Dyngus Day

Today celebrations are happening in over 30 cities across 12 states, yet it is Buffalo that is proclaimed as the Dyngus Day Capital of the World. A celebration of Spring, Polish-American heritage, and the end of lent, Dyngus Day is a day for rejoicing and revelry. It brought Anderson Cooper into a laughing fit last year when he learned about it and only seems to be growing in popularity.

Over a dozen new events have been added to the Dyngus Day lineup including the firework finale over historic Polonia scheduled for 11pm tonight. With much of the same fervor that is put into celebrating St. Patricks Day, Dyngus Day also holds a parade (5pm) and over 10,000 people are expected to head over to the Buffalo Central Terminal for some Polish cuisine and live polka. The Toronto Sun suggests heading to Buffalo for one of America’s best Easter holiday celebrations: on Dyngus Day, everybody is Polish.

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Anderson Cooper to Come to Buffalo for Dyngus Day 2013

Anderson Cooper has a segment called the Ridiculist on his CNN program that spends a portion of his news program on something Cooper finds ridiculous - such as panda tea or Pizza Hut perfume. Yet, back in August the national anchor did his Ridiculist on anybody who missed Dyngus Day. In a segment that ultimately topped as the best Ridiculist of 2012, Cooper bursts into 70 seconds of uninterrupted laughter while attempting to explain the Dyngus Day traditions of flirting through squirting water and pussy willow taps.

Cooper proudly dubbed Buffalo the Dyngus Day Capital of the World before he succumbed to his laughter, which he apologized for later. Dyngus Day Co Founder Eddie Dobosiewicz has been in contact with Cooper’s staff since his humorous outburst and has announced Cooper plans on attending Dyngus Day in Buffalo for the 2013 celebration ensuring he won’t fall on his own Ridiculist in 2013.