Review: Deliberate Pacing & Stylized Action are Distracting Enough to Make Up for a Derivative Story in 'The Equalizer'

A film like “The Equalizer”, as entertaining as it is, is the kind I never thought I’d see from Denzel Washington. Over the years, Washington has attained…

 “We need never be hopeless because we can  n e v e r be irreperably broken.”

“Happiness? The color of it must be spring green, impossible to describe until I see a just-hatched lizard sunning on a stone. That color, the glowing green lizard skin, repeats in every new leaf. ‘The force that through the green fuse drives the flower …’ Dylan Thomas wrote. ‘Fuse’ and ‘force’ are excellent word choices—the regenerative power of nature explodes in every weed, stalk, branch. Working in the mild sun, I feel the green fuse of my body, too. Surges of energy, kaleidoscopic sunlight through the leaves, the soft breeze that makes me want to say the word ‘zephyr’—this mindless simplicity can be called happiness.”

Frances Mayes, Bella Tuscany

(photograph by Hitoshi Kanoh)

Richard Mabey: “Some Accessible Country”

I began to wonder — I hope not just rationalising my own naivety — if wilderness was really what I wanted, or should want. Truly wild places should be for the wild creatures that live there, and only secondarily to give us revelatory experiences. If we go into them it should be as a privilege, and on the same terms as the creatures that live there, unarmed and on foot. They cannot be treated as convenience habitats, available off-the-peg […]. But what I missed was some common ground between the wilderness and the thoroughly domesticated, some accessible country — real and metaphorical — beyond the boardwalks and the forest condominiums and the hunting reserves. I realised that what touched me most was not wilderness as a special, defined place, but the quality of wildness, Dylan Thomas’s ‘force that through the green fuse drives the flower’, the untidy, energising edge of all living systems. True wildernesses must be defended at all costs, for the sake of their rightful inhabitants. But I felt that I could settle, like Thoreau and Colette, for just knowing they were there, and leave the real experience to my imagination.

— from the final chapter of Mr. Mabey’s memoir, Nature Cure

hypno magician takes dylan: it was around 10,clock am and Dylan green had just woken up he was on him computer in his soft blue bathrobe a white t shirt his pajama pants and socks when he heard a knock at the door he got up to go see who it was when he opened the door there was a man in a tight blue shirt and jeans  "hi im a door to door magician and i wanted to know if you would like to see some magic tricks for a dolor each?“ Dylan responded with "no thank you” as he was about to close the door the man quickly said “the first one is always free” and dylan paused he then said “sure i guess” the man smiled and said “alright now i want you to come a little closer good right there now look right into the center of my eyes im going to count to 3 and when i say 3 you should see a sparkle in my eyes ready 1…2…3!” as he said 3 the mans eyes filled with hypnotic spirals and they shot like beams into dylans eyes he couldnt look away he was entranced to look deeper into the spirals “now when i count to 3 you will become my slave 1…2…3” “dylan can you hear me” “yes my master i hear and obey you” “good now i lied the 3rd ones not free but i know how you can pay me back” he said with a smile on his face “in exchange for that trick you will strip naked for me  thats fair isnt it” “yes it is master”  "good then lets start" the man sat in a chair and told dyaln to begin striping “take off your socks” “yes” dylan moaned he let his small toes loose and the man said “yes very good dylan now take off your pants”  dylan pulled down his pant to reveal his hard dick pushing aganst his underwere he smiled at that sight he then shot hypno beams at it and said “ill tell you what i did in a bit now take your shirt off” dylan took his shirt off and reveled his nipples the man then said “mind if i sample them” and began to suck and lick them after that he said “take off your underwere but when you do you will forget your life before me and become my slave when you take them all the way off are you ready dylan to forget your life before me” “now start to pull them down slowly yes good almost there now lift your right leg up yes now lift your left leg up dylan do you remember me?” “yes” dylan said “i have known you my whole life” “good now lets go to your room and i will allow you to suck my dick for the rest of eternity” http://dlvr.it/KLX77t

Alternative Photography: Cyanotypes

Emma Buhain

1) Topmost: “Louise, She’s All Right, She’s Just Near” - 2016

Image by Emma Buhain

Title from Bob Dylan’s “Visions of Johanna”

2) Left: “Angry Young Folk Singer” - 2016

Image by David Gahr

Text: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/106608716150403508/ (purportedly from Life magazine)

3) “Planet Earth is Blue” - 2016

All illustrations by Helen Green

http://helengreenillustration.com/Time-May-Change-Me (Please take the time to check out this piece - it’s amazing!)

4) Bottom: “Bianca” - 2016

Image by Emma Buhain