ok, so when the king and his entourage arrived, a good kobold was with them? he’s listed as a pet in the u nits screen, but isn’t in the z animals screen and is gaining social skills. by now he has gotten dabbling in most if not all social skills. he is going to become the most friendly person in my fort and is going to reach nobility, isn’t he? he is going to take the place of the king.

that is his ultimate goal, to become the king and own an entire dwarven civilization. this is the ultimate stolen good. he will make the kobold race proud.

A sketch I’ve been working on today, it’s what put an end to one of my recent fortresses in Dwarf Fortress.

It’s a werechameleon, sneaked in with a migrant wave, didn’t realise until it transformed and a message popped up.  The bastard was in the dining hall in the middle of a meal when it transformed, all the dogs in there bumrushed it but they were torn to pieces in seconds. Then the werechameleon turned on the dwarves in the dining hall, infecting all of them with lycanthropy, and as the fled the hall they transformed and infected/killed the rest of my dwarves. Didn’t really have much choice but to abandon the fort then, though compared to a fort before it this one didn’t end too badly.


has anyone else heard of this?