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Reblog this post to support @diabolik-misaki she has an amazing oc x laito blog and is very kind her fans!!! I just wanted to make an appreciation post due to the fact two assholes on facebook who have tumblr where very ignorant towards her on facebook after she won that auction. She didnt deserve that. The duplicates where going to be resold for her fans at a cheaper price cause shes an adorable nice cinnamon roll who cares about her fans who would love to collect stuff but cant afford it. Anyways reblog this to show you care and that you support her tremendously ouo.

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Why I Like Osomatsu-San

I’ve been watching Osomatsu for some months now and I couldn’t really tell what I loved about this anime but now I feel like I get the idea:

After watching hundreds and hundreds (yes, hundreds) of anime, nothing really feels new, it’s always the same shoujo romantic cliches and shounen battle scenes, sometimes we get some psychological plot twists here and there and if we are lucky enough, we get some good slice of life, but it’s usually always the same, and this is where Oso-san comes in:

Osomatsu-San is such a unique and weird show, I don’t think I have ever seen an anime like this one before. Some episodes make no sense at all, some times one of the brothers will burst into flames, some times some brother will transform into a weird creature, their heads will grow so big they will explode, they will duplicate and regenerate, no sense at all, but some other episodes are a bit heartbreaking and sad, they could leave you feeling a little empty only to start the nonsense once again and make you feel worse for taking this shit seriously.

The animation looks really simple compared to other anime (I’m looking at you KyoAni) but it doesn’t matter because Oso-San doesn’t need fancy animation styles to tell its jokes and make you laugh, besides, the animation can get pretty ok (Look at the original episode 1 and all those F6 ones), it’s not breathtaking but it’s ok for a 2015-2016 anime.

Now what I really like about this anime: obviously Jyuushimatsu the humor (yes, Jyuushimatsu)

I’ve seen people complain Osomatsu’s humor is trash and way too raw and well, that’s axactly what Oso-san is. Violence, fucking bad jokes, self loathing and randomness. If you have been following this anime then I’m 100% sure that you already know Osomatsu-san is not a kids show, and I don’t mean things like “This anime is too deep to be a simple kids anime” or “little kids wouldn’t even be able to fully enjoy it!” I literally mean this anime is too brutal and violent for kids, and that is one of the things I like about Osomatsu too:

As you grow up, some things are taken away from you:

  • Time
  • Freedom (oh, the irony)
  • Peace
  • Someone who pays for your shit

but what do we receive as we get old??: 

  • Foul language (thank you)
  • Alcohol
  • The right to enjoy problematic shows and brag about it

You know, many episodes or segments of Osomatsu have actually been banned from T.V or were completely changed because they were “too explicit”… at least 3, and the show is still airing so I hope we can get more of that content in the future

Osomatsu is not a serious anime, everyone knows Oso-San is shit, but not any kind if shit or trash, the good kind and Osomatsu is not trying to be a “legend” or even a “cool anime”, Oso-San is just here to make us laugh, that’s it, no serious plot, no psychological plot twists, no, just horrible jokes at the end of a long day of work or school or simply just existing.

omg It’s been SO long since the last time I’ve did one of these, but yeah nobody cares sOOOOOOO


SERIOUSLY !!! I’ve never thought that I would ever be able to reachSUCHhuge number, but holy shit I DID IT WAT THE FUC K

I don’t want to be too fluffy so yeah I promise that I won’t make this much long xD
But I just have to say that I wouldn’t even be there without you guys. That’s not easy to write in another language, but yet y'all welcomed me as I was one of you <3 & I am so grateful for that, thank you very much for have never made me feel excluded.
& this fandom tho, omg from where do I even start to say how much ILOVEthis fandom ??? I’m so glad to see there’s literally NO hate there, especially among duplicates, & how about people always  welcome new characters??? we’re  just like a big family, & this is so beautiful tbh <3
also shoutout to all the other blogs from different fandoms that follow my trash blog, remember that I ain’t forgotten about you, I see YOU  tho B) PLEASE PLEASE don’t ever feel down If I don’t follow you back! I’m a super busy & yeah dork person so don’t think that I’m ignoring you or I don’t want to interact with you ! my ask is open for ANYONE ! so if you want to plot a thing with me, go AHEAD & DO THE THING !

Ok now down to business !!!

Pretty sure I’ve forgotten someone, but yeah it’s probably me being a dork so if you’re not on the list feel free to throw me into the Sarlacc because this is whaT I DESERVE OMG


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In spirit of a growing TMI fandom and @swordriven‘s Jace duplicate positivity, let’s see if we can get something similar going for Alec.  I’ve been thinking with starting with a group Skype/Chatzy, and then perhaps discussing the potential of a group promo, resource/positivity blog, and/or masterlist ( since I have zero photoshop and coding skills, and we could congregate and talk there ).

If there are any other Alecs who would be interested in something like this, go ahead and like this and I’ll come pester you about contact details so I can add you.

If you have other suggestions, questions, concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

And please don’t be afraid to reblog this — especially if you aren’t an Alec — to help get the word out.


Fleetwood Mac unveiled a massive Deluxe Edition of its revered double album Tusk late last year that featured 22 previously unreleased live performances selected from the band s 1979-80 tour. Until now, those concert recordings have only been available as part of the set and only on CD and digitally.

All of the live music from the 2015 reissue of Tusk will be available on March 4 from Warner Bros. Records as a three-LP set. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl, the albums will be presented in a tri-fold jacket.

The music heard on IN CONCERT was recorded at four stops during the band s 111-show world tour promoting Tusk. This new collection serves as a worthy companion to the classic 1980 album Live. Although a few songs are duplicated from that album, including Say You Love Me, Landslide and Go Your Own Way, each performance on IN CONCERT is unique and taken from a different show.

IN CONCERT boasts 10 songs not heard on Live, including World Turning from the Fleetwood Mac s 1975 self-titled release, and The Chain from the band s best-selling album Rumours (1977), a Grammy-award winning juggernaut that has sold more than 40 million copies.

Several songs from IN CONCERT were recorded at the Checkerdome in St. Louis just a month after the release of Tusk, and only seven shows into the tour. Those performances capture the band already in top form on songs like Angel, Save Me A Place and What Makes You Think You re The One.

The rest of the performances were recorded several months later, including 11 songs from the band s six-night stand at Wembley Arena in London in June 1980. Among the highlights are That s Enough For Me, Sisters Of The Moon, and the Top 10 smash from Rumours, You Making Loving Fun.

Pre order available at AMAZON.

Track list available at fleetwoodmacnews.com

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Creation Miss

GOD: I made all of creation & I love all my creatures equally!

[points at snake]

Except you. You’re a symbol for evil and duplicity.

INFO: well here it is. a earth 616 marvel civil war verse shaped around the star wars fandom. although it is mostly star wars based this verse is open to every fandom. characters will be reserved on a first come first served basis. all you need to do is message me with your fandom, character name, fc, and whether they are team cap or team stark. in order to get an equal number of people on both sides, once a team exceeds 5 more members than the other no-one will be able to join said team until they no longer exceed by 5. ***no duplicate fc’s or characters. 

                               track tag: #thecivilawakeningrp  || group verse

Plot: years after tfa and the end of the republic and rise of the rebellion, jedi’s are asked to come forward and be legally identified by the new government. many still fear war and the lurking members of the first order waiting to claim each jedi’s life. others see it as a new age, the age of the jedi. two sides split, one led by captain america and rey, against government identification. the other side led by tony stark and ___(to be added.) pro identification. after two weeks of waiting the registration act is put into place, and any jedi/force sensitive person that does not come forward will be put under arrest. 

PLEASE NOTE: there is not ‘evil’ side in this. each team has their reasons. 



“The evil one hates our fasting, and in his perversity would like to see our offering rejected by You. 

Protect our fasting from the deceit of the devil. Let us turn away his deceit from these holy things. Let us cleanse our fasting and our mouths from all duplicity. 

Have mercy on us, O First-born, and help us to expel the greediness that lies within our thoughts. Have no faith in the sly one who deceives the one who fasts. 

When he sees someone deprived of bread he feeds him with jealousy; when he sees someone praying, he suggests to him distraction after distraction, and steals from his heart and the prayer of his lips.“

 - Prayer of the Faithful, Vol.2; Great Lent; Common of the Week; Friday; Ramsho; Supplication (excerpt)

an aggravated sigh escaped the slightly parted lips of phoenix as the hotel employee elucidated that they would not be able to duplicate his lost room key for a few hours, an eye-roll quickly offered by the blond quickly following their explanation. the burning sensation that had entwined itself into the open wounds caused by the altercation the boy was involved in had subsided, the only evidence that a fist had collided with his mouth being the scarlet substance that had begun to dry, flaking off periodically while revealing the deep cut on his lip. it was out of character for phoenix to come knocking on someone’s door for help ( literally, in this case ), but the nineteen year old was in dire need to cleanse his face at least. and so, moments later the boy found himself in the hallway, abrasive knocks on a door caused by him quickly were quickly presented in the quiet vicinity as he awaited for the familiar face to answer the door.

lunajms asked:

Hi! I saw the movie about the depth pen, but I can't for the life of me find how to use it! I have the pc version.

You can adjust the settings to the number of lines drawn (number of duplicates) and the spacing between lines (Projection ratio). If you’re trying to do windows like in our video then you’ll want to use the Parallel or Criss Cross Snap guides. 

Annalise Bathroom Stall

I say when the show is over or they can make a duplicate now… That bathroom stall should be on display for the public.  It can be like a old bench in the park with Annalise’s name engraved or a plaque on the wall.  This woman comes up with her best Ideas in that stall.  Make the toilet seat too so we have something to sit on and contemplate our life problems.  Hoping and praying we’ll come up with a sharp Annalise solution.