Protest Too Much (50): Irresistible

Christmas brings snow with it.

Shizuo is still at his parent’s house that morning, lingering over a cup of tea while Kasuka talks about his newest acting role with as little enthusiasm as if he’s talking about an assignment at school; their mother is enraptured, their father amused, and Shizuo himself is smiling about Kasuka’s most recent in a series of successes, as pleased about his brother’s blossoming career as if it’s his own. There’s a part of his mind thinking of Izaya, as it always is, turning over ideas for the afternoon and wondering if Izaya will want to work or if he could be talked into going out for a dinner Shizuo could call a date, at least in the space of his own mind; and then Kasuka says, “Ah,” cutting off the flow of his story without any hesitation at all. “It’s snowing.” Everyone turns at once, looking towards the window where, indeed, there are a few pale flakes clinging to the sill before melting to liquid; and Kasuka’s story is dropped for the day, as forgotten by the speaker himself as by the rest of them. There’s a stir of excitement through the room, all four of them gravitating towards the window for a moment of startled appreciation; and Shizuo looks up at the clouded sky, and the drift of snowflakes falling to speckle the ground, and says “I’m going to see Izaya” before going to track down a coat to hold off the chill of the freezing air.

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