I’m sick of seeing this stupid picture. Dylan and Eric did NOT commit the worst school massacre in US history. They killed 13 people and wounded 24. Got that? Joseph Whitmen killed 15 people, and wounded 32, also killing an unborn fetus. That’s 33 years prior to columbine, in Austin Texas. Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 people and wounded 17. That was in 2007 in Blacksburg Virginia. And fucking finally, Andrew Kehoe killed 44 people and wounded 58, in 1927. 


Character Parallels: Orphan Black + Agents of SHIELD

Sarah Manning + SkyeThe con woman. Mostly self-raised and self taught, searching for a family. Has a loving heart despite life’s hardships. If you cross her, though, you better count your prayers.

Paul Dierden + Grant WardThe conflicted soldier. Trained to be unfeeling and yet can’t help but fall for the one girl that will bring him nothing but trouble. Alignment is questionable, but ultimate goal is to protect the one he loves, even if he doesn’t have her trust.

Cal Morrison + Miles LydonThe off-the-grid free spirit. Clearly a foil for the conflicted soldier. Where the soldier is cut-off and distant, the free spirit offers warm love. Might not have the purest of motives, but one can argue that he is driven by affection and will usually do the right thing, especially if his love is involved.


can we please please play help Hank and John Green find the thing???


Sarah kisses Paul (Orphan Black) | Skye kisses Grant (Agents of SHIELD)