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I was getting really annoyed with this person and then I saw that there was 1 note and I thought, “please tell me no one liked this,” and it was Dan replying. Dustin asks for donations so that he can keep making free things for us. Do you remember the Harmontown tour? They did a podcast a day, and Dustin was working on other podcasts as well. That guy works hard and doesn’t get enough credit. So happy Dan replied.

72 – D AS IN DUH

After a lengthy hiatus, a bumbling technical shitstorm kicks off what may be the rockiest start to a podcast in American history. This results in an extremely candid feel, which will be magical for the diehard fan only (fans of the movie Diehard). Please enjoy a rare peek into the taxing CCP podcast pre-production process as well as a helpful soundscape for understanding sound engineer Dustin Marshall.

This is the first time he has generously agreed to not edit out all the technical problems from an episode. Rustic. Intimate. Flawed. These are words that come to mind when contemplating this opening. Authentic. Real. Frustrating. Real frustrating. More descriptors for this electric opening segment. The rest of the podcast will appeal to listeners who have anxiety around spelling their name out on the phone to healthcare professionals, collections agencies, etc, when trying to think of words for each letter. Lots of discussion of food quality, mental and physical health, diseases, the apocalypse, Cher, etc.


The prison industrial complex and the complex world of roach infestations – two powerful topics collide on this episode featuring documentary filmmaker Josh Rofe (softly talking about his new doc: Lost for Life) and podcast engineer Dustin Marshall (talking loudly about the roach infestation terrorizing his apartment). Discussions of abuse, rehabilitation, and consequence AKA A SUPER FUN COMEDY HOUR.

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Harmon Country Tour update in Austin, Texas.


Don’t Ever Change with John Roy: Episode 12 with Shelby Fero

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