Dupont Circle


photos from the DC vigil for the children of Peshawar in Dupont Circle

They went to school and never came back…

Often we think of school as a safe place for our children, and our hearts are at ease that they’ll be ok there. But that was proven wrong again on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 with the horrific acts against the innocent children of Peshawar, Pakistan. 132 children were killed mercilessly by the Taliban during their school day. Many more children and teachers were injured and are still in critical condition. What was their crime? Children are the most innocent human beings. They are just learning the world and dreaming as they go on. So why were they killed? Their parents dropped them off at school and waved them good-bye. These children entered school just like any other day in their clean uniforms and cheery smiles. Little did they know that they would face the most horrific atrocities of the time that day.

Let’s not forget those who are in pain and those who lost their beloved ones. Pray for Peshawar


’Large crowd shuts down part of DuPont Circle in DC’- via ryanjreilly

In solidarity with Eric Garner

Wednesday, December 3rd

DC Streets: Careful Study on Flickr.

FINALLY went and got a whole load of film developed. And spent WAY too much money at it. I’m really going to have to start developing my own stuffs.

Ug… but whenever I smell photo chemicals, the taste stays with me for three days. Seriously, it’s the one part of film photography I can’t stand. The taste/smell never leaves me.

But my film cameras are sooooo much fun. I love them. So I’ll suck it up and just do it.

Well, that was a waste of time: Over the span of nine months, a “phantom planter” in Washington D.C.’s Dupont Circle neighborhood has been planting flowers throughout the iconic metro station entrance on the north side of the circle. Days after the mysterious planter came forward—local garden artist Henry Docter—the WMATA system showed exactly how much it cared about the feat. Rather than letting the flowers bloom—creating a red, white, and blue flourish at the station—the metro system removed the flowers entirely last weekend, days after citing safety concerns. (The rogue planter said he would use his own equipment and wouldn’t sue if he got hurt.) “It never occurred to me that Metro would think it was more efficient to rip out the plants than to let someone water them,” Docter told The Washington Post.

Thrillist created this hilarious map of what DC’s Metro stations are actually like. To see a more detailed version of the map click here

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The world’s most SURPRISINGLY HEARTWARMING SPACE CANNIBAL STORY, originally serialized in Island magazine, is coming out in a collected paperback volume this month so we’re gonna do a book club where we Skype in with Simon to talk about it.

And if you missed the memo on our OTHER Island magazine Skype book club, we’re talking to @malachiward about his recently-collected comic Ancestor on October 30.