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Do you have any riddler headcanons?

-The Riddler is actually a really good artist, but he’s never sat down and drawn long enough to realize it. (Which is probably a good thing) All of his plans and ideas that he writes down are covered in messy, absent minded sketches.

-He is amazing at drawing question marks. Practice makes perfect I guess.

-When Edward is in plain clothes, he always looks nice. He’s very concerned with his appearance, and makes sure he always looks fabulous. He rocks a casual button down quite wonderfully.

-While he cares so much about outwards appearances, he couldn’t care less about what people can’t see. He eats like crap (when he remembers) and sleep and self care are nearly non existent.

-Once in a blue moon, when Edward actually sleeps in an actual bed, he sleeps in the fetal position. On his side, spine curved, his head almost between his knees. Elbows are tucked in, with his hands under his chin.

-In most situations though, he’s curled up on the floor (or table, chair, whatever he passed out on)

-When Edward can’t focus for one reason or another, he does the crossword in the newspaper. It calms him down and helps him think properly.

-Ed’s ridiculously specific about the shade of violet he wears. He loves all green, and will wear any shade, but the shade of violet he wears is different from the one the joker wears. He’s checked. It’s not a big difference, but it’s big to him. After all, he doesn’t want to be associated with that clown.

-At one point in time, because The Riddler is a dramatic child, when getting arrested by Batman he refused to move. Batman put the handcuffs on him and Eddie just went limp. Like jello. And Batman tries everything to get him to move or use his legs in anyway and he won’t because it wasn’t fair you didn’t play the game anyone can use brute strength I thought you were above that batman. And Bruce gets fed up and just picks up Riddler, throws him over his shoulder and takes him to Arkham.

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Hi! I don't remember if I asked you or not, but do you have any recommendations for good or important Riddler comics? I'd like to read some more comics about him. :)

Okay, Imma preface this with a disclaimer: I have not read all the Riddler comics, nor am I even trying to, because it’s not like they’re generating a huge amount of Riddler content to be devoured.  So I’ve read a lot, but not all of them.

The Arkham: Riddler compilation has a few good ones, notably

  • Brave and the Bold #183, “The Death of Batman” - Shows how far he’ll go to get the answer to a riddle.
  • Batman #362, “When Riddled by the Riddler…” - I just really like the pictures in this one, it has my second-favourite cover.
  • Detective Comics #822, “E. Nigma, Consulting Detective” - The first story where he’s a PI, I think; anything with PI Riddler is awesome
  • Detective Comics #837, “Honour Among Thieves” - PI Riddler again
  • Joker’s Asylum II: The Riddler #1, “The House the Cards Built” - A lot of people don’t like this one, because on the one hand it seems a little OOC; however, I like it because it again shows how far he’ll go to get the answer he’s looking for.  He basically is willing to become the perfect man, and he will spend years doing it.  It’s both fascinating and sad.
  • Batman The New 52 #23.2, “Solitaire” - It really demonstrates some of the sadness of being a supervillain.

There’s also:

Legends of the Dark Knight Chapters 77-79, “Herded Limits’ - It asks if the Riddler is really crazy, or if he’s just even smarter than he says he is.

Gotham City Sirens #1, 3, 8, 9, 10 - There’s a few arcs there, all the issues are collected in two volumes and he’s just in the first book, but those’re the issues he appears in.  Issues 9 and 10 are a story called ‘Pieces of the Puzzle’ and it gets very sad for the Riddler at the end.

Batman #452-454, “Dark Knight, Dark City” - If you want to feel sorry for Ed, that’s a good one to read.

Detective Comics #828, “Shark Bite” - PI Riddler, is it sad at the end?  It sure can be.  Anything with PI Riddler is good, or anything Riddler by Paul Dini, except for Batman #697-698.  That is not a good story.  But Riddler by Paul Dini is generally a win.

Batman: Arkham City #5 has one of my fave pictures of the Riddler ever in it; he’s not really IN the story, but that’s a really good picture.  A story that goes with that is Batman: Arkham City Digital Chapter #3: “Riddle Me”, which is good merely because it shows him WALKING into Arkham City of his own free will.  The art isn’t that good though.

Batman ‘66 #1: “The Riddler’s Ruse“ just has some AMAZING expressions in it. 

Batman #608 - 619, which is otherwise known as Hush; he only appears in two issues (#615 and #619) but of course it won’t make sense if you don’t read the whole thing.

Detective Comics 1995 Annual #8: Questions Multiply the Mystery: This is one I own but haven’t read yet; it’s one of the only, if not the only, real Riddler origin stories (unlike other people like Scarecrow, for instance, who has at least three that I can think of off the top of my head)

There’s also Batman: The New 52 #21-33, “Zero Year - Secret City and Dark City” (There is a book called Zero Year, but it is more the Joker’s origin and I don’t think the Riddler is in it); I don’t personally recommend this story - I don’t really like it - other than the parts in the first book where he isn’t the Riddler yet.  You might like it, you might not, but it never screamed Riddler to me.  About the best thing this series did for me is bring the red hair back.

He also has a place in two issues of The Long Halloween, which I mention because that story is popular, but I don’t like them.

There is also a book - not a comic, a book - which is a prequel to Arkham Knight, The Riddler’s Gambit.  It’s very good.

I hope that helps!

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I don't know if you watch Gotham but...I'm watching season 2 and I'm hating how they're treating Oswald. I friggin hate it.

Hello Gorgeous!!!

I honestly stop watching Gotham at let me see…. Oh! I watched all season 2 but not 3.

About Oswald, it gets better for him, no worries. 
Yes it was kind of weird watching him being the actual Goose at first half of the season, but I believe they needed the gourd to cement his intentional madness, because he uses craziness to his favor as a way of compensate his height and overall self-loathing.
But you’ll see till the end of the season everything will turn to his favor, he is right now the only character that I recognize from the comics, him and E. Nigma are the only descent ground to justify the idea of The Gotham that eventually Batman will protect.

 Now my theory.

(You don’t ask for it , but is on the Asking agreement. I hope you Ship Destiel as hard as me)

The main theory and grounds for assure us that Cas will be back is of course the Nephilim, because he is in fact an Archangel and as Cas mentioned literally: “It’s A human Archangel Hybrid, that power is beyond comprehension”

So what if the obvious happens and Jack heals Cas the same night just a couple of hours after Sam and Dean put on him some clothes. And a welcome pointing guns and knives, then blah blah… then they will talk, and eventually come to an agreement: Let’s bring back Cas!!

My head canon will be always that he eventually evolves into an Archangel, this could be an excellent opportunity, just saying.

But let’s focus on this giant toddler whom may have an entire conscience or a purpose of course and that purpose or “Eden” that showed to Cas was to put in order “The Other Side”. So as a favor he ask Cas to come with him to help him to achieve this.

Yes another separation.

Jack tells the boys: I´m going away with my foster Parent to start a revolution. No, you can’t go with us.

Of course Dean and Sam will freak out but while opposing this whole plan, they will demand that Jack brings him back Mary too,

Yet another kinda/sort of agreement happens and all together go to the place where Jack is able to open the crack again and 


A bunch of creatures from “The Other Side” world escape to our world, or “their world” and even if they planned to go with Cas to search for Mary and try to help. They have to trap all this creatures that are now free “over here” and they will agree for Cas to go with Jack and finds Mary.

So far so good, don’t you think?

But what if we add an extra angel whom escaped from the crack, named Castiel the slayer, yes…

Our Cas will be over there, we will know he is “safe” with Mary Jack and the other Bobby starting the revolution.

But we will meet the darkest and more sadistic version of our angel for a while, oh yes I´m thinking on Casifer with steroids, but I imagine him like and Endverse!Cas that is On crack and cocaine and loathes the human race, exactly opposed to our Cas.

So the boys will have, at first, an unwilling addition to Team Free Will but I believe it will be beautiful to see a dynamic where the boys save his life or something and then they will start to change him like they do with our Cas.

I know that is kind of silly to think could happened on a season, but this Castiel doesn’t have the issues that our Cas had. He owns free will, because he never served anything else than himself, so it will be more that wonderful to see how this Cas is our Cas from Season 4, all powerful stuck-up dick angel of the lord. And how Dean and Sam change him and make him part of Team Free Will for a while.

The plus of course will be Destiel 2 kind of confusing for both of them but funny for us. No worries Dean doesn’t change his feelings for our Cas because he will hate this “Other Cas”, but maybe this other Castiel will love him is another head canon very fluffy you can read it Here if you want.

And the best part of that Destiel 2 will be how the universe is confirming that “this two” belong together in any Multiverse and the Cosmos surrounding them will do anything to bring them together.

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What a season, what a season.  Something old, something new…hm.  So full of stories to tell, memories that were shared, riddles to be spun and yarns to be pulled taut to bring our machinations to fruitful ends.  And somehow I found myself spinning, spinning all over with you fine folks across a multiversal trip that confounds and amazes.  It might even boggle, if that’s your thing!

Still, it’s been one wild ride, hasn’t it viewers?  Harleen, Selena, one Joseph Kerr, the daughter of a revolutionary and even my very own little impersonator!  I’d like to remind you all that it really is the highest form of flattery, even if no one can quite leap and bound across that chasm.  Just the teensiest bit too far, I’m afraid.  That said, this is your pay-off, the magnificent scrap I leave in your care to twiddle your thumbs with but one question on your mind: what is that marvelous mind up to?

You’ll just have to wait and find out, won’t you?

(Credit to the SCNS Live Crew, the immaculate Enasni Volz as Harley Quinn, jamesthegeneralist as The Joker, Monk as the Mini-Riddler, and several other friends who’ve been with me throughout this sojourn!)

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i love PI riddler and i need more of it in my life but i have trouble finding it. do you have any recommendations for both comics and fan works?? until dc gives me a PI riddler comic series i will not be satisfied; i need to tide myself over until then

The only PI Riddler fanfics I know of are here by @lfthinker.  Anything else I cannot personally vouch for the quality of.

As for PI Riddler comics there’s Gotham City Sirens #1, 3, 8, 9, 10, all collected in Gotham City Sirens Volume 1

Detective Comics #828, “Shark Bite”

Detective Comics #822, “E. Nigma, Consulting Detective”

Detective Comics #837, “Honour Among Thieves”

There’s the series Gotham City Underground, which I do not have so I cannot tell you the issue numbers he appears in and it has been a long time since I read it

Those are the ones I remember/have.  I know they cut him off as a PI at about Batman #699

Sorry this isn’t more specific but I can only be specific about the ones I own aha.  Anyone who can add onto this should do so.


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Showcase of the playable RIDDLE in “Batman: Arkham Knight”, achieved by mesh-swapping, with the codes found by “Batman Arkham Videos” in interface created by Tchi6. Made over Azrael!