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3000 Miles Chapter 5

*WARNING!!! Sexual content!!! DO NOT read if underage or not into that kind of thing!!!*

We pulled up to his house with the heat still radiating through the car. It was almost worse having him this close to me and not being able to touch him the way i wanted. The lights in the house were off, but Laraine said that Brooke was coming in tonight. I was looking around to see if i could see her car but it wasnt anywhere. Maybe Brooke decided to come in the morning or i dont know something. After a minute of debating what the possible answer was, i gave up. Who cares i just wanted Wesley and i wanted him now. He came around and opened my door. I immediately pulled him against my chest and kissed him. I pulled away and bit onto his lower lip as i did. He groaned a little and pulled me back to him, “Oh you will pay for that.”

He drug me behind him into the house. He opened the door quietly trying to hear for his mom. He flipped the light on and saw a note on the table, it said *Wesley you better have brought your brother home and i hope you are both safe. Brooke was having car troubles so i went over to her house and we will be back in the morning, i promise you one more home cooked breakfast before you leave. Stay inside please and stay out of trouble. Love your mom.* He looked over at me with a suggestive look, “Mom isnt home tonight…” he brought me to his side and nuzzled his way down to my neck. Between lightly blowing on it and kissing it he said, “Is there anywhere in your deepest desires that you have wanted to have sex, because the house is ours until Keaton gets home and we can do it wherever you want.”

I ponder the idea of fulfilling a few fantasies with him tonight but the thought occurs you have no idea when Keaton is going to be home and you dont need to emotionally scar the poor boy, “Just take me to your bed and remind me why i am going to miss you.”

He smiles at me and takes me to his room. Along the way we are kissing and ripping at the layers that are keeping us apart. The hoodie i borrowed was strewn along the stairs. Shoes are being kicked off and anything else that we can get our hands on. By the time we reach Wes’s room i am wearing just my bra and panties, hes down to his boxers. He pushes me up against the wall by his room hardly breathing but frantically running his hands on my body. “Baby slow down I’m not going to run away. Deep breath.”

I open his door and take his hand guiding him to the bed. I push against his chest making him lay back. I straddled his lap taking the control. I laid my body against his bare chest feeling my way over him. He laid his head back allowing me to slide up to the crook of his neck and start my work there. I was biting and kissing and sucking. He was fighting the urge to make any noise or movement. I was driving him crazy and i loved it. I started sliding down his chest leaving small kisses here and there along the way. I got to his waist and slipped my finger under the waistband of his boxers. I lightly tugged them off discarding them to the floor. I ran my finger up and down his member a couple times teasing him. I came up between his legs and ran my tongue along the path my finger had just traveled. I saw a slight tremor run through Wes’s body. I smiled to myself feeling the control run through my veins. I lightly ran my tongue over his head and slipped it into my mouth. I sucked a bit and pulled a little. Wesley groaned from the pleasure. I took more of him into my mouth and then pulled it out. I continued to suck and pull and make pleasure coarse through Wes’s body. A slight spasm ran through his body and suddenly my mouth was filled with everything he had to offer. I swallowed it down and moved back up.

I started kissing his neck again, he flipped me over on my back hovering over me he said, “I love you so much.”

Before i had a chance to say anything back to him he locked lips with me. He traced his tongue along my lip then moved down undoing my bra and slipping it to the floor. He lightly ran his tongue along my nipple. I moaned a little showing him i liked it. He slipped to my side a little but continued to play with my breasts. He ran his hand down my body giving me the chills. He played with the hem of my panties before slipping his hand down and rubbing his finger against my clit. My stomach tied up from the pleasure and the sudden cold touch. He was making so much pleasure rip through my body. I was moaning uncontrollably letting him have his way with me. Before i had a chance to reach my high he stopped, pulled my panties off, grabbed my hips and threw me more into the center of the bed. He climbed between my legs and and slid himself in. I cried out his name and arched my back at his entrance. He started pumping in and out making me moan louder with each thrust. He leaned forward and starting kissing my neck. I brought my hands to his back holding him close to me. He pushed himself in deeper and harder than i was expecting, i screamed out and clawed down his back. He moaned at my pleasurably painful action.

He pulled out of me and whipped me over on top of him. I slid back on his hard cock and started to ride him. He was playing with my breasts as i grinned against him. He grabbed my face and pulled me down towards him. He brought me to his lips and started kissing me again. I kept sliding up and down on him feeling him getting harder and harder with each motion. He grabbed my ass using it to guild. I bit down on his lip and he responded with a hard slap to my ass.

He slid me off of him laid me back down but laid my on my chest. He took my hips and lifted a little to pop my ass up in air for him. He got behind me and angled himself at my entrance. He pushed himself in making my body shake. He started thrusting in and out making waves of new pleasure rip through me. I grabbed a pillow and moaned and screamed into it. My walls started to clench around his cock making have to slow down. He pushed himself in hard one last time sending me over making me just collapse from it. He leaned forward and whispered in his ear, “Not yet baby, I’m not done.” He flipped my back to my back and went right back into it. Hard and fast. I couldnt breathe. He started to get a little sloppy and leaned forward to me. He started to kiss me as he peaked. I felt him twitch inside me and he thrusted a few more times and fell to my side breathless.

I cuddled up next to him trying to catch my breath, “Holy shit Wesley where did that come from? Im not going to be able to walk tomorrow.”

“I just wanted you to have something to remember me by.”






One Direction

Teen Wolf

Some of these are quite old and bad, so please look pass those.

The Wallflower (A Keaton Stromberg fanfic): Chapter 1

Nine years. Nine years of living across the street from the cutest boy in Huntington Beach. Nine years of keeping under the radar. And today of all days I manage to run straight first into him and conveniently break my science fair project in the process.

“Shit…” I mutter, looking up and seeing his stunned face. “I’m so sorry I wasn’t paying attention.” I bite my lip as I pick up the broken pieces of my 3d constellation map and rise to my feet. He’s going to think I’m such a loser. Well, if he doesn’t already.

“It’s uhh – it’s alright.” He mutters back, running a hand through his hair and flashing me an awkward half smile. God he’s perfect…  He extends a hand towards me. “I’m Keaton.”

“I know who you are…” I mutter quietly, flushing as the words escape my mouth. I take his hand tentatively and goose bumps instantly rise up on my skin as his hands envelope mine. His hands are warm and calloused. I have to resist the urge to ask him why. I smile politely and move to turn around and walk back up to my house when he stops me.

“Wait.” He says hurriedly, grabbing my arm. My eyes go wide at his touch and he draws his hand away. “You uhh – you never told me your name.”

“Denali.” I say quietly. “My name is Denali.”

He leans his head to the side like a dog does when it’s confused and his hair flops into his eyes. I think it may be the most adorable gesture I’ve ever seen. “That’s a different name; no offense I’ve just never heard it before.” I’m not surprised. “Do you have a nickname?”

I shake my head no. My parents call me Deni, but I don’t want him to know that. It sounds like a boy’s name.

“Well, how about I call you Nali?” He smiles broadly when I nod happily. “Okay. Well, I’ll see you around Nali.” He gives me a wave that is really just a slight tilt of his hand and walks off, his hands buried deep in the pockets of his jeans.

                What just happened?!


                I get to school more than two hours late after taking time to make my project look like I didn’t just smash it into a hot surfers abs this morning, and step on campus just as the bell rings for second period to be released. I race across the courtyard and into the science wing just in time to take my normal front row seat in Mr. Calloway’s astronomy class, four minutes early and the first person in the classroom. I carefully align my project board with the edge of my desk, leaving just enough room on the other side for me to neatly stack my binder, textbook, planner, and pencil couch in sizable order.

                I watch the clock countdown as Mr. Calloway writes away on the board. Two minutes before class starts people start spilling in and Katie takes her seat beside me. “Dear God Denali, just once can we not sit in the front row? By the way, where were you this morning? I brought you Starbucks and you weren’t here so I had to give it away.”

                “I had to fix my project.” I nod my head towards the neatly fixed board before me. Katie gives me a questioning look, and because she’s my best friend I know I have to tell her. “I sort of smashed it into Keaton Stromberg’s chest this morning..”

                “You did what?” She whisper screams. “Wait, does that mean you actually made eye contact?!”

                “Yeah I mean I apologized and he asked me my name and –”

                “YOU ACTUALLY TALKED TO KEATON?!” Katie nearly screams, and everyone turns to look at us as, right on cue, Keaton walks into the class I conveniently forgot we shared. My face instantly pales and Katie turns around to see what I’m staring at. A small gasp sounding somewhat like “oh shit” escapes her.

                “Keaton, how would you like to take your seat?” Mr. Calloway sighs, crossing his arms over his chest and giving Keaton a death glare. The stoners in the back of the room start giggling and  I can’t help but roll my eyes.

                “Sure – sorry sir.” Keaton says, his tone still spritely. He notices me as he walks past towards his seat and gives me a sweet smile. “Hey Nali.”

                My face instantly heats up and Katie slaps her hands on the table excitedly since it’s not really socially acceptable to scream in the middle of astronomy. “Oh my god” She mouths, her eyes lit up with excitement. I don’t share her enthusiasm.

                I’ve always been the outcast, the girls in the room no one remembers the name of, the wallflower. I don’t know how to act with one of the most genuine guys at this school talking to me. Especially not when it’s the younger brother of one of the school’s biggest legends. Wesley Stromberg went down in history here for his senior prank last year, but that’s a story for another day.

                I barely manage not to make it through class without puking from the anxiety flowing through me. Even though I’ve dreamed of Keaton noticing me for nine years, I never thought it would happen; and now that it is I feel like I’m about to have a heart attack. When the bell rings, I hurriedly place my project on Mr. Calloway’s desk, apologizing for the cracks in the foam board, and grab my things before hurrying out the door. Katie isn’t far behind.

                “Denali! What are you doing?” She growls, half running to keep up with me. “Keaton was totally trying to talk to you. Why did you run out like that?!”

                “Because if I talk to him now I’m bound to say something stupid later on and he’ll hate me so I might as well just spare myself that humiliation and not let this go anywhere.” I mutter. As if it ever would go anywhere. “Guys like Keaton don’t talk to girls like me. You shouldn’t even be talking to me. I’ll like a virus, sucking the potential for popularity out of everyone that acknowledges my existence.”

                “Oh fuck being popular.” She nearly yells. “Do you really think Keaton cares about that? He’s literally the sweetest thing. I bet you he volunteers at the old folk’s home in the summer.”

                “He may not care about it but his friends do.” I grumble, shoving my book bag in my locker before heading to the cafeteria with Katie to eat lunch. Well, for me it’s more like studying for AP Calculus while Katie force feeds me the left overs of her salad but whatever. “And I refuse to be the front to their stupid girl next door jokes.”

                “Ugh, you are literally the most difficult child on the face of this planet.” Katie grumbles, taking her usual seat across from me and pulling out her Tupperware containers holding her salad and sandwich from her backpack. “One of these days you’re going to realize I was right all along and you’re going to wish you’d listened to me.”

                “Well today is not that day.” I’m to go on when someone slides into the chair next to me, and I nearly choke on the air when I see who it is.

                “Hey Nali.” Keaton says cheerily, flashing me his giant smile. I can’t help but notice how he sits with his legs apart and his elbows resting on the table. “I called your name when astronomy ended but
I guess you didn’t hear me. Anyways, I was going to ask you if maybe you wanted to study together tonight? I’m totally failing this semester and I’m pretty sure you’re acing it based on that project I broke this morning.”

                My face goes completely blank, and I’m scared I won’t be able to talk if I open my mouth. Thankfully, Katie comes to my rescue. “Oh yeah, Denali has had an A in that class all year. Never below it. I’m sure she could help you out.”

                “Great!” Keaton laughs a little at my uncomfortable face. “So, what do you say Nali?”

                “Sure.” I croak, nodding my head and forcing a smile.

                “Perfect.” He hands me a folded up piece of paper and rises to his feet. “Here’s my number. Text me your address and I’ll head over, okay?”

                I nod and he walks off. I can’t help but imagine how horribly wrong this could go.

                [A/N] I just started this and don’t know how I feel about it, so let me know what you think? I won’t be continuing it unless it gets a decent amount of feedback and notes.


Some Call It Destiny: Chapter 10

previous chapters

“Alright fine, I wrote the song about you” He finally coughed out. He started to laugh at himself as the blood rushed to his cheeks.
“Happy now?” He smiled shyly as he walked back inside, leaving me outside to absorb this …interesting information.

Wesley Stromberg wrote a song about me? Ever since I initially fell in love with Emblem3 that was only a dream of mine. Now that it’s a reality, I don’t know how to feel about it. I was experiencing the feelings of an ecstatic fangirl, a confused girl and shy reciprocator at the same time. Obviously I liked Wes. I liked Wes a lot. More than just fan admiration. I wasn’t sure whether the song was about me in a good way or a bad way. What was he thinking when he wrote it? Or did I simply spark inspiration and I as a person actually meant nothing to him? These were all questions I wanted to know but refused to ask.

When I walked back into the studio and Wes saw me, he avoided me, put his headphones on and played their tracks back with Drew. Wes tells me something like that and he’s quite content with leaving it on the table and not clearing it? Ugh. Typical boy. I walked over to Keaton who was eating, as per usual.
“Pizza bagel?” He asked with a bright smile.
“Sure” I giggled as I took one from him.
“You seem down. What’s wrong?” He said. I wanted to deny my emotional state which he guessed but his puppy eyes glimmered with innocence and I couldn’t turn away.
“I’m just confused. I have a lot to think about…" 
Keaton nodded knowingly, even though you could sense the awkwardness.
"Hey, cheers to the new album” We laughed as we raised pizza bagels and clanged them together as if they were champagne glasses. I could feel Wesley’s intense stare and the chills ran down my back. I turned around to see him turn away as quick as he possibly could. 

When we got back to the house I splashed my face to wash away the tension and confusion from the day. I resorted to the lounge room to see Drew making herbal tea. 
“Peach, peppermint, green, jasmine, what would you like darling?" 
"I’ll pass” I smiled.
“You need tea! It’s good for you!” He exclaimed as he hugged me from behind.
“Blah, cheer up! I can sense the negativity. You’re messing with my vibe!” He said, pretending that my negativity was filth as he wiped his hands on me. 

I had a lot to talk about and a lot to think about. I wanted to talk to Keaton and Drew about Wes but I didn’t want to cause drama. They were the ones doing me the favor by letting me stay here so I turned to Skype and decided to catch up with my old friend. I asked her about Wes and she told me to just give him some time. According to her, men had a hard time coming to terms with their feelings. She also told me not to get my hopes up - something which I tended to do often.

As I closed my laptop Keaton walked in.
“Aw, was I too late? I wanted to videobomb” He sulked.
“Keaty!” I said as I got up to hug him.
“A hug is not going to change my disappointment” He said sassily. 
“Hey, attitude” I remarked which made him laugh. 
I sat back on the bed and motioned for him to join me. He bounced around to get comfortable. He was so awkward but it was so adorable. I needed someone like him to talk to. He was too innocent and naive to lie. 
“Hey Keats… Do you know what’s going on with Wes?” I asked hesitantly.
“What do you mean?” He said, wrapping his arms around his knees which he held close to his chest.
“He was fine up until now. He just sorta freaked out and now he won’t talk to me. Does he hate me?”
“No! Gabby, nobody could hate you. You haven’t done anything to make any one of us hate you. We all you love you. You’re like a close family friend now.” He reassured, slapping my knee lightly as if to mock the fact that I ever even thought that.
“I just… Well why is he not talking to me?”
“I think there’s a lot going on right now. With the album and stuff. I don’t think it’s anything personal.”
“So, he hasn’t said anything about me?” I said trying to hide my disappointment.
“The first few nights he wouldn’t stop talking about how amazing you are, as we all were" 
"But since this morning?”
He shook his head with a helpless expression which made my face fall.
“He’s just moody. Don’t take it against yourself. It’s his fault for letting his mood change the way he treats you. Besides, you’re too cute to hate yourself." 
"Aw, you think I’m cute?” I said with a sweet smile.
“Obviously, why else do you think I took photos of you when we were at the smoothie shack?” He said coyly. 
“Thanks” I said shyly. It might not have been Wes, but it did cheer me up.
We both got up and I felt a whole lot better.
“So are you feeling better?” He asked.
“Well… better than I was”
“Meow” Keaton played as he made me giggle.
“Okay fine, I’m better!”
“Good!” He laughed as he pulled me in for a caring hug.
When he pulled away, something changed. Like an instantaneous change of energies. The force was altered and I was glowing. His eyes glistened. In the matter of seconds, a warmth radiated between us. 
And then, out of no where, I felt Keaton’s lips on mine. 
It wasn’t who I expected, but somehow, I didn’t seem to care as I returned the expression of loving passion.

Chapter 1 ~

A/N: This is the first chapter/introduction to a new fanfic I’m writing called Plane Ride, I know it’s short, it’s because it’s the first chapter, but please give me some feedback so I know whether to continue it or not. :’)

Wes’s POV

“This is bullshit! Why are you guys seated next to eachother and I’m by myself?!” I exclaimed angrily to my brother, Keaton, and my best friend, Drew, glaring down at the seat numbers on our plane tickets as we boarded the plane that would take us overseas to London, England. We would be doing a concert there as our first stop on our Emblem 3 World Tour that was beginning in Europe. I was beyond excited, but my mood was quickly souring realizing I would be stuck on a 10 hour plane ride by myself while Drew and Keaton would be together.

“We’ll still be on the same plane, Wes, relax,” Drew chuckled. I sighed. “And, look at the bright side, you might get stuck next to a hot chick!”

“Or you won’t be stuck with anybody and can have the row to yourself!” Keaton chimed in enthusiastically.

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Chances and Changes- Chapter 1

Chapter 1-

“Jul?” Keaton shook my arm violently trying to get my attention. “What are you doing?”

“nothing.” I said as my trance on Wes had been broken.

Keaton let out a sarcastic laugh. “C'mon.. I think we both know you’re lying. and I already know what you’re looking at.”

“Shut up Keaton, you do not.” I said pushed him over into the sand.

“Hey!” She brushed the sand off himself and pushed me back. “Wes.. you..? I mean seriously who can’t see it. You like him, he likes you. Just make babies already!”

I shook my head and looked down at my feet, laughing. “Keaton, shut up I already told you I liked him and I totally regret it.”

“What?” He looked up pretending to be hurt. “HOW DARE YOU!”

You giggled and ran off to the ocean passing Drew and Wes on the way.

“I’m not going to chase you!” Keaton yelled out.

“You couldn’t even catch me if you tried, Keats!” I screamed back spinning around.

He took it as a challenge and got up to chase me around the beach. Finally, he caught me and threw me over his shoulder. 

“gotcha!” He laughed running towards the water. 

“DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!” You yelled punching his back. 

“ouch! calm down, I’m kidding!” He placed me down and rubbed his back.

“sorry, but you know that freaks me out!” I said beginning to walk back up to our spot on the beach where Wesley and Drew were throwing the football.

“Yo! Heads up!” Drew said tossing the ball my way. I caught the ball but quickly passed it back.

“You guys wanna go back?” I asked. Myself and the 3 boys shared a house together, we had been best friends since we lived back in Washington and we always talked about living at Huntington beach 

together when we were older, and now it happened!

“Yeah,” Wes added walking up towards the group. “There’s a crazy party tonight, you guys in?" 

"Yes!” Keaton quickly replied. 

We walked back to our house which was only half a mile up the beach.

We walked in our home and we threw all our stuff down as we walked through the doors as we always did.

“The party is at 9 so be ready by then!” Wes said jogging up to his room. Drew then followed up the steps to his and you immediately began strumming his guitar. Keaton and I stayed back in the kitchen to talk.

“So…” Keaton started while opening up a bag of chips. 

“what now?” I asked resting my head on my hand.

“Party tonight… I’m guessing you’re gonna dress to impress a certain boy?” He winked.

“pshtt. no.” I denied making my way out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

“Okay, well call me when you need help deciding what outfit to wear!” Keaton called out knowing me too well.

As I got to the top of the steps i turned and ran into Wes, which made me stumble back but his stopped me from falling.

Some Call It Destiny: Chapter 8

previous chapters

The tears wouldn’t stop and I was angry at myself. I was angry at the world. I texted Wesley with trembling fingers and blurred vision. After all, he wanted to know how I went, didn’t he?

Going through the security checkouts and scans were a blur to me. I just wanted to hurry up and see the boys. They were my only means of support, and my strongest means of support. I walked down the gangway as fast as I could until I could make out those three friendly welcoming faces. Wes was the first to notice me and it caught him off guard. They clearly had been waiting for a while. “Hey, there she is!” he exclaimed promptly. The boys went to come up to me but Wes ran up to me pushing them aside. Before I could react, he had reached me, forcefully pulling me into an overprotective hug. Tears swelled in my eyes. I knew I missed them. Him. But I didn’t know I did this much. Drew and Keaton finally approached me, both rubbing my back making sure I was alright while Wes continued hugging me, not wanting to release any time soon.
“You gave it your best shot” Keaton tried.
“But they’re still crazy” Drew added.
I managed to laugh through my tears. Wes broke away from the hug and rested his hand on the side of my arm.
“Well, there’s that dream gone” I said, rolling my eyes helplessly.
“Not when we’re involved” Wes smiled.
“I’m not sure I know what you mean” I said curiously.
“You think we’re gonna let a voice like that go unheard? Dude, we’re in the studio all the time. We’ve been signed. You think we can’t get you signed?” Drew explained.
“Are you serious?” I said, suddenly hopeful again.
“Yes, we’re serious!” Keaton exclaimed.
“We’re going back to the studio tomorrow, and I expect you to be there, with that flawless voice of yours, ready to claim what’s rightfully yours” Wes confirmed.
It’s safe to say that I loved these boys.

We decided to have a quiet day, you know, with all of the let downs I had in the two days prior.
“Uno or spades?” Keaton asked excitedly.
“I don’t know how you can get excited by card games” Wes remarked.
“Just because heads aren’t exploding all over the place! Gees” Keaton said, rolling his eyes.
“Call Of Duty or cards? Hmm, decisions…” Drew joked as Wes hi fived him.
“Cards are fun! Come on guys, get off your asses and do something that doesn’t involve technology” I suggested.
“Excuse me? Get off your asses? Where do you think these abs came from?” Drew said, being shirtless, as always.
“Whatever, her majesty wants us to play cards, so let’s play cards” Wes finally said as he sat on the floor with Keaton and I.
“You my friend, are whipped” Drew said.
“Drew” Wes started.
“Sorry!” Drew said sarcastically.
Fifteen minutes into the game, Wes started becoming majorly competitive, and Drew even joined in. After a long hour of debates over cheating and many appearances of the rule book, Keaton won.
“I won, I won, I won, I won!” Keaton said as he jumped up and down excitedly.
“Congratulations!” I said happily. He was such a cutie.
“You only won because you made up your own rules” Wes demanded.
“I was the one who wanted to play in the first place, do you think I would change the rules!?” Keaton said hurt.
“Uh yeah, because you hate us” Drew said.
“Can you guys not? Okay? Keaton beat you in the card game and you guys beat him in the six pack department” I said, ending the disagreement.
“Exactly! …wait what?” Keaton said innocently.

We were sitting on the floor eating a newly ordered fresh pepporonni pizza playing truth or dare. It was my turn and I selected truth.
“Alright, for your truth, punch, pash or partner, me, Keaton and Wes?” Drew asked.
“I don’t want to punch any of you though!” I said, horrified.
“Relax, you’re a girl and we’re super muscular, so you couldn’t hurt us” Wes said with a smirk.
“I hate you” I said as I playfully hit him.
“Alright… pash Drew and partner Keaton because he’s adorable!”
“Aww!” Keaton said ecstatically as he hugged me.
“Wait, so you’re gonna punch me? What did I do?” Wes said, hurt by my answer.
“You said that I couldn’t hurt you, so, let’s put it to the test” I said, punching him quickly to catch him off guard.
“Didn’t feel a thing”
I punched him a few more times.
“Nope, not one little touch” he said laughing.
“I seriously hate you!” I said, laughing uncontrollably as he hugged me and pulled me into a noogie.

I was skyping with an old friend from back home. The boys had all gone to bed so that they could give me some privacy. When my conversation finished up, I went to the bathroom. I realized that there were no hand towels on the bench top. I couldn’t exactly ask the boys where they were since they were asleep and that’d be rude so I went a head and scoped the cupboard to find them. When I looked in one cupboard, I found a folder titled ‘Songs in progress’. I didn’t want to see the boys work before it was ready but I was way too curious. I started reading the lyrics to a song called “Turn Of Events”. It was really good. I loved Drew’s writing. He was so talented when it came to this. I started humming along to the composition I assumed Keaton organised. This song was bound to be a hit.

Chapter 3 ~

Natalia’s POV

I just HAD to get stuck on this 10 hour flight next to a guy who was nice, and sweet, and friendly, and listened to me even though I had just met him. Not to mention he was super attractive. You have a boyfriend, Natalia, quit it, I mentally chided myself. But this guy was freaking perfect, and I knew it. And I was dying to talk to him more.

“Wes?” I said tentatively. 

He looked over at me, taking his headphones off. “Yeah, Natalia?”

“Um, uh, I…” I stuttered, trying to come up with something to say, anything. Finally, glancing down at his headphones that were now in his lap, I blurted out, “Do you like music?”

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3000 Miles Chapter 3

“Nicole i have to go, if i pass this up we are going to be in this small town forever and thats not what either of us want. I am going because its going to help us get away from here. We always said we would runaway together well now is our chance but i have to do this first.”

“I just always thought we would do this together with me right by your side the whole time.”

“You will be by my side. No not physically but you’ll always be there in my heart which is enough for me.”

“Ok, you just have to give me a chance to get used to this, the only person who has ever really been there for me is leaving me for a month, it just sucks.”

“I know but i promise to be back soon to take care of you again in ways we never thought possible.” He kissed my cheek and just squeezed me to his chest, “Now go put on some jeans and a cute tank top we are going to run somewhere before we go to the party.”

“Ok?” I got up and went to my closet and found a dark pair of bootcut jeans. They were my go to cute comfortable pants. I grabbed a green tank top threw it on and stepped out and said, “Do i have your approval?”

“You had it about three minutes ago.”

“You are so gross.”

“No i’m honest. Lets go.”

We went out to his car and loaded in. He turned on some music and right away our song started playing. We sang along together, me a little quieter than him so i can hear him better. His voice always put me into a trance, “So go make your way through the dreams that you dream. Darling you can take all of the time that you need. You know you’re not alone as you swim through the deep. Like a ship calls through the fog. You won’t hear me ‘till you’re gone.” That was my favorite part of the whole song. I always get really quiet so i can hear him sing it like hes singing it right to me. The song ended and we turned it down just for some extra background noise, “I really love that song.”

“I know you do, you just like listening to me sing it though.”

“So whats wrong with that?”

“Nothing I’m just saying.” He flashed me is award winning smile and i melted right there for him. He had such a power over me.

We pulled up to an empty park, he came around and opened my door for me. I got out and realized which park we were at. “Oh my god this is the park we used to play at as kids! I swear i had heard from someone they were tearing this thing down. Thats why i never come here anymore, i thought it was gone.” I took off in a dead run for the swings. I jumped on the first one i reached and let my childhood flow back into me. “This is the park where my mom met your mom after we moved her from Oregon.”

“Yeah and my mom forced me to play with you since you didnt have any friends.”

“Who wouldve thought it would have brought us to this point?”

“Not me.” He said barely audible. “Lets race. Like we did when we were little.”

“What kind of race? We did a lot of racing.”

“On the swings, whoever can get the highest first. Remember that our goal was to be the first to get ourselves to swing over the top of the castle right there.”

“YES! Lets do it! What does the winner get if they win?”

“Whatever they want but no sexual favors because i know thats what my dirty girl over there wants.” I roll my eyes as him and then we got into the swinging position and then we counted to three together and started pumping our legs to see who could win.

Wes had always beaten me when we were younger. He could always reach the top in about 7 good swings. I didnt have faith in beating him but it felt so good to feel free and feel like i was 6 again. The wind blowing through my hair and the smell of the fresh Washington air. I closed my eyes bringing back all the good things that come with innocence.

Wesley’s voice came interrupted my peace with a very excited shout. I opened my eyes and saw that yet again he beat me. I smiled at him as we both started to slow our swings, “Shocker, Wesley Stromberg beat a girl yet again.”

“You shouldve tired harder.” He jumped off his swing then came and stood in front of mine. I was still going pretty fast and i collided with him. I let go of the swing and crashed the woodchipped ground with him. “How is it that we always end up in the position when we are at the park?”

“I did not mean for it to happen that one time when i fell out of the tree you just happened to be right there. You did save me from a broken arm though.”

“Yeah and i had a huge bruise from you as proof of my rescue.” I stood up and offered him my hand to help pull him up. He didnt take it but he did stand up next to me. “So i win, i get whatever i want.”

“Yes you do just remember that we have a party we need to start heading to here in about 20 minutes and we still need to go back past my place so i can throw on a different shirt.”

“Ok i will think about it in the car. Lets go.” We loaded up again and started driving away. But we didnt go the way we had come. I looked over at him and just gave him a questioning look, “I have to run past my place, dont worry if we are late everyone will think we were having a quickie.”


“Im kidding. Sorry jeeze.”

I roll my eyes at him and roughly sigh at him, “You are such a guy.”

“And you really arent the typical girl.”

“Thanks.” We pulled up to his house and we went inside together. He slipped upstairs and i wondered to the kitchen to see if i could find his mom. She was making some dinner, “Hey Laraine how are you?”

“Oh hi honey I’m doing good. Just making some dinner for myself and Brooke who is coming over in a bit to spend some time with her brothers before they leave.”

“Yeah thats pretty crazy. How are you handling it?”

“I’m excited for them and i know they will be back, its just they are my babies and to see them growing up is hard.”

Wesley came into the room and went over to his mom. He gave her a kiss on the cheek and said, “We all have to grow up mom, but that doesnt mean i wont be your baby forever.”

“Oh Wes get out of here, you are going to make me cry again.”

“Dont worry Laraine i have been doing that all day.”

“Just know that even with Wes gone you are more than welcome here whenever you just need a break from your place.”

“Thanks.” Wes took my hand and led me back towards the living room.

He handed me a hoodie of his, “Here.”

“You arent supposed to give me this until tomorrow.”

“No i have the one you get tomorrow upstairs, this one is for tonight. I won and this is what i want, i want you comfortable tonight while you have to listen to everyone tell me they are so happy for me to be leaving. You deserve some comfort while you are being so strong.”

I slid it over my head and took a deep breath, it had Wesley’s essence all over it. “Thank you.”

He gave me a kiss and said, “Anything for you baby. You know i love you and leaving you is just as hard for me.”

“I know but you will be busy, i only work every other day for 10 hours what am i going to do with my time during the 38 hours of down time?”

“Text me. But we have to go, dont worry if i see its getting too hard we will take off and come back here for our 24 hours of no separation.” He wrapped his fingers around mine and headed for the door, “See ya mom we will be back a little later tonight. Not too late because Brooke will be here dont worry.”

“Just make sure you bring your brother with you when you come back.”

He closed the door without answering her back. He went and opened my door and then went around to his side. He climbed in next to me. I was quick to wind my fingers through his and get close to him. The thought of telling people how excited i was for him to be leaving and how i cant imagine anything better happening for him was making my stomach hurt. I just wish i could walk in there and be like no one talk to me i hate you all. I had to be strong for Wes though, he needed to know that i could be strong the whole time he was gone. I would do it for him, i would do anything for him and he knew that.


Torn Apart (A Keaton Stromberg Fanfic): Chapter 2

[A/N]: Please read this with caution if you have depression or any self harm behaviors. It may be triggering.

Dahlia’s POV

I cried myself to sleep that night, sitting in a plain room designed to keep me void of emotion. I’m sure everyone could hear me, my sobs loud enough to shake and blur my vision. But no one came to comfort me, not a nurse or a doctor or another patient with empathy for my cries. I was more alone in this awful beige room than I was when I had taken those pills.

“Wake up, Dahlia! It’s time for breakfast.” A nurse shook me awake, her overly sweet and false voice making me sick. She was different from the one I had met the night before and her smile was so tightly placed on her face I knew it wasn’t real. She probably didn’t want to be here anymore than I did. A cart laden with vials sat behind her, contents thick with red liquid I recognized as blood. “We just need to draw some blood first, then you can go.” I thought I detected a hint of a southern accent in her voice.

Her gentle touch on my arm did not prepare me for her quick jab of the needle into my arm. Instinct made my muscles tighten, only worsening the pain. I clench my arm tighter, a stupid decision, and hold my breath as I wait for her to remove the thing and step away.

“All done, sweetpea.” Her voice is almost a coo; the kind you use to comfort a crying baby or a wounded animal. “Just exit your room, head straight down the hall to the left and it’s the last door on the right. That’s where to common room is. The other kids should be eating there now.”

I follow her instruction, rubbing at the sore spot in the crook of my arm and pausing midway to throw my hair into a sloppy bun atop my head before continuing on.

I find the room where it was promised to be and open the door. Around a row of randomly assorted tables, ranging in shape and height and color, sit six other teenagers. By my quick count, there are three girls and three guys, not including myself.

My discomfort grows as I don’t notice the boy from the night before and all heads in the room turn towards me. Most looks are friendly, though some seem utterly uninterested.

“Hey, new girl!” I turn my head towards the voice, finding a short blond boy leaning up against the refrigerator in the back of the room and looking at my devilishly. He waves me over, but I stay put, causing a frown to form on his fair skinned face as he takes his seat. “What? Am I not good enough for you or something?!”

I flinch at his harsh ton causing someone behind me to laugh. I turn around, nearly slamming into a familiar face.

“Don’t worry about Ky.” Keaton smiles, nodding towards the blond boy. I take a moment to analyze his face. His jaw is set, as if he’s just gotten into an argument with his parents, and his eyes are red, he’s been crying. “He has rage issues.”

“Shut up, Keaton!” Ky grows, angrily stabbing a plastic fork into the waffles on his plastic plate. Guess the color? Beige.

A slight smile edges at the corner of my lips at their banter. “Are you hungry?” Keaton asks, placing a strong arm around my shoulders.

“No physical contact, Keaton.” A nurse I had realized was in the room calls. I turn to find her in the corner, a newspaper held in front of her face. “You know the rules.”

“Yeah, sorry Rhoda.” He smiles; it’s the kind of smile that you know is forced but still looks nice on someone’s face. “So, anyways, food?”

“I’m not really much of a breakfast eater.” I confess, trying my hardest not to sound as disgusting as I feel; my throat is still raw from last night’s sobs.

He nods. “Okay, then I will just introduce you to the Motley Crew then.”

He pointed to each patient in hand, each of them nodding their head in acknowledgment or raising a hand.

There was Mads, a 17 year old drop out with hallucinations and suicidal thoughts. Her hair was bright pink, slowly fading out at the roots, and she had face skin with a heart shaped face. Her smile seemed almost infectious, and she had the kind of voice that kept you intrigued with her every conversation. She wore a black South Park shirt underneath a pink flannel and yoga pants. None of us are allowed to wear shoes.

Then came Ky, still short and still blond but smiling as he talked to the rest if the group. He may have had anger issues, but I could tell he was a caring person by how genuine his smile is. He wore an oversized motocross sweatshirt with jeans, clutching at his chest every time he laughed. I would late learn that he had a broken sternum from being forced to the ground by an officer at a rehab facility. Ky was a 14 year old drug addict in a gang; a sweet kid who had had the misfortune of getting mixed in with the wrong crowd.

Next was Brandy, who has an overly sweet voice and messy, red pixie haircut. Tall and lanky, she has the body of a model that I envied instantly. She was the only one to introduce herself, waving furiously and flashing me a brilliant smile. Her voice was still sore from having her stomach pumped, but she forced a chipper tone into it anyways. Brandy was a 17 year old burner with carefully hidden scars.

After Brandy came Jacob, who was like Ky in the anger issues department. He had a touch of autism, but you could barely notice it. He was tall, lean but muscular, and had his short blond hair cropped to his head military style. Jacob would later become the second person I saw sedated in this wing. He was just 15, I never found out why they brought him in.

Then was Stew. 17 years old with autism, more noticeable than in Jacob’s case. Stew looked like a giant teddy bear with a black mop on his head, giant but sweet. And as my days there continued on I would find that he was, for the most part, as sweet as could be. Until something happened that he didn’t like. Then he got aggressive. He’s been in the ward for two months prior to my arrival, brought in for breaking his mother’s arm.

Lastly there was Brit, a tiny Asian girl with a huge smile and tiny bob haircut. She was the sweetest girl you would ever meet, endlessly supportive and, seemingly, endlessly happy. She’d been adopted young, from a country I cannot recall, and lived with her new parents here now. She loved them endlessly. Her father had been diagnosed with cancer a few years back, which had led to her hospitalization. Only she wasn’t depressed. Brit suffered from severe rage blackouts, and after an intense conversation with her father about his treatment, she had ended up here and her father had ended up with a broken nose.

“And yeah, that’s about it.” Keaton polished off his speech, sitting down on one of the couches to my left and gesturing for me to do the same. I sat down beside him as everyone filed in and out to place they’re putrid beige trays back onto the breakfast cart.

I stayed silent as people sat in the various couches and chairs around me. This area of the room was carpeted, and the eight of us filled up almost every seat. Stew didn’t join us. The nurse who had been reading her newspaper sat in the front of the room, her back to the shelf along the wall filled with board games and cards and the like. She introduced herself as Rhoda for those who didn’t already know her. “Now, why don’t we go around the room and say who we are, how we’re feeling today, what our goal for today is, and one thing we like to do.” Everyone nodded. “Alright, I’ll start. My name is Rhoda and I am doing well this morning. My goal for today is to have good check ins with my patients for today and one thing I like to do is bake.”

She turned to Jacob, who sat to her left, his knees pulled up to his chest, and waited for him to talk. “Umm, my name is Jacob. I’m okay this morning. My goal for today is to not get any red flags and one thing I like to do is watch movies.”

Everyone nodded, turning their attention to Brit, who sat beside him. “My name is Brit!” Her voice was cheery, a smile set naturally on her face, and she waved to each of us in turn. “I’m feeling… good today. My goal is to practice some of my deep breathing skills, and one thing I like to do is draw.”

We went around like this for a while. Brandy was doing amazing, her goal was to go home soon, and she liked to buy wigs (a long story I wouldn’t learn of until later). Ky has been better, grumpy today. His goal was to not flip out on anyone, and he liked animals. Lastly before Keaton was Mads. She was doing well and her goal was just to have good day, which Rhoda gladly accepted. Mads liked to draw.

 “Keaton?” Rhoda asked expectantly.

All faces turned to the tan boy beside me, mine included. I was stunned to find his friendly smile gone, replaced with a look of intense sadness. “What do you want me to say?” He mutters, biting his lip slightly. “They all know my name.”

“Then why don’t you tell us how you are today?”

“The same as yesterday.” He snorts. “I suck.”

“Now Keaton-” I can tell Rhoda wants a better answer, but she gives up midsentence, realizing quickly that he won’t give one. She takes a deep breath, letting it out in a heavy sigh. “At least give us a goal for today and something positive that you enjoy.”

“Fine.” He grumbles, forcing his earlier smile and looking around the room at the group. “My name is Keaton and I’m doing great today! My goal is to be less depressing and I like making music.” The festivity in his voice clearly forced, I nearly chuckled, causing a glare from Rhoda.

 “Alright, honey.” Her tone is soft when she speaks to me, making me believe the stern glare is just an offset of her face. “Why don’t you introduce yourself, and since you’re new, tell everyone why you’re here.”

A lump forms in my throat as their faces turn towards me. “My name is Dahlia..” I whisper, biting my lip as I force back tears. I turn towards Keaton, hoping he will lend me one of his forced smiles, but he just nods sadly for me to continue. “And I – I am here because… Because I tried to kill myself two nights ago.”

Chapter 2

Kate glanced down at Keaton’s number in her hand. She was still a big starstruck from what happened that morning.

After she called as cab and ridden home, Kate debated whether or not to call him.

“He must have so many girl all over him though. I’m honestly a nobody…” She thought.

“Well, it wouldn’t hurt to at least try,” she assured herself.

With a heavy sigh, Kate struggled to decided what to do.

As she collapsed in her bed, Kate stared at the bar ceiling. Thoughts were swarming in her head.

“To call or not to call. That is the question,” Kate whispered.

“Kathleen,” a weak voice called from the other room, “is that you?”

“Yes, daddy,” Kate replied jumping off the couch.

“Can you come over here for a second?” he asked.

“Right away, daddy,” she said scrambling to her feet.

When she entered her dad’s room, he was huddled in a giant stack of blankets.

“How are you, daddy?” She asked comfortingly.

“I’m alright,” he said with a sad look in his eyes.

Kate stared at her father. Her father who was once so strong was now a writhing, aging, cancer-stricken man who couldn’t go to the bathroom without help anymore.

“Daddy, maybe we should call Dr. Houston. You aren’t looking very well,” Kate suggested.

“No, I’m fine. I don’t need a doctor,” her father firmly said.

If there was anything that remains intact from the deadly disease, it was her father’s stubbornness, pride, and determination. He wouldn’t let cancer get in his way. At least not anytime soon.

After talking to her dad for a bit and giving him his daily medicine, Kate wandered back to her room, still internally debating whether or not to call.

She sat on her bed, trying to decide what to do.

Looking at the digital clock in her room, it was already 10:58.

“It’s getting late” she thought to herself, “it’s now of never.”

Nervously dialing his number, Kate put her phone to her ear.

“Hi you reached Keaton. Please leave a message after the meow.

Dejected, Kate sighed and crawled underneath her covers.

"Silly girl,” she thought, “someone like him would never love someone like me. I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up.”

As she set her phone on silent to sleep, Keaton desperately tried calling her back, but to no success.

Sorry, this chapter was so much shorter…and kinda boring. Don’t worry, it will start picking up really soon :)

Some Call It Destiny: Chapter 9

previous chapters

I started reading the lyrics to a song called “Turn Of Events”. It was really good. I loved Drew’s writing. He was so talented when it came to this. I started humming along to the composition I assumed Keaton organised. This song was bound to be a hit.

No wonder the boys were adamant that they had to go to bed early yesterday. We were up bright and early at 6 am to head off to the studio. It was a rewarding life being a musician but it took a lot of commitment  Then again, if I had the choice, i’d even sell a limb to be a musician.

I stayed in the control room with the producers most of the time because the boys were busy in the booth for recording. At times, Keaton would come outside and chat with me because he had the least to do. Besides, he loved being in the control booth, playing around with the different sounds and distortions. After all, he said if he wasn’t a musician, he would be an audio engineer.

They were finishing off one of their new songs they entitled “Wannabe” and it was amazing. Keaton’s vocal accents were so cool, Drew’s raps were even better than that of the first album and Wesley’s voice was beyond compare as always. Listening to their raw talent through the headphones was the coolest thing ever. The vocal clarity and the rattle of the instruments were sweet sounds to my ear drums.

They were finally on a break and I was playing around with some effects in the controlling room when Wes came out from behind me and spun my chair around to face him quickly which made me gasp and then come out in fits of laughter that made him smile.
“So, what do you think so far?” He inquired.
“Oh my God, is that a question? This album is gonna be AMAZING! You all sound incredible” I exclaimed excitedly.
“What about me?” He said with a cheeky grin.
“What about you? I think Drew and Keaton totally outshone you” I played with a coy smile.
He gasped jokingly.
“I’m joking. You were perfection, as always”
He smiled as he looked at me, as if he was conjuring up some sort of plan. I gave him a questioning look which made him snap out of his thoughts.
“Come on” he encouraged and he pulled me into the recording booth.
“Okay, I don’t know what you’re planning, but oh my God!!” I squealed as I looked at all the recording equipment. This was so cool!
Wes laughed at my unfamiliarity and first time excitement.
“Okay, come ‘ere” he said, as he came up to me, grabbing hold of my shoulders and motioning me towards the microphone. He put the over sized headphones on me. 
“Sing something” he spoke with a sweetness in his tone.
“Like what?”
I looked around the room for inspiration, but nothing came to me.
“Sing the first thing that comes into your mind” He said as he stood back and waited for me to sing.
All that I could think of was the song that I stumbled upon in their cupboard called Turn Of Events. Oh well, I might as well do as he said and sing it - since it was the first song I thought of, of course.
As I began to sing it, Wes was observant, loving every vocal run I did and admiring me. I felt amazing. As the song continued into the third or forth line, he became worried. Shocked - as if he’d seen a ghost or heard something he didn’t want to hear. Before I knew it, he burst out of the studio.
“Wes!” I shouted, throwing my headphones off of me and following him out the room in an awkward walk-run. He had stormed outside. Keaton was looking out the window at him helplessly. Wes was walking up and down with his hands together behind his head nervously and he seemed to be angry at himself. I tried to go outside but Drew stopped me.
“Drew, what did I do?” I said, honestly confused as to what the hell I had done by doing what he said. Before he could answer, I continued.
“I’m sorry if I ruined the surprise. I’m sorry that I exposed your new song” I said, throwing my hands in the air.
“Wait, my new song?” Drew asked.
“Well yeah, you write the songs” I said in a condescending tone.
“Uh” Drew laughed “That isn’t one of mine, it’s one of Wes’”
“Wait” My head tilted “Wes wrote ”Turn Of Events“?”
Drew nodded awkwardly. 
“He obviously doesn’t want the world to know about his talent yet” I said, assuming I knew why I had upset him.
“Wow, you’re oblivious” Drew cackled.
“Nothing” Drew said, shaking his head as he went over to Keaton.
Okay, nothing was making sense now. I had to go to the root of the problem. The writer of this almost-controversial song. Wesley. I stormed outside and Wes looked annoyed when he saw me. 
“Wes, just stop okay. Hear me out. You can’t just tell me to sing whatever I want and then storm out when I do!”
“No, hear me out, you can’t just waltz into the studio and sing my song! Like, how did you even find it? Did Drew show it to you so he could make a huge joke out of my feelings?”
“No! I just stumbled upon it. I thought Drew wrote it, okay? Why should you be embarrassed just because you’re a good writer? It’s nothing to be ashamed of!” I said, finally calming down as I went over to him and rested my hand on his shoulder. He laughed, amused by my answer.
“You think I’m embarrassed to be a good writer? You think I freaked out over that?”
I nodded slightly.
“God! I thought you were smart, Gabby” He said with an animated smile.
“I’m sorry, I’m not a mind reader, Wes. Help me the hell out 'cause right now I feel like you’re all laughing at my guesses, and I don’t appreciate being a laughing stock” I said annoyed.
“Think about it. What do you think I’m so afraid of?” Wes said.
I gave it a while.
“Nope, nothing comes to mind. Besides, this isn’t some children’s show where the character asks the viewers questions. I’m coming to you, asking you, to answer my damn question” I said, becoming frustrated and impatient.
Wes looked at me for a moment and looked away, shaking his head at this whole thing.
“Fine, wanna know why I’m so afraid?” He humored as he came closer to me.
“No shit. I feel like this is the countdown to New Years, like, just answer the question and quit with the anticipation already” I said irritated.
He laughed.
“Alright fine, I wrote the song about you” He finally coughed out. He started to laugh at himself as the blood rushed to his cheeks.
“Happy now?” He smiled shyly as he walked back inside, leaving me outside to absorb this …interesting information.

Chapter 14 ~

Natalia’s POV

“I’m a little nervous,” Wesley admitted, adjusting his snapback in the mirror. He was getting ready for another one of their concerts. We had made it to the next location on their tour the night before, and the boys were now getting ready to head to the venue and go onstage. This would be their first concert I would be attending. I was laying on Wesley’s hotel room bed, watching him.

“THE Wesley Stromberg, nervous?” I joked, rising from the bed and stepping in between him and the mirror to wrap my arms around him and rest my chin on  his chest so I could look up at him.

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Chances and changes- Chapter 2

a/n this chapter isnt very eventful and is short so I’m posting three right after:)

“woah there!” he said. “So you definitely going tonight?" 

"When’s the last time I denied a party invite?” I joked.

“haha, alright, it’s gonna be rad!” He replied and then walked back into his room.

I walked to the end of the hall where my room was and took a quick shower. When I was done I Wrapped my hair in a towel, did my make-up and found my way to the closet.

“No chance in hell.” I mumbled to myself looking at my closet overwhelmed.

I managed to get my top two choices of outfits. I took them both and made my say to Keaton’s room. 

“Admit you need my styling expertise.” Keaton said as i knocked on the door.

“Keaton, I need you’re fashion expertise.” I rolled my eyes as he opened his door. Drew was also in there at the time.

“This is a hot look an all, but i think clothes would be good.” Drew commented.

“shut it, I need help.” I threw both outfits on the bed and they both stared at them like the clueless boys they were. 

“Impressing Wes, huh?” Drew said.

Keaton laughed, “See everyone knows, Jul." 

"Can both of you stop and just help me.” I said blushing.

They both picked the first outfit easily and I made my way back to my room and changed into a galaxy cropped top, a pair of bootie heels and of course high waist shorts. 

I finished getting ready and curling my hair by 8:55, just in time to leave.

Chapter 15 ~

Natalia’s POV

I had woken up significantly earlier than the rest of the boys the next morning and, not being able to go back to sleep, had decided to take a walk down to the hotel’s restaurant and get breakfast. Throwing on some sweats and gathering my hair into a bun at the nape of my neck, I quickly slipped out of the hotel room and shuffled down the hallway, the cool air instantly slapping my bare arms. I made my way down to the hotel restaurant, spotting Emblem 3’s team and management all gathered around one table, their backs to me. I figured I could sit with them instead of alone, beginning to walk towards them. But as I got closer, I began to pick up snippets of their conversation that made me stop dead in my tracks.

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Keaton And Melanie Part 6

The lights in the room were killing my head. Every time i woke up, after the sedative they had to give me every six hours, the lights would just be blaring down on my eyes making my head feel like it would explode. I squeezed them shut and then eased them open again. The room was empty which was new for me, i never woke up alone, Drew wouldnt ever leave for that long.

I sat up in my bed looking around to see if anything had changed. I heard some foot steps approach my room and a head peak in a little. “Oh hey i wasnt sure if you were awake and i didnt want to scare you if you were just starting to wake up.” Wesley said entering the room.

“No i am just getting up but i was surprised to see Drew wasnt here.”

“The doctor sent him home, i guess he didnt sleep at all last night and this morning he could barely keep his eyes open. So i told him i would watch over you and get some practice and advice from the doctors on proper ways to help you. By the way Drew said last night he thought he could see you having a nightmare and then you ripped at your stitches in your arm and tore a couple. You didnt tear the main ones but they had to put new ones in. So healing is being delayed again.”

“Damn i was hoping to get out of here soon.”

“You will, you have to meet with the hospital therapist and then we all have to learn the proper care techniques for your wrist and then you will be able to go.”

“Sweet lets get the meeting with the therapist set up.”

I pressed the call button on my bed and a nurses voice came through, “What can i do for you Ms. Chadwick?”

“I was just hoping to talk to my doctor about seeing the therapist.”

“Ok i will send him right in.”

About five minutes later the doctor comes in, “The nurse says you are ready for a therapy meeting.”

“Yes, and the sooner the better i just dont want to lose my confidence and back out.”

“He has time in about ten minutes if you would like that slot.”

“Perfect. Do you guys have something i can change into so im not in this weird gown?”

“Oh yeah Drew packed you some stuff so you would be comfortable.” Wesley hands you a bag from next to his chair.

“Great, get changed and i will have a nurse come down here and take you to your meeting.”

I sat up more in bed and pulled the sweats out of the bag. I slid them on in the bed still covered so Wes wouldnt get a full show. i. I slid the blanket off so i could tie the string on my sweats. I reached around and grabbed the back of my gown and the bag and went to the bathroom. I closed the door behind me and pulled the rest of the clothes out of the bag. I slipped the gown off and carefully slid into the sports bra and shirt Drew packed for me. I turned and looked in the mirror and saw how horrible i truly looked. My hair was a mess and i had big black rings around my eyes. My face was drained of color and my lips were really chapped. How long have i looked like i belonged in a horror movie? There was brush on the counter with a hair tie next to it. I pulled the brush through and tied it back which helped bring shape back to my face.

I went back to the room where a nurse was patiently waiting, “Are you ready honey?”


“How are you feeling on your feet? Sometimes the sedative makes it really hard to keep your balance.”

“I’m good really.”

“Ok lets go then. Its not far from here just a few left turns. She will be back in about 30 minutes.” The nurse looks over to Wes.

“Thats cool take your time, make sure what needs to be said is said.” He gives me a ‘you can do it’ smile.

We walk down the hall and my anxiety kicks in. I was so scared that he would tell me i was forever doomed to be screwed up and that my best bet at life would be to become a vegetable.

We enter his office and the therapist stands, “Melanie welcome. Have a seat.” He nods to the nurse who turns and leaves. “How are you feeling today?”

“I’m still really tired but better i guess.”

“So your doctor said you requested this appointment. Did you just ask for it so you could get out of this place sooner or are you honestly ready to start the process to fixing your problem?”

“I’m ready to figure out whats wrong. I want to know why i turn to the extremes that i do instead of just being able to just tell someone i am struggling.”

“We will address that in time but for now i need to know about you and your history. This is usually one of the harder meetings because you have to dig deep into the past and bring up things you had buried away, are you ready for that?”

“I think so.”

“Ok then lets start. Tell me about your family.”

“My mom died of cancer when i was 13 but she was diagnosed back when i was 9. So i had to watch her suffer for 4 years. My dad was in and out for a lot of it and i was expected to take care of my mom while maintaining school. But when she died my dad told me it was my fault. He put the blame on me. Well for the last year of her life thats when i found the relief i got from cutting. It helped until she got worse then i needed it more because i knew i was losing my mom. But when i was 16 my dad finally told me i had a brother and thats when i met Drew. When i was 17 my dad bailed on me. I was put into a foster care after my high school teacher found out and then Drew took over as my temporary guardian until i turned 18. Through it all i kept going back to my blade because it seemed to be the only thing that stuck by my side. Well then i met this guy and he really changed my perspective on things. He showed me a light i forgot i had in myself. He really brought me back around. But because of my dad i was really scared to tell him how i felt. The other night we all went out and and the guy i like his friend kissed my cheek and he saw it and then the tabloids blew it up. It was so much bigger than it actually was. Well Drew blamed me for it which brought back my dad’s blame and the look on Keaton’s face of pure disappointment was enough to feel like i had lost him forever which brought back the loss of my mom and everything else. Well then i got in a fight with Drew and gave myself so much anxiety i needed relief but i tried to fight it. I tried to lay back down and go back to sleep and all i had was people yelling at me, people i didnt even know telling me how much they hated me. I got on a social media site and read what people were saying about me. Not intentionally i was hoping just to find random tweets and funny cat pictures but all i found was more hate. Well this one girl said i was a bitch and that Drew deserved a better sister and that i should kill myself. Well i thought since i couldnt do anything right in their eyes i would finally do something that they asked me to do.” I just laid it all out there for him. It was his job to sort through that information and figure it out.

“That is a lot to deal with before you were even an adult. I know it had to have been tough, especially when that was the time in your life you do the most emotional growing to shape your adulthood. Do you blame all these people for your suicide attempt?”

“No of course not, its completely my fault, i chose to pick up my blade, i chose to run it over my wrist. That was all me.”

“That is great Melanie, that you are able to know that you are to blame. I know that sounds harsh but most people point fingers because they cant admit that they were wrong. I am so happy you can take ownership for your mistake.” The phone on his desk starts ringing, “Hello…yes…im with a patient can it wait…ok on my way. Well Melanie today was great and I’m sorry to cut it short but there is another patient i need to take care of and from the looks i think you are headed in the right direction. I am going to write a couple prescriptions for you, one is an anti-anxiety and is only meant to be taken if you are feeling overwhelmed. The other is an anti-depressant that is to be taken everyday and if it makes you feel more down or more like you were yesterday stop taking it and give me a call.” He hands me the two papers and a card with his number on it.

“Thanks i will remember all of that.”

“Other than that i will walk with you back to your room but i think you are ready to go home tomorrow after the nurses teach you how to take care of that cut. Are you ready to go home tomorrow?”

“Oh yes, i am so ready.” The doctor and i walk out of his office and down the hall to my room. He pats my shoulder and goes the other direction to get to his other patient. I get into my room to find Drew is back but Keaton and Tyler have also joined the group. “Oh hey guys great to see you all.”