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Alone - Stiles Stilinski

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warning: triggering content.

“Ma’am can you give me any insight on what happened?”
Sweetie, I know you’ve seen a lot tonight, but can you give a description of the man who came in and did this?”
“Any details you didn’t tell us?”

You just kept shaking your head, deputies, FBI Agents, a few reporters that got through the gates and pushed for information.  Somewhere along the line, you gave up on listening, just staring at the bloody carpet in front of you.  Your head still mulling over what just happened as you sat at the bottom of the staircase

It was a normal Saturday afternoon, except for the fact that your parents were home.  Being emissaries for Satomi’s pack, they were often not home for long periods of time.  So today was going to be a fun day together to spend as a family.  You’d rented movies, ordered a pizza, and everyone was settling on the living room.  You’d only been in the kitchen for a few minutes, barely registering that The Mute had come into your house.  You stood frozen frozen, still hidden behind the wall, watching the events, without saying a word, making a noise.  You didn’t even cry.

“Hey! Hey back off!” You heard a familiar voice.  “I know this girl, everyone give her some space!” It yelled again.  Your eyes still trained on the carpet that was once a comfort to sit on, playing dolls on it when you were young.  “Will you all give her some god damn space please!?” The room grew silent, and the figure kneeled in front of your view.  “y/n?” He asked softly, and you looked up, meeting the eyes of the Sheriff.

“Noah-” You croaked, but he shook his head, indicating that you didn’t need to say a word to him.

“I’ve contacted Melissa, and I’m going to take you to her home so you can get some rest, if that’s alright?” You hesitantly nodded your head, unwrapping your arms from around your knees.  Sheriff Stilinski rose to stand, and he held out a hand to you.  Again, you hesitated, trying not to look at the crowd of people still in your home.  You suddenly felt unsafe, and panicked eyes searched for the closest family you had in the room.  The Sheriff squeezed your hand, wrapping an arm around your shoulders, like a shield protecting you as he walked you out the door.

Cameras flashed, questions were hurled, and pens scribbled.  Yells and questions, people asking how you were involved, how you felt about the events that had unfolded, what it was like to be an orphan, even if you were the one who ordered the attack.  Tears splattered on your cheeks while Noah was yelling at them all to leave you alone.  He got you into the backseat of his cruiser as quickly as he could manage.  When he drove off, in a screech of the rubber tire against the cement, you wondered if he was trying to run them over.  But the people quickly migrated away from the angry Sheriff’s car, leaving as they had no use in sticking around if you ween’t going to be answering questions.

The ride to the McCall home was silent, besides your soft whimpering.  You were trying not to cry, crying was embarrassing.  Especially in front of a man who took you in and treated you as family when your parents were busy with their pack.  The Stilinski house, both Noah and Stiles, your best friend might you add, was your safe place.  For anything from a supernatural threat, to a test you were anxious about.  You had your own key in, sometimes you’d be there when Stiles and is father got home, reading a book at the kitchen table, making them dinner, or even fast asleep on the couch.

It was a late Friday night, and Stiles and his father had just gotten home from an away game.  Stiles was both excited and depressed.  He’d finally got to play, but the other team just crushed Beacon Hills.  He blamed it slightly on you not being there.  You were always there for his games, every one, every practice too.  To support Stiles.  Scott too, but mostly Stiles.  You knew how much it meant to him to be somewhat noticed on the team, even if he barely played.  But tonight, you couldn’t go, you had a date with your boyfriend, Josh, and when you found out it was the team’s big away game, you begged him for a reschedule.  But he wouldn’t budge.  You almost cried telling Stiles you couldn’t make it, but he shrugged it off, telling you you deserved time for yourself too.  You hugged for a moment, before you pulled away, and met up with your boyfriend down the hall.  Stiles tried to look away when he’d kissed you, because he didn’t understand why he let himself repeatedly die inside just by watching the simple action, but he did.

Coming into the house, he breathed a sigh of relief, finally home, and finally able to go to bed.

“I’m heading up dad, I’ll see you in the morning” Noah only nodded, equally as worn out from the hardcore cheering he’d done that night.  Usually you were there to keep him company, most of the time with signs or cute little chants and jingles to help cheer the team on.

Stiles jogged up the steps, body sore from all the running, and quite a few body slams that had knocked him to the ground.  He slowed his pace as he neared his door, but before he opened it, he heard quiet cries and whimpers.

Immediately recognizing the sound to be yours, he opened the door slowly, as not to scare you, and gently called your name.

“y/n?” You snuffled, opening your eyes, and squinting to see him in his dark room.  Stiles walked in, closing the door behind him for the sake of privacy.

(not that Sheriff Stilinski cared if you were together in his room anyways)

You were laying on his bed, in a nice blue dress and tights, and heels Stiles knew were new because he’d helped you pick them out on your feet.  He crossed the room and kneeled down in front of you, a hand coming up instinctively to caress your air, pushing wet strands back behind your ear.

“y/n what happened?” He whispered, and you closed your eyes, a few more cries escaping your lips.  “Want me to give you a few minutes?” You nodded, and Stiles did too, wiping your cheeks again before standing.  “I’m gonna change alright?” You nodded, and simply rolled over so he could do so.  Stiles looked at you in concern for a moment, before stripping out of his jersey and shorts, pulling on sweatpants and a tee shirt instead.  He went back to his drawer, and pulled out a flannel, then came over to you.  “y/n” He said softly, and you turned back around.  He held out the flannel for you, and saw your flicker of a smile.

It was your favorite one.

He turned around as you’d done for him, hearing the quiet sound of a zipper, as well as clothes dropping to the floor.

“Okay” You whispered, and he turned to find you were back in bed, only wearing his flannel, which almost covered to your knees.  Stiles gave you a soft smile, before folding up your dress and tights neatly, setting them on his desk, and moving your shoes to sit next to it.

“Can I lay with you?” You nodded, and he got on the bed.  “Are you cold?” You nodded again and Stiles tugged the blankets out from under you, and you both wiggled to get under them.  Once you were comfortable, you took in a deep breath.  “You looked beautiful, I feel as though you’re in the wrong bed tonight” Stiles said, a voice of genuine concern.

“We were supposed to go to that nice Italian place tonight” You said quietly, unable to look Stiles in the eye.  “He was going to pick me up… I was going to look perfect, the whole night was going to be perfect…” You sniffled, and willed yourself not to cry.  Crying was embarrassing.  Stiles moved ever so slightly closer, watching you, and hanging onto every word you said.  “But he was late… and he wasn’t answering his texts” You mumbled.  “So I just drove over to his place, maybe to pick him up, ask what happened I wasn’t really thinking I guess” Stiles nodded.  “He didn’t answer the door when I knocked, and it was unlocked so I just- I just went in-” A few tears spilled out of your eyes and your voice was more of a whimper.  “I don’t know why I followed the trail of clothes upstairs I- I knew what I was going to find I-” 

“Shh…sh..” Stiles cooed, and wrapped string arms around you, holding you tightly as you cried before him, for the first time.

“I didn’t think he’d cheat on me” You cried into his shirt, staining the soft cotton with your tears.  “I don’t know what I did-”

“You didn’t do anything wrong, he did” Stiles told you, nuzzling his nose in your hair as he spoke softly into your ear.  “You didn’t deserve any of it, he’s the idiot who would do such a thing” You didn’t say anything, just held onto Stiles and quietened your cries.  “y/n you are such a bright, and funny, and charismatic, and kind, and beautiful human being, and for you to be treated like that is a cruelty to the world”

You let out a soft laugh at that, one little breath that he knew was just your little giggle that he loved to hear so much.

“There, that’s what I want to hear” Stiles pulled back, and left a long kiss on your forehead.  “You should be laughing.  It makes the flowers bloom in jealousy” You smiled and blushed, then buried your face into the crook of his neck.

“Thank you Stiles” You said, and yawned.  “Can I go to sleep?” He nodded, resting his chin on your head and rubbing circles on your back.

“Yeah of course baby” He whispered, feeling overcome with tiredness as well.  “Sleep well” he pulled back, but you tugged on him.

“Please just… just stay and hold me” He smiled at you, sliding up next to you again, and winding his arms around you.  You tucked your head back under his chin, and puffed out a long breath against his skin.

“Goodnight y/n” Stiles whispered int your hair, leaving a few light kisses there that made your stomach flutter.


You stood in the doorway of Melissa’s home, thinking of the first time you spent the night with Stiles in the same bed, as she talked to Noah about the situation.  Your eyes looked around the home you’d been in so many times before, but this time felt different.

“y/n?” Your head snapped up to see Melissa, and she gave you a wary smile.  “Would you like me to take you to the guest room?”

“I got it” You choked meekly, and your hand tightened on the strap of your backpack.  There were a mere three outfits in there, one being pajama shorts and Star Wars tee that didn’t fit Stiles anymore.  You then excused yourself to go up the stairs.  As soon as you got into the spare room, you set your bag down, and slid your back down the door.

“y/n you in there?” You heard Scott knock on the door.

“Yeah” You aired out, knowing full well his werewolf hearing could pick up on it.  

“Can I come in-”

“Not right now” You mumbled, hitting the back of your head against the door as you sighed softly.  

“O-okay just…. if you wanna talk or just.. I don’t have company you know where to find me” You didn’t say anything, knowing your voice would just come out in a broken whimper if you tried.  And after a few moments, you heard Scott walk away.

You tried to sleep, curling up on the bed.  But you ended up just staring wide eyed at the wall across from you, for three hours.

So, you got up, and went downstairs, where you knew Scott was watching tv.  You heard a mix of talking, and you cleared your throat somewhat quietly to gain his attention.  But two pairs of feet jumped off the couch.

Your eyes grew wide and all your emotions came back up as you saw Stiles, staring intently at you.


“y/n” he choked and ran over to you, engulfing you in his arms.

That was when you really let your emotions show, you let yourself break down, into ugly sobs and long painful cries.  Your hands came up under his arms, gripping the back of his shoulders.  Stiles was crying to, and you were both moving around so much as you groped at each other that you fell over, just hugging on the floor.

“You could’ve died, you could’ve died” Stiles mumbled, hands running through your hair, down your back, cupping your face as you cried.  Then quickly his arms encircled your waist, tugging your entire body against his.  “I love you” He whispered into your ear.  “I love you so much” You cried harder, hands flying up to his head, fingers fisting into his hair.

“They’re gone” You sobbed.  “They’re gone they’re gone they’re gone”

“But you’re not” You sniffled. and just buried yourself in him.  “You’re still here” You squeezed your eyes shut tight, hands falling to his face, and his did as well.

“Stiles” You cried quietly, your forehead falling against his chin.  “I-I feel alone I don’t- I don’t know what I’m supposed to do” His thumbs caressed your cheeks, wiping your tears and calming you slightly.  His lips pressed feather lightly to your hairline.

“You’re not alone” He promised.  “Come on, let’s get you upstairs and in some pajamas alright? We can lay and talk like normal, okay?” You nodded, and wrapped your arms around his neck, prompting him to carry you.  “I’ll see you in the morning Scotty” Stiles said, and Scott nodded.

“Take care, I’ll make you guys breakfast” The alpha responded.  Stiles nodded, and carried you up the stairs.  he looked down at you, finding your eyes closed, a silent stream or tears trailing down your cheeks.  But you looked peaceful.

You opened your eyes when you were laid down on the bed, and you looked up at Stiles, who was opening up your backpack.

“Don’t even think about making a crack about going through a woman’s things” He grumbled, and you tried to smile, you did, for him, but you just couldn’t find it in yourself.  He pulled out your shorts, and smiled upon seeing his old tee shirt.  Sure, he’d given it to you, but it made him feel warm to know you kept it.  “Arms up buttercup” You obliged, raising your hands.  “You better have a bra on” Stiles half scolded you, pulling your shirt over your head to reveal you did indeed have a bra one.  (a lacy black one that you wore too casually for Stiles’ liking.  not that he noticed..) He replaced it with the Star Wars shirt while you kicked off your jeans.  You pulled the sorts on yourself, then laid back down.

“Cuddle with me” You demanded in a soft voice that made Stiles want to laugh.  But he didn’t dare to do so.  Instead, e just climbed in next to you, and let you settle into his arms like you usually did.  “Stiles”

“Mm do you want to talk about it?” You shook your head softly.

“No.. no right now it’s- it’s too fresh” He nodded in understanding , and his hands ran up and down your back, eyes never leaving yours, which were staring down at the flower printed sheets.  “I love you too..you know” You whispered, eyes peering up at his from under your lashes.  “I heard you earlier, I didn’t ignore it” Stiles’ lips pulled up a little, and his fingers brushed your hair back neatly

“Trust me when I say I know you don’t want to hear this, but I’m sorry” He said, and you shrugged a little.

“I just feel… numb” You said.  “And it’s weird, that it hasn’t really kicked in yet, and I’ve acknowledged that…” You shook your head, but Stiles nodded.

“I understand” He whispered, knuckles still brushing up and down your cheek.  “I just wish you didn’t have to-”

“I know” You cut him off now, and for a split second looked down to his lips.  “I know” You leaned forward just slightly.  “I just want to…can I- can I try something?” Stiles nodded, and her fingers ghosted along his jaw, hands sliding up to cup his cheeks, puling him closer.  Stiles’ hand laid on your waist, pulling you further until your lips met.  

It wasn’t fireworks, no, it was more like a flower blooming for the first time.  All of the passion and love you’d grown to have for Stiles this past year, all poured out into the one soft, and seemingly simple action.  When you parted, you kept your eyes closed, while Stiles stared at you, trying to get a red on what you were feeling.

“Was that okay?” He whispered unsurely, and you nodded.

“Yeah… yeah definitely” Your lashes fluttered open to find Stiles smiling gently at you.  He stroked your cheek before giving you another chaste kiss.

“Good” He hummed.  “Because I’ve wanted to do that for a long time” You frowned slightly, cupping his chin in one hand and bringing his warm vanilla tasting lips back to yours in a longer lasting kiss.

“Let’s promise each other something” You whispered, and he nodded.


“Let’s promise to.. to never do anything alone” Stiles smiled, a calloused hand brushing against your cheek.

“I promise you, y/n l/n, to never let you do, or go through, anything by yourself” He said, and held out a pinky.

“And I promise you, Mieczyslaw Stilinski, to never let you do, or go through, anything by yourself” You responded, and linked your pinkies together on it.

You fell asleep in his arms that night, comforted by his fingers twirling in your hair, and a soft lullaby-like hum he’d make.

And you kept your promise through time.  You went to your parents’ funeral together, hands bound tight.  You went to Prom together, you had movie nights as frequently as possible, you gave him your innocence and he gave you his for the first time.

And when you grew older, your promise would be repeated as your vows to love each other in a long lasting marriage.

And you very well did.

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just an angsty sput of the moment fic.  a requested one will be up tomorrow!

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Dating Stiles Stilinski Would Include...

Requested?: Yes

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  • Hugs from behind. 
  • Curly fries. Curly fries. Curly fries. 
  • Cheering for him at his lacrosse games.
  • Late night drives.
  • Kisses on the cheek.
  • Sloppy but cute make-out sessions.
  • Taking showers together.
  • Usually ending in more than just showering ;)
  • Being his sarcastic partner.
  • Being goals as hell. 
  • “I’ll be your Batman, as long as you’re my Catwoman.” “I can do that.”
  • Cuddling on rainy days.
  • Usually being the big spoon.
  • Being the only one that’s allowed to drive his Jeep.
  • Nicknames like my girl, baby and gorgeous. 
  • Always riding in his Jeep with him.
  • Always riding him in his Jeep.
  • Hickeys - A lot of them.. like a lot.
  • The pack playfully picking on you two if they spot a hickey on one of you.
  • Stiles always buying you flowers when you’re upset, but he also does it just ‘cause he wants to surprise you.
  • Always distracting him when he’s trying to study, such as tickling him, blowing on his ears, kissing his neck.
  • Him always stroking your hair and whispering sweet nothings into your ear when he can’t sleep.
  • Helping him through his panic attack(s).
  • Stiles always getting jealous when he spots other guys eyeing you.
  • When he’s jealous, he usually doesn’t say anything. He just wraps an arm around you and kisses your cheek.
  • You and Stiles basically becoming Liam’s parents.
  • “Liam, we’re taking you home.” “What? Why?” “It’s passed your bedtime, pup.”
  • Always stealing Stiles’ pencils so he’s stuck with a piece of lead.
  • “If I didn’t love you, I’d kill you for taking my pencils.”
  • Kissing him by your locker all. the. time.
  • Late night movie marathons.
  • “How about Star Wars?” “Fine, Star Wars it is. Again.”
  • Stiles always knowing when you’re upset or angry, just by your facial expressions.
  • “(Y/N), are you okay?” “Yeah, why?” “You’ve been holding that poker face for forty minutes and clenching your jaw.”
  • Some nights when Stiles can’t sleep, it’s usually because you’re not in the same bed.
  • Stiles will then drive to your house and slip into your bed, whether it’s 10 pm or 4 am.
  • Always wearing his flannels. - “It looks really cute on you.” “You might not get it back.”  
  • Helping him pull pranks on the pack.
  • Scott treating you like a sister.
  • Going on dates to random places.
  • Being each other’s first time.
  • Having to deal with Void Stiles’ dirty jokes when he’s possessed. 
  • Dealing with Void Stiles trying to seduce you.
  • Buying him two bats for his birthday.
  • Him telling you the truth about killing Donovan before anyone else.
  • Comforting him when he’s sad or stressed.
  • Gentle & rough sex.
  • Lots of oral.
  • He’s always trying to make you breakfast while you sleep, but he accidentally wakes you up with the fire alarm. 
  • And lastly, endless ‘I love you’s

(I hope this was a good way to come back - A)

somebody else // stiles stilinski pt. 3

Summary: Stiles broke her heart and now she can never look at him the same. They remained friends, but she can’t exactly find it in herself to truly forgive Stiles and he doesn’t know how to accept her new relationship with the one person he can’t stand. Overtime, they both eventually got over each other… or have they?

Requested: no, collab with @minhosmeanhoe 

Warning: no, mature language & themes throughout 

Inspired by this song


As soon as the bell rang Katalina breathed a sigh of relief. She couldn’t stand to be around Theo any longer and the confusing feelings she had developed for Stiles were messing with her head. One minute he’s starting small talk with her at a party reigniting her feelings for him and the next he’s acting like she doesn’t even matter to him.

She was relieved when she stepped into the library and was immediately engulfed by silence. Knowing that she still hadn’t finished her English paper, she took out her laptop and opened the document. She read over it again trying to think of how to strengthen her argument when her phone went off, causing multiple heads to turn in her direction. Quickly silencing the device, she rolled her eyes when Theo’s name appeared on the screen. Ignoring it, Katalina tried to redirect her focus back on her paper. 

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Imagine Dylan and Ki Hong making a plan to set you up with Thomas during an interview. It’s maybe not the most romantic place, but he makes it up with his super cute confession.


Thiss 😍😍😍😭🌊


Imagine being part of the Scorch Trials cast and having a lot of fun with the others. Especially with Thomas, Dylan and Ki Hong. They are more than just friends, they are family.

Lydia’s Set Up | Stiles Stilinski


I was walking towards the bleachers near the lacrosse field, getting ready to watch the guys practice. Lydia told me that I needed to come because she wanted to set me up with someone and at first I didn’t like the idea. I’ve told Lydia that I’m way to shy and would never be able to talk to the guy she’s trying to set me up with. All she replied with is “don’t worry I got it covered.” So here I am, walking towards the bleachers trying to find Lydia and Malia when I bump into someone.

“Oh gosh, I’m so sorry!” I immediately reply bending down to pick up their lacrosse stick.

“It’s okay, I wasn’t really paying attention. Are you okay?” The guy asks me,  I look up and immediately froze.

This boy that I just bumped into is so gorgeous. He’s got these really nice whiskey colored eyes, pink lips that look so soft and so kissable, and these moles that scatter across his left cheek. Even though he looks like a god he still has some flaws. Some acne spots around his face that are faintly noticeable and his eyes hold a darkness that’s really intriguing. I snap out of my thoughts as I feel his hands on my arms.

“Hey? Are you okay?” He asks me with a look of concern.

“What? Oh yeah, sorry I spaced out a little,” I say giggling embarrassingly.

The guy chuckles replying, “that’s okay! I space out all the time. My friends are probably annoyed with it by now.”

As I’m about to say something back to the guy, Lydia yells to me, “Y/N c’mon!” I look over the guys shoulder at Lydia to see her waving her hand for me to head over to her.

“I uhm-Lydia needs me so…” I stutter a bit rubbing my arms as it’s almost freezing outside.

The guy looks behind him to see Lydia and waves to her than turns back to me. “Yeah, she can be a bit demanding. Uhm are you cold? You can borrow my sweatshirt if you want?” The guy says smiling at me as he hands me his sweatshirt.

“I want to say no keep it, but I didn’t bring a coat, so I’ll gladly take it,” I smile up at him taking his sweatshirt from his hands. The guy returns the smile as Lydia comes up to us.

“Sorry Stiles I need to borrow Y/N,” Lydia smiles at “Stiles” as she drags me away.

I look back at Stiles as we’re walking away looking back at Lydia and asks, “his name is Stiles?”

“Yeah, his real name is way more complicated so he goes by Stiles,” Lydia says sitting next to Malia.

I nod my head a few times giggling slightly replying with, “ah I see. Nice to know.” I pull on the sweatshirt Stiles let me borrow bringing the cloth towards my nose smelling it. My god this boy smells amazing. He smells like vanilla, and I absolutely love the smell of vanilla.

Lydia and Malia watch me smell the sweatshirt grinning as Lydia gets up quickly heading over to Stiles as I watch with furrowed eyebrows. I look over at Malia and ask, “what is she doing?”

Malia looks over at me with a smirk on her face replying with, “uh who knows it’s Lydia!” I look at her suspiciously as Lydia comes back over sitting next to me.

“So, that guy I wanted to set you up with agreed!” She says smiling like a Cheshire cat. I nervously look at her playing with the ends of my hair as I ask her, “uhm wh-who is it?”

“Well it so happens to be the person who lent you that sweatshirt,” She says smiling at me.

I blush slightly playing with the ends of the sleeves as I look back at Stiles to see him already looking at me. Once we made eye contact he spazzed out waving at me slightly before turning around on the bench. I giggled quietly biting my lip slightly.

“Alright Lydia I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m glad I let you set me up,” I say looking over at her and Malia to see them already looking at me with the same smile on their faces. I giggle at them looking back at the field watching the guys practice.

**After Practice**

We were all walking to Lydia’s car when I heard Stiles call out my name.

“Y/N!” Stiles yells as I turn around seeing him run towards us.

The girls kept walking to leave Stiles and I alone as he stops right in front of me leaning over slightly panting.

“Are you okay Stiles?” I ask rubbing his back slightly.

“Yeah. Just not used to sprinting,” he says chuckling while standing back up. I giggle as he breathes heavily trying to catch his breath before looking at what I’m wearing. I look down to see what he’s looking at I realize I’m still wearing his sweatshirt.

“Oh gosh. I’m sorry I didn’t realize I was still wearing this,” I say beginning to take it off when he puts his hands on mine stopping me. I look up at him confused as he smiles looking at our hands before saying, “uhm keep it. You look better in it than I do,” he smiles.

I blush and smile lightly, “are you sure?” Stiles smiles down at me nodding his head licking his lips. “Would you maybe wanna go out sometime?” He asks me nervously.

I blush even more with my mouth slightly parted, surprised. “Y-Yes! I mean uh yeah sounds fun,” I say stuttering a bit.

“Great! Uhm I’ll pick you up on Friday? At 6?” Stiles asks with a big grin on his face.

“Sounds great Stiles. Can’t wait!” I say smiling as Stiles nods waving goodbye. As I turn around to walk towards Lydia’s car, Stiles calls my name once more. I turn around once again as he stops in front of me.

“I forgot something,” he says nervously playing with his fingers.

I look at him confusingly asking, “what’d you forget?”

He stares at me for a minute with a contemplating look on his face, and before I ask him if he’s alright he plants his lips on mine. My eyes go wide as I feel his lips on mine, and after a few seconds they flutter closed starting to kiss back wrapping my arms around his neck. After a few minutes of kissing this beautiful boy, we pull away breathing slightly heavy as Stiles whispers against my lips, “I have to go now.”

I nod slightly opening my eyes looking up at him also whispering, “goodbye Stiles.”

He turns around to leave once again and when he turns back to wave at me one last time he runs into his jeep. I giggle slightly seeing him stumble and blush a little as he get’s into his jeep and drives off. I smile to myself walking towards Lydia’s car seeing them smirking at me.

“Don’t even!” I say giggling getting into the backseat and she drives off simply replying, “I didn’t say anything.” Laughing slightly I reply with, “yeah well your face did.”

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