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I’ve decided to do one of those things that a lot of people have been doing lately.

I’m going to make a ‘thank you for the laughter and being awesome’ card for the cast and crew of Harmontown, and for everyone that reblogs this, I will put your url in the card. When I go to the show next Wednesday, I will give it to them and say that it’s from the citizens of Harmontown.

If you would prefer that I put your name or something else rather than your url, then send me an ask, and I will correct that for you. Off anon so I know which urls to change.

The deadline to reblog this is next Monday, so i can have enough time to write up the card.

Also, likes don’t count.

So go ahead and reblog, Harmenians!


I was getting really annoyed with this person and then I saw that there was 1 note and I thought, “please tell me no one liked this,” and it was Dan replying. Dustin asks for donations so that he can keep making free things for us. Do you remember the Harmontown tour? They did a podcast a day, and Dustin was working on other podcasts as well. That guy works hard and doesn’t get enough credit. So happy Dan replied.


The prison industrial complex and the complex world of roach infestations – two powerful topics collide on this episode featuring documentary filmmaker Josh Rofe (softly talking about his new doc: Lost for Life) and podcast engineer Dustin Marshall (talking loudly about the roach infestation terrorizing his apartment). Discussions of abuse, rehabilitation, and consequence AKA A SUPER FUN COMEDY HOUR.

- See more at: http://www.feralaudio.com/57-roach-infestations-and-actual-murder/#sthash.j9FCXC1Y.dpuf


Don’t Ever Change with John Roy: Episode 12 with Shelby Fero

cc: @shelbyfero @johnroycomic

If you haven’t listened to John’s podcast, I highly recommend you do so. Especially if you’re nerdy for comedians talking about their high school/hometown experiences. Check it out on FeralAudio.com. While you’re there, maybe drop a donation into the coffers. Our fearless leader, Dustin Marshall, is bringing free funny for all you comedy nerds, so show your appreciation already, dammit! Love you… KRose

Watch on harmontown.tumblr.com

Harmon Country Tour update in Austin, Texas.