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The brothers E Dot and alpha go ballistic on this one from E Dot’s forthcoming ‘Inside My Backpack 2’.



E Dot and alpha are working on a project that will include a few remixes and some new stuff. The Tornado Alley has been very busy, looks to be a hot summer. 

Ok, friends, the original version of ‘Phresh And Fly’ appears on E Dot Spencer’s 'Inside My Backpack 2’.  <– click the link to go and download it

…and alpha.live’s 'Soul Cinema’ drops THIS TUESDAY!

#ATFU - this ain’t stoppin no time soon, might as well ride with us..

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Just making sure…

Download  'Hello?’ here 


  • 22 Tinkerer Snippets Two
  • Rusty Redenbacher (#ATFU)
  • The Tinkerer

#ATFU #TheTinkerer #SnippetsClipTwo

Tomorrow on @ATFU_’s Tumblr (Here, man)…we’re posting the tracklist to @EazyEDot’s ‘Born To Fly’ and my album, 'The Tinkerer’, as well as announcing the release date for 'Born To Fly’

Here’s another snippet tape from 'The Tinkerer’. I just crafted this because I am mad excited about this album and before I start dropping full tracks, I want you to get a feel for how the album grooves. I gotta say this, everyone I have played a few tracks for says “Man, this is different…”, so I’m really geeked about what I did here, yo. 

'The Tinkerer’ just happened, man. It was an amazing experience putting this thing together, which is how I feel about everything #ATFU affiliated. I just love making this music and what’s great about 'The Tinkerer’ is the full budget for recording is about $29.99. (bought a spindle of CD’s to make it happen…I’ll tell you about my production process for this album later.)

DIY, BABY…you ain’t gotta have all them pretty mics and fancy lit-up gadgets to make music. You gotta have grit, ideas, inspiration, and some soul don’t hurt.

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#ATFU Live pics…

Thanks to Kendence and Boyd Wylie Photo for these shots from alpha.live’s ‘Soul Cinema Experience’ at the Hard Rock Cafe

You see E Dot Spencer, Rusty Redenbacher, Mr. Kinetik, and the lovely and talented Kenye Fudia. But, maaaaaan, it was ALPHA’S NIGHT. Hit the link below to check out the highlights.

'alpha.live - The Soul Cinema Experience’ Highlights.


We can’t wait for you to hear this, one. The whole TORNADO ALLEY (#ATFU) fam contributed and it IS another winner. All you gotta do is come here and download it and we appreciate it when you share the links…VERY MUCH. 

Thanks to everyone who has supported what we’ve been doing. This is just starting and all y'all have been a big part of letting us know that we’re on the right track. We ain’t stoppin…

#ATFU - A-Sky Takes Flight UPWARD… TOMORROW!! HERE!!