EA recyclers


I can’t picture Zeton being a nightclub or lounge type of person, so I decided to build her a spot where she can hang out and be herself.  I took the old Solar Flare Lounge in Oasis Springs (I always loved the shape of the building, but hated the crowd it attracted) and created the Oasis Springs Science Adventure Center (OSSAC).  To me, this was a great way for Zeton to enjoy the overly large observatory and microscopes without them taking up a ton of space at her house.  

The OSSAC features a downstairs lobby, a computer lab, a kids area with kids chemistry lab and video games, a rooftop observatory, 2 microscopes and an unbuilt rocket ship.  There’s also a cafeteria and buffet available for parties and an outdoor playground and picnic area. 

This lot is not available for download since I basically recycled an EA prebuilt building, but I thought I’d share pictures in case anyone else wanted to see a potential alternative use for the building.