Dylan O'brien

so, this is where teen wolf ends. i feel like deep down we all saw it coming. it would always be hard to figure out storylines with the pack no longer in school. its honestly the most upsetting thing, that this incredible thing must come to an end but when i think about it, im so thankful for what it has made me into. aspects of all the characters, morals, storylines have impacted me and changed me and shaped me into the person i am today. a person i am proud of and proud to be. ive learnt that theres nothing more important than the loyalty and trust for your friends and family and that you, no matter what happens will always have the ones who care for and love you. scott mccall has taught me never to stop fighting to make things right, and to never stop protecting those who i care about. stiles stilinski has taught me that you should never stop fighting for those you love and that its perfectly okay to not be totally okay. lydia martin has taught me that there are layers to people, you need to keep searching because theres goodness and magic in everyone and that no matter who you are and what you look like, you can be brilliant. malia tate has taught me that no matter what happens to you or where you come from, you can always end up in a good place, with good people. liam dunbar has taught me, you can always change as a person, you can recover from your faults and mistakes and that no matter what, you are worthy and you have potential. theo raeken has taught me, everyone has a reason to do the wrong thing, beneath all that is bad lies a good heart and an ounce of goodness, you need to overlook mistakes because people do change. allison argent has taught me that you dont have to follow protocol. you are your own person and you should do what you think is right, and you should always do anything for the ones you love. the pack has taught me to love myself no matter what i am or who i turn into. and teen wolf has taught me that friends and family are so important. you need to be brave. you need to protect those who cannot protect themselves. the end is near, but we cant dwell in the sadness we need to rise up and take everything weve been taught into our heart, mind and soul. weve become better people thanks to teen wolf. lets thank them for shaping us into such a tight family and creating the best, closest most incredible family any fandom has every seen. so thankyou jeff, the cast, the team, and teen wolf in general for making me a better version of myself.