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imagine-ikebukuro  asked:

How would Shizuo, Mikado and Izaya react when a pet name slips from their s/o? For example when they accidentally call them "babe" or "honey" for the first time.

EDIT: Okay so I got really into this- so much so that I forgot to make this little author’s note! :”) This was really cute and fun to write! I hope you like it! :)

I feel like with Shizuo it would happen while his s/o was doing a routine task or something completely ordinary, like washing the dishes or folding laundry, and they would be making small talk when all the sudden… “-don’t you think so, babe?” It just sort of slips out and he would immediately blush and say something along the lines of, “What did you just say?” or “Uh, what did you call me?” but it would be the cutest thing ever. His s/o might be apprehensive after hearing those words, but they don’t have anything to worry about. Once Shizuo puts two and two together and realizes what happened, he just smirks and walks over to their task they’ve currently abandoned, because they were so caught up in what just happened, and he starts doing it for them. “Yeah, I do think so, hun.”

Mikado would immediately notice and his face would turn the brightest shade of red there ever was. He was just sitting at his computer surfing the web when his s/o said it, and what makes it even better is that his s/o totally doesn’t even register the fact that they’ve done it. They’ve wanted to call him “cutie” for so long and they’ve imagined it in their head so much that when it slips out, it seems normal and they don’t realize what they’ve done at first, so they just go about their business as usual and don’t pay any mind to Mikado’s reaction. Honestly, Mikado lets the new name sink in for a couple days before he works up the courage to reciprocate the name calling. His s/o stops by a couple days later and gets greeted with a smile and, “So how was your day, pumpkin?”

“Izaya, dear, can I have the pepper shaker?” From the moment the word leaves Izaya’s s/o’s lips, he watches their face with a grin, trying to figure out if they’ve noticed what they’ve done yet or not. His s/o is still playing with their food as they talk, so he just lets them be to see how long it will take before they notice. This guy starts counting the seconds, which turn into minutes, and eventually he’s up to three minutes when his s/o finally stops talking abruptly and pales a little. “S-Sorry, I-” Izaya knows how nervous they are, because it’s him, it’s Izaya, the famous info broker of Ikebukuro, and one of the two strongest men in this city- how could they not be nervous to have just called someone with that title “dear”? But Izaya, being the little shit he is… “How could you?” He acts genuinely upset and pauses before giving a signature smirk and continuing, “Darling~” No harm in toying with them a little bit.

@clandestineking has one of the best portrayals of Izaya that I’ve ever seen, and brings a new layer of depth to his character. They’re my favourite izaya in the fandom, and the mun is the nicest and sweetest and most creative person and I love them.


  • Me in 15 years:*looking at a photo of my favorite character* my beautiful son
  • Child:yes mom?
  • Me:not you