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In regard to performing, it couldn’t be funnier that I ended up being an actor, because I’m really shy. Unless I’m really comfortable with a person. I don’t think a lot of people would assume that. Everyone says that to me. They’re always like, “yeah, right,” and it just cracks me up. I wish more believed me when I say it. But Stiles is just so confident and extroverted. I’m much more internal. So I guess to hear someone say that I deserve an Emmy - it just makes me feel proud of what I do with him.

Imagine Stiles helping you when you’re possessed by the Nogitsune

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“Hold on, Stiles needs to do this.”

You grin, sitting forward on the couch. Pushing your wrists against the tape on your arms, you try to see how far the tape would stretch. It didn’t budge, so you left it alone.

Stiles walks into the living room a few minutes later, Scott following close behind.

“Hey Y/N,” Stiles says with a weak smile. You grin sarcastically behind your tape as he kneels before you. He rests his palm on your knee and a shot of warmth travels up your leg. It shakes something in your heart, but it’s not enough to jostle the evil out of the way. “Can you do me a favor?”

“Y/N’s not here,” you hear a voice say.

“Can I leave a message?”

A sarcastic laugh escapes, but you feel yourself nodding.

“Tell Y/N -” you shudder, and Stiles stops. Finding a bit of strength deep in your bones, you shove the Nogitsune out of the way and regain control over your own body.

“Stiles,” you gasp.

A flurry of emotions flash across Stiles’ face as he starts to speak. “Y/N, you’ve got to fight the Nogitsune. It’ll get weaker and weaker and then when it’s weak enough, we can help you destroy it. But you’ve-”

You don’t hear the end of Stiles’ speech when the Nogitsune regains control with another violent shudder.

“Time’s up.”

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