E3 2014


A greatly dramatized version of Ubisoft’s super-fun development choices.

It’s 2014, y’all. I can create robot ladies in Destiny. You can wear both genders’ clothing in the Saints Row games. Y’all had playable female characters in your multiplayer and you’re telling me now it’s too much work? For the protagonist of your story? On your dev team of several hundreds of people with nine studios working on it?

Ok. Sure, man.


CUPHEAD [E3 2014]

Quite possibly the most visually interesting looking gaming shown so far today, Cuphead is a run-and-gun shooter with a 1930’s cartoon art style reminiscent of such classics as Felix the Cat, Popeye, and Betty Boop. The game is being developed by StudioMDHR for Xbox One and Steam. All the art is hand drawn, all the music is original jazz recordings, and it even has co-op.

Check out the Cuphead E3 2014 trailer below.