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TWD // 7.16 “The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life” Promo.
“You are gonna help make sure things get back on track today.“ - “No one has to die” -
“You are wrong.”

Nos Canadiens

It does’t feel real, not yet. We really want to thank the Canadiens for a great season. Also,
Thank you Radu for your joy and your incredible talent! Seriously, how do you do it?
Thank you Gally for always fighting, for always trying and never giving up
Thank you Marky for being “The General” and this great player who never seems to make a mistake
Thank you Chucky for all your goals even with your injury
Thank you Emmy for being the tank that you are
Thank you Lehky for being this freaking amazing player we had the chance to discover this season
Thank you Shaw for your passion and your little annoying smile
Thank you Shea for always being calm, so good and so strong
Thank you Petry for being one of Price’s warriors in front of the net
Thank you Pleky for being the best at face offs and powerkills
Thank you Montoya for doing an outstanding job and giving Carey some time to rest
Thank you Mitchell for being such a proud Canadiens’ player and making everyone smile
Thank you McCarron for going from Montreal to St.John so many times during the season and always being present to defend your teammates
Merci Phillip de nous avoir montré ton incroyable talent
Thank you Byron for your speed, you’re truly amazing
Thank you Otter, Davidson, Benn, Nesterov, Martinsen & King for joining our team and making it better, we can’t wait to see more of your talent
Thank you Flynn for adding depth to our team
Thank you Beau for your amazing assists
Thank you Captain for all your goals, all your smiles, and all your dedication
Thank you Pricey for saving everyone’s asses
Merci à notre entraineur d'avoir si bien pris l'équipe en charge quand elle était à son plus bas
& thank you to the ones who left, we do appreciate you too
&& thanks to you guys for following us the whole year, the Habs will be stronger next season, and we are SO ready.. #IsItOctoberYet?

-From our instagram ( @mtlhockeynation )

** @life-of-a-no-life @onesupernaturalhockeyteam & I **

Preference "How they react when they hear you sleep talking"

(Firstly sorry for posting so late, I got busy :( and secondly sorry if some seem similar I just couldn’t find other ways for them to react XD So i really tried my best to make them all different. PS. They’re talking to themselves XD Gifs not mine/found them on google/credit to the original owners.)

Negan-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d have the reflex to always answer you immediately whether you say something weird or not. However, he’d then realize something off and shift to your side to look at you super closely. He’d then realize his mistake and start laughing to himself. “Fucking shit…Y/N…you’re at it again…talking in your sleep…Here I thought you wanted to keep me company…whatever that doesn’t mean I can’t hug you…”

Daryl-When he hears you sleep talking, at first he wouldn’t be too sure of what was happening. He’d wondered if you were awake and turn to your side of the bed to wave his hand in front of you and spend quite some time inspect you. When he’d realize you were asleep, he’d end up smiling and tuck you in even more. "Seriously, Y/N…what kind of grown up talks to themselves in their sleep…you’re a weird one…but I still love you…”

Rick-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d usually wake up just to listen to whatever you have to say. Sometimes it made him laugh, even making it hard for him to control it but sometimes it was just sweet it and melted his heart. He’d then just turn over to your side and wouldn’t be able to keep himself from smiling and getting closer to hug you and kiss your cheek. “Even in your sleep you’re sweet Y/N…and you love me so much…I must be lucky to have you…”

Merle-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d end up not sleeping for most of the night. As soon as he’d hear you he’d turn over to check you and grin to himself as he’d get closer to you. He’d start to talk back to you, questioning you about whatever he wants to hear, usually questions about your feelings for him or just about your sexual fantasies. “Oh…so what else do you like about me? Actually no…Y/N…I want you to be real honest here…what’s dirtiest thing you want me to do to you…”

Glenn-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d start to laugh and just try his best to keep it in. He’d find it adorable that you did that in your sleep and would just want to pinch your cheeks but hearing you say weird things would just make him laugh more than anything else. “What the hell Y/N…How can you be as hilarious asleep as you are awake…Great now I can’t sleep because of you…”

Carl-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d usually be asleep as well. You would usually be both sleep talking to one another and it seemed to always happen when one of you start it. It would make everyone else around laugh and try to join in so you’d both just say weird and regretful things. “Y/N…you’re just jealous…of me…cause of my hat…I see you looking at it…But i’m not giving it sorry…”

The Governor-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d find it adorable and just shift on the bed to get closer to you. He’d listen trying to figure out what was happening in your mind and wouldn’t be able to stop smiling whenever he realizes your having a dream about him. “Even in your dream I love you that much…good…it’s how it should be…”

Abraham-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d smirk to himself and try to carry a conversation with you. He knew it could get weird talking to you when you’re asleep but he’d just love it that way. He’d then end up spending most of the night propped up on one arm and just stare at you sleepily. “Goodness Y/N…how can you get this weird in your dreams…I always thought you were a sane person…”

Eugene-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d get startled and try to figure what was going on. He’d turn to you but still kept his eyes shut and just start to ramble along with you when your sleep talk just seems natural. However, once it gets weird he’d then just stop and awkwardly just wrap his arm around you. “I should’ve guessed you were asleep…man i’m such weirdo thinking you were talking to me at this hour…”

Ron-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d be able smile and laugh. To hear you, it was just another reason for him to feel a little happier and he’d end up whispering nice things about you in hopes you’d end up waking up as well. “I like you Y/N…I like the way you smile at me…the way you look at me…and I like everything else about you…”

Jesus-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d wake up and start to chuckle. He’d get closer to hear you and hug you from behind resting his head on you and sleepily answer back to you only to wake you up. “Yeah…I like you…I like you a lot actually…I mean there’s a reason we’re together…so yeah…oh you’re awake now!”

Dwight-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d slowly wake up smiling and jokingly cup your face as if to talk to you. He’d end up just staring at you, enjoying looking at your lips slightly moving to form words and he’d end up laughing at himself for doing what he was doing. “I’m sorry Y/N…I seem like a freaking weirdo…gosh why am i apologizing, you’re asleep and probably can’t hear me…”

Morgan-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d genuinely think you were awake talking to him and casually just start to answer. Sometimes it can get strangely deep but sometimes he realizes your answers were starting to get weird and that’s when he’d slowly turn to look. “Y/N? Y/N…damn it…again…i’m talking to you in your sleep…why do I keep doing this to myself…”

Shane-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d usually smile and turn over to you. He’d prop himself on one arm and start to stroke your hair hoping you’ll have a good sleep. However, whenever he realizes you were having a rather dirty dream he’d casually slip his hand under the blanket and into your pants. “Oh Y/N…I know what you need…”

Milton-When he hears you sleep talking, at first he’d tense up thinking you were angry about something as it was late at night but once he realizes you were saying sweet things about him, he’d get flustered. He’d try to stay still as much as he could and just want to listen to everything you have to say. “Y/N…really you think all that of me…even in your sleep you’re so kind…”

Aaron-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d start to laugh and wouldn’t be able to stop. Eventually it would end up waking you frustrated and him grabbing you just for a hug. He’d start to apologize and try to explain what had happen. “I’m sorry Y/N! It’s just really funny what you said! If only you could hear yourself you’d understand!”

Gabriel-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d usually seem to wake up whenever you were saying dirty things. He’d get startled and turn away from you, closing his eyes. However, realizing you were mumbling to yourself about him he’d smile and just turn around to get closer for a hug. “You might be saying strange stuff Y/N…but at least it’s about me and not someone else…”

The Wolf-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d wake up in surprise and get up from the bed. He’d go to your side and look at you and start laughing when he realizes you were truly asleep. “What is this?! What kind of person sleeps and talks at the same time! You’re really weird Y/N…”

Noah-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d get a little worried thinking you had a fever or something and would always end up getting up checking your temperature. Once he realizes you’re fine, he’d feel at ease and be able to start laughing. “Well as long as you’re asleep it’s better than you being sick…”

Simon-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d start to laugh and wouldn’t even want to hide it. He’d sometimes even get up and go get every of his friends who were still awake and just get them to listen to whatever you had to say. “Hey guys! Y/N’s at it again…listen…yeah she’s hilarious even in her dreams…I got lucky like that…”

Ezekiel-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d start to chuckle and wouldn’t be able to resist just wanting to hug you and kissing you all over while trying his best to not just wake you up. “Y/N…You are unbelievable…How can an adult be as lovely and innocent like this…”

Benjamin-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d smile and scoot closer to you to hear you better.  He’d listen to everything you’d have to say and just feel at peace and at ease to hear you that no matter what you were saying he’d be able to fall back to sleep. “It’s good to hear your voice Y/N…I like it…”

Caesar-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d go check on you making sure you were fine and then chuckle realizing you were just asleep. He’d then just kiss you and go back to sleep. “Goodnight Muñeca…You should be asleep and sleeping…not keeping me awake…”

Michonne-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d approach you and wrap her arms around you. She’d be a little worried but hearing you saying silly things she’d smile and kiss your head before going to sleep. “You should be fully asleep at this hour Y/N…not rambling on…about little ridiculous things like this…”

Maggie-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d usually turn to look at you and wouldn’t be able to stop smiling and grinning. It made her laugh to hear you speak so much in her sleep and she’d end up falling asleep to the sound of your voice. “Even in your sleep you make me smile Y/N…if only you knew…”

Andrea-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d usually be sleepy herself and would end up talking to you. She wouldn’t even be sure if your were awake or not and just end up talking to you. “So that’s what I told him…Y/N if you were me..what would you do?”

Jessie-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d smile to herself and turn to check on your for a while before turning back to sleep. 

Beth-When she hears you sleep talking, she wouldn’t even realize it and just talk to you about everything and anything. She’d open up to you and slowly fall asleep. “Yeah…I don’t like it here…it’s not as comfortable as home used to be…you feel that way too, right Y/N?”

Sasha-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d turn over to you and look at you for a little while. She’d then smile and just get closer and stroke your hair before falling asleep next to you. 

Rosita-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d chuckle and feeling clever she’d start to ask you about your thoughts. She’d want you to tell her the dirt and your views on her and the others around and wouldn’t want to stop. “So what do you think of him? Do you like him? or do you like someone else? Tell me Y/N…:

Enid-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d get startled and wonder what was going on. She’d slowly look over to you and just start to chuckle and go back to sleep.

Tara-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d smile and chuckle. She’d get closer to you and hold you tightly against her and listen to everything you have to say. 

Carol-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d be able to genuinely have a good laugh about it and would have a hard time keeping it in. She’d then calm down and just look over at you ruffle your hair.

Knowing how Gimple sets up his seasons, here is a hypothetical plotline for TWD season 8A

1) Battle at the Sanctuary: Alexandria, Hilltop, and the Kingdom attack the Sanctuary and manage to win the second battle of the war. The Sanctuary gets flooded with the undead. 

2) Hilltop Coup: Gregory is furious at the Hilltop for taking Maggie’s lead. He tries to take back control but the Hilltop betrays him and Maggie is made the official leader.

3) Saviors get a win / Dwight the double agent: The Kingdom suffers their first loss as the Saviors manage to push them back. Meanwhile, Dwight struggles to keep his double agent status a secret as he feeds intel to Rick and friends. Dwight and Ezekiel-centric episode. 

4) Fall of the Scavengers: The Scavengers attempt to wipe out the heroes in one sweep but are ambushed by Alexandria. Jadis and all the other Scavengers are wiped out and the scene acts as a parallel to the Glenn-Abraham Lucille scene, with Rick in the Negan role. 

5) Negan flashback episode: The rise of the man and how he formed the Saviors.

6) Oceanside steps up: Tara and some others return to Oceanside and manage to get them to join the war. Heath returns as well. 

7) The tide of the war starts to turn: We get a look at all of the groups. Saviors have managed to recoup their losses and prepare to move in. Kingdom also recoups but there is now doubt in Ezekiel’s ranks that they should even be involved in the war. Maggie struggles to keep Hilltop together. Oceanside’s loyalty is still in question. Alexandria struggles to keep the alliance together due to in-fighting. Episode ends with Saviors showing up at Alexandria.

8) Midseason finale a.k.a. the Fall of Alexandria: Negan gets his revenge and manages to destroy most of Alexandria. They bombard the shit out of the place and are only driven back once Hilltop, Kingdom, and Oceanside show up to push the Saviors back. Rick and friends decide to move into the Hilltop and are now unsure if they can still win. 

Preference "How they take care of you when you get sick"

(Hope I got this request right and you all like it :D Yay for our fave being so caring of us XD PS. I tried my best to make them all different :) I love Simon’s XD also I took out T-Dog for this one and put in Benjamin cause I felt it would be little more different this way :D Gifs not mine/Found them on google/Credit to the original owners.)

Negan- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d take it upon himself to take care of you alongside his doctor and make sure you have the best resource. He’d then stay by your side and talk about anything to make you laugh and forget about your sickness/injury. “Hey Y/N…remember when I totally scared the shit out of you when I entered the shower with you! Yeah what a day that was! You need to get better soon…It’s boring out there without you…that’s why i’m staying, here!”

Daryl- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d stay by your side to take care of you with whatever you need and reassure you by always giving his hand for you to hold before going to sleep. “Y/N…do you need anything else? Like a wet towel? Some more cough syrup? Do you want my pillow too? No? So you’re ready to go to sleep…here hold my hand…”

Rick- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d take care of you by preparing you a warm bath. He’d sit beside you outside of the bath and help you wash while trying his best to comfort you. “You’ll get better soon Y/N…After this i’ll wrap you up in a towel…get you in your pj and you’ll go to sleep, alright…”

Merle-Whenever you’d get sick, he’d try to help you with whatever you need and usually stay by your side at night and offer to read you a story. “Alright Y/N…Get ready for me not leaving your side for a real long while…and get ready to hear my voice until you fall asleep…Yep I’m reading you to sleep…So which one should I read?”

Glenn- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d get you every blanket you need to keep you warm and stay by your side to make your bed comfortable. “Here Y/N! I got you this, hope it keeps your warm…Do you need anything else? Here let me make your pillow comfortable too!”

Carl- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d help you get better and try to get you to forget about your sickness by bringing you comic books to read together. “So Y/N I know you’re sick and all…but staying in bed doing nothing is really boring! So how about we read some comics! So which one you want?!”

The Governor- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d start to worry and get you everything he believes you need to feel better and sometimes even going overboard and just spend the day holding you. “I’m not letting go of you until you get better, Y/N…It’s been days since I haven’t seen you go out and I can’t spend a day without you anymore so I’m staying here…”

Abraham- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d try to cheer you up and make you believe you’re tougher than your sickness and you’ll get better soon. “Y/N, I know you’re sick now…but you gotta remember you’re not a bitch! Alright! That little cold of yours is going to pass and then you’re gonna get your ass up and I will take you out on a date!”

Eugene- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d help the person taking care of you by getting them whatever they need to get you better and suggest games to play to distract you. “So I hope you’re gonna get better Y/N…I really hate that you can’t get up from your bed…But at least we can spend the day together, here I got these games for us to play!”

Ron- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d want to see you smile more and beg his mom to bake you cookies and offer to help her as much as he can. “Y/N, I got you some cookies! My mom made them for you…and I helped her as much as I could…I wanted to make them special for you…I just want to see you get better soon…”

Jesus- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d baby you from start to finish, spoon feed you your meals and make sure you take your medicine properly. “Alright, Y/N open your mouth! I’m serious! There’s no way i’m letting you eat this on your own…If I did that I know you won’t take your medicine…Come on let me take care of you properly…”

Dwight- Whenever you’d get sick, knowing how you hate the taste of medicine, he’d always make you his delicious sandwich in order to trick you into taking it. “Y/N, look what I got! It’s your favorite sandwich! Here you should try it! Come on! You’re missing out! I put a lot of effort and love into it, like I always do…Could you at least just take a bite out of it!”

Morgan- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d let you rest as much as you need and cook you your favorite meal and promise to stay by your side afterwards. “Y/N…You don’t need to get up…Please, you need some time to rest to get better…Here I got you this…Well I made it, knowing how much you love it…Don’t worry I didn’t sneak in any medicine in it…”

Shane- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d take care of you as much as he can and he’d make you feel better by giving you kisses and hugs. “You’re gonna get better babe, I promise…Don’t worry, I don’t mind kissing you all over like this…At least I can hear you laugh and see you smile…It’s better than hearing your little nose being all stuffy!”

Milton- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d take it upon himself to get you better and knowing how much you hate taking medicine, he’d make some tea for you and trick you into taking some. “Y/N, I made you some tea…It’ll keep you warm…What? No I swear it’s just tea…There’s nothing else…Just drink it…Please…Fine i’ll take sip out of it just to prove it to you…Here, delicious…happy…”

Aaron- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d go on every run to get you whatever you needed and always come back to take care of you. “I’m sorry I spent the day out…I just had to get you this…Denise said it’ll make you better…So I just had to find it…Here try it…Please…I promise i’ll stay right here after I won’t leave you…”

Gabriel- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d pray for you to get better and spend the day next to your bed holding your hand. “You’ll get better Y/N…The lord won’t take you away from me…I know he wouldn’t…and I’ll be staying here until you get better! So do you need anything else? I can go and get it for you if you need it!”

The Wolf- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d threaten and kidnap the best “doctor” and get them to get you better. “You’re gonna make my Y/N feel better! She’s been sick for some time now and I can’t take it…So get her better now…Do whatever you need! And if you need me to get something for her just ask me!”

Noah- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d go steal some medication from the cabinets for you and convince you by any means possible for you take it. “Y/N…I got some medicine I think it can help you…Here take it…Please for me just take them…It took a lot of effort for me to get them…Yes I stole them but that doesn’t matter I did for you…”

Simon- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d tell Negan to let him spend the day with you and he’d try to make you laugh to cheer you up. “Alright, Y/N! I got on my knees and begged Negan to let me stay with you until you get better and he said…yes! From the way you’re looking at me…I know what you’re thinking…No I didn’t suck his dick when I got on my knees, alright!”

Ezekiel- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d get you his best healers and treatment. He’d let Shiva stay near you to keep you company and in hope she’d cheer you up. “Y/N, I promise you’ll get better soon…I have the best looking after you…and i’ll always be by your side when night comes alright…Also, Shiva will be staying right here with you…she can keep you warm!”

Dale- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d let you rest as long as you want in his RV and keep an eye on you as much as he can. “Y/N…Just stay in the RV alright…I don’t want you to come out for no reason…You need some rest to get well, so go back in, take some meds and go back to sleep…please…”

Benjamin- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d get the help you need and sneak into your room to keep you company. “Hey…you okay? I know Ezekiel probably wants me out there but…I don’t like knowing you’re all sick and alone like this…So i’m gonna stay here with you…until someone catches me…”

Michonne- Whenever you’d get sick, she’d help take care of you and as everyone would leave you alone, she’d sneak in some snack to make you feel better. “Hey Y/N…I know you’re sick and all but…I got you these…I know how much you love them so…Eat…Come on…I won’t tell anyone…”

Maggie- Whenever you’d get sick, she’d stay by your side until you’d get better and just spend the day in bed with you. “I don’t care Y/N…I’m staying here in bed with you until you get better! You can’t just tell me to leave…besides you’ll be needing my help for everything so it’s just better if I stay close!”

Andrea- Whenever you’d get sick, she’d wrap you in a blanket and get you everything you need to get better. “Here you go, Y/N! It’ll keep you warm enough…and soon you’ll get better! Well at least I hope…Do you need anything else? I’ll get it for you…”

Jessie- Whenever you’d get sick, she’d prepare you your favorite meal to cheer you up. “Y/N…you’re awake? Here i think it’s time for your meal…So is it good? I hope you like it…I made it myself…I mean I know how much you love it so I just had to make it…”

Beth- Whenever you’d get sick, she’d stay by your side and let you lay on her lap and sing you to sleep. “Come here Y/N…I promise I’ll stay here and keep you company…I’ll even sing you to sleep if you want to…”

Sasha- Whenever you’d get sick, she’d reassure you that you’ll get better and would get you a warm towel for your forehead. “You’re gonna be alright Y/N…I swear…I’m right here with you and i’m not leaving you…Here let me change that towel for you…”

Rosita- Whenever you’d get sick, she’d spend nights sitting by your bed side and talk to you about her day in hopes to brighten your mood. “Hey, you alright? Because of you I spent the day out on a run…and It was really boring! I’m serious without you there’s nothing much to do out there…So get well soon! And I don’t care what you’re saying i’m staying right here with you!”

Enid- Whenever you’d get sick, she’d spend her day hanging out with you and cheer you up by convincing you to draw with her. “Y/N since you’re sick…I thought of spending the day with you…Hope you won’t mind! Hey, how about we have those silly drawing contest you used to do with me!”

Tara- Whenever you’d get sick, she’d go on a run and get you what you needed as well as making you some hot chocolate. “Y/N…Hey…Here I got this…You’ll get better if you take it! I promise…If you take it i’ll give you this…your favorite…Hot chocolate!”

Carol- Whenever you’d get sick, she’d want to see you get better and knowing how much you love her cookies, she’d sneak in some medicine in them to get you take some. “Y/N…I know you’re sick and this is probably the wrong time…but I made some fresh cookies for everyone…and I want you to be the first one to try them…”