Belleview Lanes, where Eric, Dylan and other students had their 6:15 a.m. class before heading to CHS.

Students in the bowling class told reporters that Eric and Dylan would shout ‘Heil Hitler!’ every time they rolled a good ball. Tom Klebold said he didn’t know where the Nazi stuff came from.
Dylan’s friend Nate Dykeman said he had seen Eric sketch swastikas but Dylan never did.

The Columbine High School tragedy was the work of two disgruntled seniors at the school, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, who determined to kill as many teachers and fellow students as possible, first, by planting and detonating two 20-pound propane bombs in the school cafeteria and then by shooting survivors fleeing the inferno they hoped to create.

- The Report of Governor Bill Owens’ Columbine Review Commission

Prior to the shootings at Columbine High School, a diversionary bomb exploded on the greenbelt near the 7900 block of South Wadsworth Boulevard. […] The investigation revealed that two backpacks containing explosive diversionary devices, built with multiple components, had been placed at this location by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Only some of the components actually exploded.


Beginning with an initial sweep of Columbine High School, the highest priority for removal of devices initially was given to the library so that the bodies of the deceased could be removed from the scene. Second priority would be given to the cafeteria and additional areas would be assessed. This plan was followed until two bombs, with timing devices attached, were found at 5:43 p.m. in two vehicles parked in the south student parking lot, a BMW belonging to Klebold and a Honda belonging to Harris.


Before the school could be deemed clear and safe, every room, every storage area, every space on both levels of the 250,000-square-foot school was checked by bomb technicians. A total of 1,952 student school lockers and 700 backpacks were checked for evidence of any type of explosive device. This process took approximately seven days from the time the incident began until the school was determined to be completely clear, thus allowing unrestricted access into the school by authorized personnel. There were approximately 357 pieces of explosive evidence identified and collected.


During the collection and handling of the explosives evidence Tuesday evening, one bomb and other devices within the bomb trailer were accidentally detonated. Two bomb technicians from the Arapahoe Sheriff’s Office were lowering a pipe bomb into the trailer when a striking match attached to the pipe bomb brushed against the trailer wall and ignited. The devices exploded within the confines of the trailer.


There were a total of 76 devices found at the school, two diversionary devices, 13 devices in the suspects’ cars, and 8 more at their two homes or a total of 99 explosive devices.

- Jefferson County Police Department’s official report

List of Songs about Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris

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  • “Who shot the jock?” - GrimDaze Stoners (band)
  • “Disposable Teens” – Marilyn Manson
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  • ”White America” - Eminem 
Earth, humanity, HERE. thats mostly what I think about. I hate it. I want to be free…. free… I thought it would have been time by now. the pain multiplies infinitely. never stops
—  Dylan Klebold

I look at this photo, and I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that someone took this photo. I cannot comprehend that the people in this photo are two kids who were once alive and had souls. It feels like it’s not real, or it’s a photo shoot or a movie poster. These are real kids, who just prior to this photo being taken, threw their entire lives away. Their potential. They blew their brains out and I don’t just mean literally but the second they pulled the trigger, any thought they had, perished. Any dream they had stewing in their minds, any aspirations, were gone. It was lights out the second the bullets made impact. The second they pulled the trigger, they had given up and did not look back. And I look at these boys, once so brand new and full of hope, just a little bundle in their mothers arms…. And now here they are. That is Dylan Klebolds body, and that is Eric Harris’ body. That is all they are in that photo, a soulless, lifeless body. They are a distant memory of what once existed. They represent the fragile innocence of men, and how easily that innocence can be squandered.