One of my favorite things about our fandom is how when the guys introduce themselves “we are super juni-oeo” we do it back like “we are elf-oeo” and I think thats beautiful and I love us.

Happy elf day you guys, I love each and every single one of you, thanks for being here ever lasting friends.


Keep on dreaming!

Everyone is allowed to have dreams and fantasies.
Just because something turns out to be impossible or not true, doesn’t mean you have to stop dreaming about it!
Don’t let anyone tell you to stop if it’s your passion, your sanctuary, your love!
You are allowed to do so if it makes you happy!
So keep on dreaming and don’t lose faith!

- with much love of a little dot in the Sapphire Blue Ocean <3

gifs ©jiji

“Undoubtedly the source of many a sailor myth. Whom we now call Aquatic Elves (or incorporate into the much looser catchall term, Merfolk) are the descendants of those who chose not to pick a side in the great civil war of their species. Instead opting to flee to otherwise ignored locations. E.L.Fs, being masters of biological engineering, were already well acquainted with techniques to modify their bodies and so took on a form well suited for their current environment.

For these Elves the civil war never really ended. Not out of ignorance due to isolation but because of the divisions still obviously present. The throne stands split between the High Elves and Wood Elves. Not to mention all the Dark Elves plotting revenge in their prison dimension. Best sit tight till everyone sorts this out.”

Another E.L.F piece by @amaet. Aquatic Elves are, of course, probably the most visually distinguishable sub-species. Key take aways:  their pseudo-fin hair which strikes a balance between said concepts. Their facial markings obviously reflect their surroundings and for the cranial object: pearls!

  • Good ELFs:
  • - Shipping WonKyu
  • - Shipping EunHae
  • - Supporting SaMin
  • - OT15
  • Bad ELFs:
  • - Shipping WonKyu and attacking Liu Wen whenever she's with Siwon because apparently she's not allowed to be near him
  • - Shipping EunHae and hating EunSiHae because Siwon apparently isn't allowed to be with them
  • - Not supporing SaMin. This doesn't even need an explanation. Like, just... Stop.
  • - OT13/OT11