Teen Wolf just gave me something that I didn’t know that i need but now that I have it I need more of it.

stiles: *is in virginia* theo: *is in trouble* lydia: *has ptsd* hunters: *are back* teen wolf: *has spiders* liam: *might have just outed the existence of supernatural* me:

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Thanks you so much

Tyler Posey 
Crystal Reed
Dylan O'Brien
Tyler Hoechlin
Holland Roden
Colton Haynes
Daniel Sharman
Cody Christian
Cody Saintgnue
Khylin Rhambo
Shelley Hennig
Arden Cho
Dylan Sprayberry
Linden Ashby
Melissa Ponzio
J. R. Bourne
Orny Adams
Seth Gilliam
Ian Bohen
Ryan Kelley


Lydia is basically a mom that is done with her kids shit