I tried using the bullet journal system last semester for daily tasks but I just couldn’t seem to get into the groove of it, so I decided to get back into my happy planner and see how that works out. I still have so many pages left in my bullet journal though, so I want to find something to put in there. Any ideas? 

p.s. I am hosting a giveaway soon, cause I reached 500 followers!!! So look out for that <3

3.29.17 / i took my friend’s senior pictures on a whim for $100 and now i got at least five other people who want me to take their senior pictures. i’m considering doing photography as a part time job this summer now. ya girl is about to make hella munny!!!

just realized how bad this looks on desktop, love iphone cameras lol

I just made a studygram! Ill be posting more of my own pictures on there when I can. I also plan to post some of my photography on there soon, as I am getting a better camera and going to London, Paris, Madrid, and Colorado in the summer! 

My studygram (same as tumblr url)