The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - New Info
  • The game begins with Link opening his eyes.
  • While in the past they have used magic and other means to explore the environment, Breath of the Wild introduces technology.
  • Link can jump freely.
  • You are free to play with minimal clothes on, if you wish.
  • Link can climb/scale mountains, trees and walls, as long as stamina allows.
  • There are Korok placed randomly throughout the world of Breath of the Wild.
  • You can gather crops such as mushrooms and apples that are placed throughout the world and eat them to regain health. There are no more “hearts in the grass, just eating”.
  • When you collect the axe, you will be able to chop down trees to grab fruit which may be too tall to simply climb.
  • The weapons and shields Link collects early-game are not as durable as the Master Sword or Shield and will break as he uses them.
  • The Hyrule you are spawned in is in ruins and hints as to what happened are placed throughout the game so that you may build a story at your own pace.
  • “We wanted to use the art style and match it to the functions of this game.”
  • “There are 100 ways to play this game if there are 100 players playing it, so we wanted to make each experience different for each person.”
  • You can use a scope on the Slate (basically the game’s binoculars) to mark a destination you would like to go and it will then mark it on your mini map.
  • This game introduces hunting, but you can play and survive the entire game WITHOUT killing animals.
  • You can blow up rocks for minerals and gems, such as Topaz.
  • The enemy AI react to the world. If it is night, they will most likely be asleep, allowing you to sneak into their camp, steal their weapons and treasures, and leave without being noticed.
  • If you are not wearing proper clothing or warming yourself when you walk into colder zones, Link will start shivering. He will also lose health over time.
  • You can snowboard on your shield. Let me repeat that: you can snowboard on your shield.
  • When you attack a Bokoblin skeleton, you can pick up their own skeletal arm and beat them up with it.

CONFIRMED: Ryder’s name comes from Sally Ride, the first American woman in space!

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Just a quick summary of what we got today for those who missed it! This is just going to cover the big stuff, feel free to dig up the video if you want all the details, which you can do over here. An abridged version of the highlights can be found here, along with some new info!

 - Firstly, we got a look at 3 new Pokemon!

Yungoos clearly has a new ability called Stakeout, and since it was the 2nd Pokemon found overall (the first was Ledyba), we can assume it to be the Alola Rattata. Stakeout allows Yungoos to do double the damage to any Pokemon that enters the field mid-battle (via switching in and so on). 

Pikipek was teased early on, but finally shown today! It has Skill Link as an ability, so it will make good use of Fury Attack, and most likely another new move (just my guess), since it doesn’t make good use of any of the current useful multi hit moves (Tail Slap, Icicle Spear, etc.). Probably some kind of rapid pecking move. Anyways, via a new mechanic that shows how many evolutionary relatives a Pokemon has upon capture, we know that Pikipek has 3 evolutions, solidifying its place as Alola’s Pidgey!

Grubbin was not shown in the gameplay, but rather in a video afterward, so all we know about it is that it can learn String Shot, and is probably this region’s Caterpie. 

 - Secondly, the first game footage of Magearna was shown, which reveals its signature move and ability in action!

Soul Heart increases the Pokemon’s Special Attack by one stage whenever another Pokemon faints, while Fleur Cannon appears to be a Fairy type move!

 - Thirdly, Solgaleo and Lunala are known to have slightly alternate forms:

However now much is known about what exactly these forms do, other than that they seem to occur when the two use their signature moves. Perhaps change types temporarily to give Solgaleo its Fire typing? Which I guess would make it a triple type… or maybe its Psychic typing is replaced with Fire? Or, they could just be for aesthetic purposes like Xerneas’s “forms”.

- Fourthly, a new multiplayer mode was announced called Battle Royale!

4 players can use up to 3 Pokemon in a Free-For-All battle (yes, anyone can attack anyone!), which continues until one trainer loses all 3 of their Pokemon. KO counts and remaining Pokemon counts are used to tally up the winner of the bout. You can also look at the new interface!

 - And finally, some miscellaneous information gleaned from the gameplay:

Popplio learns Disarming Voice, a unique little Fairy type move from Gen 6, by level up, which suggests its final form could indeed be Water/Fairy as many speculate. Not too many non Fairy types learn this move, and the ones that do are things like Audino and Altaria (who Mega Evolve into Fairy types), Pichu and Skitty (whose Evolutionary lines are in the Fairy Egg Group), and Milotic (who, while not Fairy type, has the kind of appearance that is in line with them). There are ones (specifically Espurr and the Ele-monkeys) that are not related to Fairies, but they are obviously a minority.

The gameplay window lets you check stat changes to a Pokemon, both yours and the opponent’s! Here, for example, Popplio was hit with Growl twice and Tail Whip twice!

You can check a move’s power, description, accuracy, and so on at any time during a battle by pressing L+A!

And last but DEFINITELY not least:

The different trainers are wearing different outfits (which was pointed out), meaning that trainer outfit customization is back, as confirmed by Masuda himself onstage!

That’s all the major stuff for now, feel free to add anything you think I missed!