Mates #17 (borderline 13 reprise)

A mating bite can be placed anywhere on the body. Many times the Alpha (or whoever) will place it wherever they can. If a mating bite is in a place out of site (like on the hip) then another bite will be put somewhere visible.
Mating bite are the only bites that stay forever. Any other bites placed are like hickeys, they’ll go away.

Catching prey using Vortices

I was reading about Vortices and after hours of research online, out of the blue I stumbled upon this amazing bird. This is the Red Necked Phalarope and from the looks of it seems to have put vortices to a really productive use - catching its prey.

By rotating around ~60-80 times a minute, it produces an upward vortex that sucks out insects/bugs/crustaceans from the water, which it swiftly picks up with its beak and eats. ( This one would have aced the Fluids class for sure :D)

This is analogous to tornadoes sweeping up cars and houses along its way in an upward swirl.

Mind Blown!

** The actual dynamics of vortices of course is waay more complicated. ;)

*** There are three species of phalarope (red-necked, red/grey, and Wilson’s), and they can all feed like that.            


A trick of tether dynamics: If you drop a metal ring down a straight chain loop, rather than falling straight off it’ll catch itself into a loop, because a travelling wave moves down the chain. The whiplash of the wave kicks the end of the chain upwards. The ring falls into the hole and gets stuck. Try it yourself!
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Science Busts The Biggest Myth Ever About Why Bridges Collapse

“Just four months later, under the right wind conditions, the bridge was driven at its resonant frequency, causing it to oscillate and twist uncontrollably. After undulating for over an hour, the middle section collapsed, and the bridge was destroyed. It was a testimony to the power of resonance, and has been used as a classic example in physics and engineering classes across the country ever since. Unfortunately, the story is a complete myth.”

If you’ve only ever seen one bridge collapse ever, it was probably the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. On November 7th, 1940, high, sustained winds sent the bridge from an up-and-down undulation into a twisting, rocking pattern that led to the eventual collapse of the structure. It’s been used as a classic example of resonance at work, similar to how a wine glass will shatter when exposed to the right frequency pitch. While the shattering of glass is due to resonance, and it is a real phenomenon, the numbers just don’t add up for the bridge. Instead, it’s a much more intricate phenomenon that caused that infamous bridge collapse, known as flutter. If you’ve heard the resonance explanation, you’re not alone: it’s probably the most common misconception in all of physics and engineering!

Don’t be fooled any longer. Come get the full – and correct – story today!


10.2.16 | 4:26 PM

my projectile/relative motion test was 2 days ago and we are moving on to dynamics. not particularly confident about the test though, because it had such a small denominator (not much room for little mistakes) and I’m not fully clear with relative motion so I only have my fingers to cross.

in other news, hurray that it’s officially fall season (even though it’s going to snow next week) I’m ready for the beanies, baggy sweaters, and black boots.

I hope you’ve all been feeling well, treating yo selves, and loving yo selves, and if you’re not then it’s okay because I think you’re pretty rad ♡

Here is the Final part of the Promo Of Hell, I edited this so we can see with detailed clarity, all the bits and pieces that are so nutritious and unhealthy to feed our angst. 

Food for thought: Notice how the Satanic mixture of misleading and ramblings of images begins and end with Sam Winchester?


I will continue cooking my next post, and as I stir my wooden spoon on my soup of speculation. I would like the opinion of this discovery about Sam in this images, from the masters in meta @tinkdw and @amwritingmeta if you allow me to ask your opinion and reading. Please and thank you. 
And my apologies if you already wrote about it.


A small but deadly fighter jet, the General Dynamics (now Lockheed Martin) F-16 Fighting Falcon or Viper, is an all-weather, supersonic, single engine, multirole aircraft but it was originally designed as an air superiority day fighter.

It has an M61 Vulcan cannon and 11 points to mount equipment and weapons, it is such a versatile aircraft that is used by more than 25 nations apart from the US.

Another fact about the Viper is that it is the second most common military aircraft in operation only losing to the UH-60 Blackhawk.

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Musically speaking, I would say that the basic element of the russian school is the legato. When I was young, all I ever heard was: “More legato!” The treatment of the legato is the reason that many people associate the Russian school with a thick, rich tone and a great dynamic range.
—  Alexei Volodin
Badass Omega Lance?

So I was thinking an AU with a/b/o dynamics

Lance is an omega but he hates society’s views on them so he says fuck alphas and most betas and he riots a lot and is hardcore asf and carry’s around this Beretta gun like its his baby and is VERY trigger happy and like Idk thats what I’m thinking for Lance.

Shiro however is Alpha prime but hates the role he’s designated in (he’s like some senate alpha or some shit that makes decisions), he doesn’t want to treat omegas bad and although he’s very dominate he’s like really kind and docile and he and Lance cross paths and he’s immediately smitten with Lance and chases him around trying to court him and Lance isn’t having any of that at first so he rejects Shiro a lot.

Basically like a revolutionary/crime au with a/b/o dynamics and its kickass with lots of knowledgeable things and smut.

Cause smut is great

*Bonus if it has like real world events
incorporated in it,👍

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Alpha Headcanons

As promised, here are headcanons I keep for Alphas

~Alphas aren’t the most possessive (it’s Omegas) they just have the most physical and loud reaction
~ Alphas are very territorial though, so they don’t usually get defensive unless they feel someone is encroaching
~ Alphas loose their rational side when their omega is in heat. Though if they plug up their nose it helps if they need to get home
~ Alphas usually have more Beta friends than anything. Because they will subconsciously (or consciously) compete with Alphas. And an Omega mate doesn’t like their Alpha with Omegas friends
~ Alphas are normally less social than Omegas, nobody really knows why.
~ Female Alphas cannot have kids (like a male omega can’t get someone preggers)
~ Female Alphas are usually just as tall as males
~ Alphas (all mates) cannot abused or neglect a mate, because their mates scent requires them to protect and provide.
~ Alphas love ‘Take your kid to work day’ if you think new omega moms show off their kids, you ain’t ever seen a proud papa
~ Alphas naturally take on leadership rolls, like in a crisis they will be able to step up and get things done the most naturally. Not to say betas and omegas can’t, it just comes more naturally to an Alpha
~ Contrary to what Alphas in HS tell you they don’t sleep around, it’s considered a horrible offense and their destined mate could potentially reject them.

That’s all I got for rn, hope y'all enjoy 😊
Let me know your HCs for the dynamics

Ruts & Heats Headcanons

Basic Information
~ Ruts are a bimonthly biological occurrence that happens to Alphas.
~ A rut in a nutshell is 2-3 days of an intense need to mate. More specifically, impregnate, their mate.
~ During a rut an Alpha completely succumbs to their urge to mate and provide for their mate
~ Many newly mated Alphas will have a pre-rut which is about a week of constant need to be around their mate and protect and provide. Many Alphas close to wooded areas will try to hunt wildlife ~ Ruts don’t start until after an Alpha is bonded

~ Heats are like ruts except for Omegas
~ Heats are a monthly biological occurrence when an Omegas body is the most fertile
~ Omegas experience a heightened scene of sexual depravity
~ Heats create a very strong smell and most homes are built to be scent proof. While hotels and other places have “heat rooms”
~ Heats last longer than ruts at about 4-5 days
~ An omega will start their heats during puberty. Hears will not wait until an omega is mated ~ An omega will be aware enough to know if it’s not their alpha or a trusted omega close to their and and might attack ~ Omegas build nests in small, dark, quiet places that they feel safe in ~ Nests will only be big enough to fit the omega, and if mated their mate. ~ Sometimes an omega will even smell their Alphas rut coming on and will build a nest