundings passed through your line of view as the pure black tires ran smoothly over the perfect pavement. Your head rested on the foggy window wild Dean’s jacket was wrapped around the front of you to help keep you warm. It seemed as though hours had passed since anybody had said anything about the discovery of the mysterious bright red hand mark imprinted beneath your freezing skin covered in goosebumps and specks of hardened dirt.

The storm that stirred violently above you all was slowing down. Raindrops began falling at uneven and slow patterns. As a kid, you’d practically grown up in the back seat. Going almost everywhere as you were “Daddy’s little angel” and he didn’t trust you in the hands of anybody else. Not even your own brothers. He must’ve gotten the nickname confused because you were more of a little monster rather than an angel of any sort.

Your right index finger trailed lightly along the path a raindrop had created on the outer window of the Impala. A bad habit of this was created whenever something was happening that you couldn’t handle. Being back from the dead…that was one thing. But this unwanted and possibly permanent tattoo of violation was another.

What the hell even was it? Did it belong to somebody who’d helped you out of Hell? Maybe this was a good thing. But how could it be.

“Hey.” The sound of Dean’s deep voice interrupted your train of anxiety filled thoughts. “You’re doing that thing.” He must’ve been talking about how your breathing sped up and your mind drifted into “la la land” as he called it.

A pained sigh escaped your chapped lips. Taking your hand away from the window, you closed it into a fist and hesitantly set it down on your still damp lap.

“I’m just-” your eyes glanced down to your covered hip. “What if this…” how were you supposed to word what you wanted to express?

A hand reached over from the back seat, being gently placed on your shoulder as fingers massaged easily.

“Relax. Take a deep breath. Don’t overthink what you want to say.” Sam always knew how to calm you down in moments like these. Not that you’d ever experienced anything like this.

“What in the actual hell are we going to do?” Turning your head, you looked over at Dean. “This isn’t our average everyday kind of problem. This is- we don’t even know what this is.” Your eyes squinted slightly as your eyebrows furrowed together.

“Problem? I don’t see this as a problem, Phebe. I mean…look at you.” The entire time Dean was speaking, his hands remained at ten and two on the wheel and his eyes focused on the wet and slippery road.

The scoff that came from you was one that couldn’t be controlled.

“Yeah Dean, let’s look at me. Oh, but don’t forget the giant ass handprint on my damn hip. That’s a new accessory to the fucked up shit that’s been going on in the Winchester collection.” A sharp breath of air was pushed past your lips, soothing your burning lungs. “How is this not a problem?” You finished after collections and calming yourself down.

“You’re alive. That’s what matters.” This time his eyes met yours. Only for a split second before returning to the road.

Alive? Dean- I rose out of my grave today. Six feet under the damn ground and you want to say I’m alive?” Your right eyebrow was slightly higher than your left. “Whatever I am…I’m a whole new level of freak.” Turning your head you went back to starring out into the dark abyss passing you by.

“Don’t.” It was minutes before a voice filled the confined air around you. “Don’t say that. You can’t-” Dean meant well, he did.

“Can we please just drop it for now?” Looking over at him you revealed the barley held in tears. “My minds going to explode at this rate.” Nobody said another word.

Folding up the jacket you scooted downward on the seat so your legs were curled up just beneath you. The jacket was placed between the small empty space of the seatbelt and door handle for your head to rest on. Whatever was going to happen, whatever new fresh Hell faced you, it was going to have to wait. Sleep was the only thing you cared to think about. Before you knew it the world around you faded into darkness while your mind drifted off into another dimension.


Heat was all around you. There was no escaping it. Every path you turned down. Every way you looked. It led you back to the center. Back to the beginning of the horrid room.

Everything around you was blurred. All that could be seen was red heat rising like a snake against the walls. A dreadful banging sound came from a door. A door for some reason you were terrified to go look behind. Every second that passed, the banging grew louder. Until it sounded like a drum beating inside of your ear.

The door grew closer with each crashing bang. It was just an arms length away as you reached out to touch the handle…


“Hey, Phoebe.” The sound of a voice snapped you straight up from your seat and resting position.

A warm jacket was thrown from your body as it moved with a sudden jolt. Your feet rested on the floorboard now.

Looking outside the window you noticed the scenery had changed drastically. The warm and loving sun was once again filling the Earth with its friendly embrace. The heat brought a warm smile to your face. Regardless of the fact you were sweating.

“You okay?” It was Sam who’s voice caught your attention and grabbed you out of your dreaming mind.

Brushing the messy brown waves of hair out of your face you stretched over the backseat. Surprisingly enough, he wasn’t there. Instead he was outside of the car looking in at you.

“Just a bad dream, not the end of the world.” Your eyes began to wander around, searching for a hair tie. A clip. Something to tame the wild beast falling freely behind you.

“Do you want to talk about it?” His arms rested neatly in a folded manner on the rolled down window. Concerned Hazel eyes met your mixed ones.

With a chuckle you swung open the door and threw your head back while your hands went to work tying your hair into a messy ponytail.

“It’s just a dream, Sammy. I don’t need to be babied.” Feet swung out of their protected area inside of Baby to meet rough hot ground. “Bobby really needs to put some grass here.” Helplessly, you sat there with your feet hanging.

“Well, most of the time when we come here we’re all wearing shoes.” Sam walked around to you, giving a point to your feet which you’d completely forgotten were bare.

No verbal exchange was needed. Arms opened wide as Sam happily bent over and allowed you to wrap your arms around his neck to be carried. One thing Hell didn’t have that you couldn’t stand living without was your cheesy yet kind brother. And the other brother who liked to be an extra pain in the ass but made up with booze.

The moment your feet met the porches newly added wooden surface you rushed in the front door, looking for the old man you missed.

“Sleeping beauty finally rose from her slumber.” The voice came from behind you. Bobby.

Instantly you walked over to him, wrapping your arms around to his back. His own arms went around your shoulders and neck, holding you tighter. The hug consumed you. Another thing Hell didn’t have was the loving touch of the father figure you so desperately needed.

“Rising from my grave, or from the front seat?” You couldn’t help but add.

The laugh that came from him made you jump a little. You’d forgotten how it sounded. So much had seemed to fade away from you.

“Both.” Stepping back to get a better look at you, the old timer placed a rough yet gentle hand on your left cheek. Your fell into his touch. “I missed you, Squirt.”

“What happened to Idjit?” A little friendly smile played on your still dry lips.

“You’re Squirt first and foremost.” The reminder of your nickname caught you off guard. How much had you lost to your time in prison?

“Not to mention a dirty mudded up Squirt. Mind if I hop in the shower?” Your thumb pointed behind you to up the stairs where your sweet clean Heaven awaited.

You didn’t even need an answer. Bobby had made it clear that his house was yours. Except his beer. You’d been cut off for free help on that.

For awhile you stood in the bathroom. Allowing the water to warm to a soothing temperature. Not too hot. Not too cold. Steam rose to the ceiling, traveling until it reached the mirror where grab on and stuck.

Clothes dropped to the floor. But you didn’t recognize the person staring back at you in the mirror. This girl- this thing, it was different. Her eyes were cold and dead. Face was straight and stone. Skin was pale and fragile looking. Like one touch and she’d shatter into a million unfixable pieces. The sad thing was the reflection was you. But how could it be? You were so unrecognizable.

You inspected each aspect of your “new body”. Always stopping your eyes on the red unwanted marking on your hip. Turning to your right, you got a better look at it. The hand, it was too large to be a woman’s. The print was much bigger. Slowly you placed your left hand over it, thinking it would match up. But it didn’t. Trying your right you realized how you were grabbed.

Four long fingers wrapped around your front. Palm resting directly on the side of your hip. While the thumb still curled tightly around to the back just slightly. And you hated it. You hated the mark. The way it looked. Like it was a scar. A new constant reminder of the horrific things you’d been through. Things that were vague and barley able to be remembered but still lingered in the deepest parts of your mind.

You climbed in the shower, grabbing onto the soap and a fresh scrunchy to clean yourself properly. The soap sloshed around and splattered against the wall as you rubbed it harshly onto the area that was still puffed out red. Taking the scrunchy into your right hand you began to scrub. As hard as you could. But it wasn’t working.  

The pace your hand moved went faster and faster. The pressure you were applying grew harder. Until you dropped it. Looking down to see how irritated your skin was. Small specks of blood rested just on the surface.

Your lungs were filled with so much air, they too were excited. Sitting down in the far corner of the shower you curled into a sitting ball. Allowing tears to fall invisibly, blending into the warm steaming water. For a split moment you closed your eyes. Trying to calm yourself better. But all you saw was the heated area from your dream with screaming people behind bars in the background. Faces disfigured and melting off of their skulls. The sound of horrific screams filled your ears, even as you placed your hands over them to cover the sound from coming in.

This wasn’t something you could just block out. This wasn’t something that could be washed away even with a hundred showers. It- all of it…was burned deep into your mind. Your body. Your soul. And nothing could change that.


For the most part, the regular decision deadlines have passed. Now, it’s time to think about the final aspect of your application: the alumni or current student interview.

 A lot of the very selective and ‘elite’ schools use alumni interviews as part of their application review process but alumni interviews are not only limited to the Ivy League and schools like Stanford, MIT, UChicago etc. There’s somewhat of a myth floating around that alumni interviews aren’t worth much and don’t help your application. That is not true. A former Harvard interviewer helped me prep for my interviews and he said that interviews are actually an important part of the application process. Yes, it is a way to keep alumni connected to their alma mater but interviews help determine fit and personality and can do a lot in terms of admit or deny. An excellent interview can very well be the thing that puts your application in the admit pile and a horrible interview can have a detrimental effect on your application. Well, you might be thinking ‘If the interview can hurt my application, why would I want one?’ The interview will only hurt your application if you don’t prep for it, and that doesn’t mean hiring an overpriced coach but doing your research and coming prepared. So without further ado, here’s how to have a stellar college interview:


Most schools do alumni interviews by invitation only so in that case, if you’re offered an interview, you’re pretty much obliged to take it. However, if you’re applying to a school like UChicago that does optional interviews, take it. When the interview is optional, having vs. not having one is a good way to measure interest in the school. If you really want to get in, you’ll do everything possible to show the admissions office why the should accept you. The interview is one way to do that. Again, interviews asses fit and personality and it adds another dimension to your application; it shows that you’re human, more so than your essays and a ton more than your transcript and test scores.


This means actually spending time going over possible questions and coming up with ideas. Going to an interview unprepared is the worst thing you can possibly do unless you are 1000% sure you can wing it successfully. 

  • Take the time at least a week before the interview and gather a list of possible questions. Go on google and look up possible college interview questions. Set up a google doc and paste as many as you can until you start seeing duplicates. It will look scary at first because there can be upwards of 30 questions but fear not, it’s much easier than it seems.
  • Once you’ve compiled a list of possible questions, start preparing answers for them. This doesn’t mean having a detailed response for each one and memorizing it. That looks super fake and no one will take you seriously. Instead, look over the questions and see which ones kind of overlap and break them up into groups. After you’ve done that, find an anecdote or story from your life that can help answer those questions. For example, if you have community service or volunteering questions, tie it in to that story you have about the organization you volunteer at. People remember stories, not vague statements and you’ll be helping your interviewer out by giving them a funny or interesting story to write about in their evaluation. Who’s your interviewer more likely to remember and write a favorable review, that one kid who listed all their accomplishments and sounded fake or you who told them a funny story about your first debate tournament and how you got over your fear of public speaking. You’ll sound down to earth, relatable, and friendly which is what you want to go for.
    • An important question is the ‘Why School X’ question. This is an important one and you need to be prepared. Have some concrete reasons why and show your interest. Be dedicated and passionate and it will show.
    • Anecdotes will also help you prepare for unusual questions that you might not expect such as the one I got for UChicago: “If you were a desert, what desert would you be?”. Use the anecdote to shape your answer to the question.
  • Have a list of questions to ask your interviewer about the school. These should be more than just basic, found on the school’s website, I didn’t do my research questions. Ask questions you can’t find online and that only someone who went to the school could tell you.
  • After you’ve got your anecdotes and stories done, have your parents, siblings, friends, or teachers ask you mock interview questions and see how you do. Remember, the goal is not to have everything memorized but to have a bank of stories you can draw on to inspire your responses. 


A small but trivial part of the interview process is how you communicate with your interviewer before and after the interview.

  • Before: Respond politely to the initial interview offer but show your enthusiasm for the school. You might even give a little background about yourself to the interviewer so they’ll know a little bit about you before the actual thing. Set a date, time, and place, and stick with it. Don’t reschedule unless it’s an emergency. It looks like your not serious and unprepared if you switch the date two days before the interview. If you need clarifications about anything, don’t be afraid to ask.
  • After: Hopefully you had a great interview but even if you didn’t, send the interviewer a thank you card or email that thanks them for spending time with you and telling you more about the school. It would be good if you could indicate a specific thing you talked about with the interviewer because it will remind them as well and give them something to write about on the evaluation. Remember, any interview is a good interview as long as you did your part correctly. Sometimes the interviewer doesn’t click with the interviewee and that’s fine. As long as you were polite and talked about yourself, it shouldn’t negatively affect you. EDIT: Here’s a post about writing the thank you email.


Mentality is a big one because it dictates your behavior during the interview. You don’t want to go in scared or hesitant because the interviewer can sense it and it might not be favorable. It’s ok to be a bit nervous but not overly so, or at least if you are, don’t show it. Think about it this way, if the interviewer had to pick only one of the people he or she interviewed to get in to the school, they would pick you. Go in with that mentality and you’ll own the interview. You have to be certain of the above statement when leaving the interview. 


Some points about the interview itself. The goal of the interview is an informal way for you to learn more about the school and for the school to learn more about you.

  • Dress appropriately. This means business casual. No tennis shoes, any jeans that aren’t black, no over the top make up, no too short skirts/dresses, no super tall heels etc. But at the same time, don’t be overly formal. No tuxedos, gowns, or other extravagant clothing. A skirt with a nice shirt and flats/heels would work for girls and dress pants with a button up shirt would work for guys.
  • Be punctual: A good rule of thumb is to plan to arrive 15 minutes before the interview starts. This will give you a buffer so if you get lost, there’s traffic or an accident, or something else happens, you’ll still have sufficient time to get there and not be late. I would also suggest to scout out the interview location before the interview. See where it is and how long it will take you to get there so you aren’t scrambling on the day of. If you really are late, send your interviewer an email or text to let them know.
  • Bring a resume: Some interviewers are prohibited by the college from looking at resumes but bring one anyway. It will help remind you of your talking points and if the interviewer does look at resumes, it will make it easier for them to ask questions and it will help them write the review after the interview.
  • Make eye contact and don’t fidget too much: Get rid of your nerves and jitters and be calm and prepared.
  • If you don’t know how to answer a question, don’t panic: Take a few seconds and use an anecdote. Once you start telling the story, it will give you time to think and answer the question properly. It’s ok if you miss a question or two because the interviewer will be expecting it and you’re human after all. Just don’t miss all of them.
  • If you’re asked an opinion question, try not to be offensive or overly opinionated: You don’t know your interviewer’s views on certain situations and you don’t want to accidentally offend them. Be polite and express your opinions without acting superior or trying to impose your opinions on them. Don’t make up stuff if you have no idea what they’re talking about. It could backfire on you.
  • Don’t live inside your head. Don’t spend too much time thinking and stare off into space. Articulate your thoughts in a clear and concise manner.
  • Don’t try to be someone you’re not.
  • Don’t zone off, no matter how boring your interviewer is.
  • It’s not recommended to bring a notebook to the interview to take notes. Remember, it’s informal.
  • Don’t worry about the length of the interview.
  • Turn off your cell phone.
  • If the interviewer offers to buy you a drink or snack, don’t say no but don’t go extravagant. Get something small and something that won’t make a mess.
  • Don’t put on too much perfume or cologne.

With that being said, don’t worry too much. You’ll do great! Go and ace that college interview! My ask is open if you have any questions.


Norman filming Ride with Norman Reedus - March 30, 2017

We’ve made it 4 years and almost 1,400 posts without a selfie, but when @bigbaldhead shows up for a ride this sort thing just sort of happens spontaneously. Turns out zombie-slaying Daryl Dixon (Norman IRL) from @amcthewalkingdead is about the most down-to-earth and friendly dude you’ll ever meet on a motorcycle.

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