Dylan O'brien


Your scrolling through your tumblr feed and you see this video of Dylan, you click on it curiously.

Your eyes widen and you try not to laugh.

“Dylan babe, come here for a second"you called out.
He clumsily ran into your kitchen and his face dropped when he saw what you were watching.

"Princess I can explain"he held his hand up in the air.

You shook your head.

"I think this just explains itself really"you laughed as you tilted your head to get a funnier angle of the teen Dylan O'Brien dancing to The Spice girls on your computer screen.


“Dude my jeep, No one touches my jeep"Stiles shouted after Scott banged his fist against his car.

You popped up from behind Stiles’ precious baby covered in paint.

“I’ve already started painting it"you whined.

“You’ve already started painting it? Great. Marvelous work y/n"Stiles said sarcastically before fainting when he saw the paint color.