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So I hear it's your birthday. Is it tomorrow yet, where you live? Anyways! Best wishes! May we see many more Tate x Tennant projects in the future. Now.... *points to a sequined rope* you're probably wondering what I got here for you. Weeeell, as you can see, the sparkly rope is attached to just as sparkly collar. Who is that wearing it, you ask? Oh, it's just Tentoo, with a little bow on top of his head. *grins proudly* Go on, enjoy your little present *pats Tentoo on the shoulder* *hugs you*

*glances at the clock*

It’s almost tomorrow here, near London. Only 25 minutes to go

*spots the sparkly rope and collar*

Is that….? 

My very own….?

For me…?

My very own Tentoo


Oh yes, it’s my birthday!!!!!!!

How can I ever repay you?!!


He seems pleased too.

Now what shall I do with him until morning?

I’d better get my bed his bed ready since hubby won’t be home tonight that lovely sparkly collar of his will need carefully taking off

Don’t want to cause him any harm

as I get him ready for bed

Before I go

and warm him up

I need to say

Have I ever told you that, some-thrilling-heroics? Because I really do (in a totally platonic sort of way)

♫♪♫♪ I could have danced all night! I could have danced all night, and still have danced some more…. ♫♪♫♪

Airless Space Weathering Duplicated in Lab Environment
Tucson AZ (SPX) Sep 04, 2015
External image
Using laboratory instruments typically used to make semiconductor devices, space weathering of airless bodies in the Solar System has been simulated, allowing researchers to better determine the ages of their surfaces, states a new paper by Kimberly R. Kuhlman of the Planetary Science Institute. “‘Space weathering’ is a catch-all term for what happens to surfaces exposed to the environment
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hi!! ur art is a big inspo to me but I need to ask, how do you add the soft blur to your drawings to make them look like anime screenshots???????????

Thank you! the blur either happens naturally because I use air brush. but on cel drawings, in photoshop, I duplicate the layer(It needs to be flattened), gaussin blur it, then I set it to Lighen

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Getting rid of the Dublin Regulation might also prevent people from falling into the wrong hands. Think Italy, for instance: border country, neck deep in organized crime. It's been a huge issue for locals for over a century, and now they are also exploiting refugees and migrants. I hate to say this, but our system is inadequate to ensure anyone's safety, and it's not going to be fixed any time soon.

Yeah. The EU policy has been incoherent honestly. The flow of refugees is still ongoing and yes it will take resources and it won’t be a walk in the park- but it’s better to muster a unified response instead of allowing this haphazard situation to continue. Question is whether other countries will follow Germany,  

Dublin Regulation was supposed to prevent people from hopping around various countries filing duplicate asylum claims but it’s been interpreted so rigidly indeed that we end up with an even worse situation. Not allowing ppl to reunite with their family members who are EU nationals or residents just bc those family members don’t live in first state they arrived in (most of the time a EU border state) is just counterproductive to integration. That compounds the problem of people falling into organised crime bc they’re in a whole new country when they could be going somewhere with family waiting for them.

On the whole tho, regarding the Syrian refugees imo it’s also a problem how the Gulf states have not offered to take in refugees. It’s Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey who are hosting millions of them. Before the civil war, Syria itself was hosting various refugees like Palestinians so there are ppl who are refugees multiple times over. 

Does this episode take place after WtW? Because if so, then shouldn’t Raven be adept at using her full powers??? I mean, let’s assume this is after WtW, and she can’t handle a duplication spell, but by all means let her jump into not one, but two mega powerful spells that alter the fate of two worlds ‘cause why the heck not

but if this takes place before WtW then my only beef with this episode is that Raven and Apple hogged the limelight and the 4 SC girls were essentially just props

ackabulaka replied to your post: ackabulaka asked:HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!…

*dances clumsily with you* What a perfect birthday present! You are very deserving of him and can keep him safe from the pink and yellow horror. Have fun putting him to bed. I’ve heard he’s a bit excitable, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy calming him down!

He is - he’s absolute perfection

Awww, thank you for saying I deserve him!

I have all sorts of ways of keeping him safe planned. 

As you can see, he is still very excited so I’d better take him off to bed soon

As for my calming methods… I couldn’t possibly say

but it won’t be this:

not this time

We have things to do tomorrow

Now how did THAT gif get in there?!!!

So you should be, Tentoo

It’s no good, I can’t stay mad at him. He’s too sweet! 

So I’m going to tuck him up and say

Nightie night!!

thanks to /u/The_Steel_Samurai for posting this code!

important info below

this is a duplicator code. to use this:

1. put the pokemon you want do duplicate in box 1 slot 1

2. clear the rest of the box. this is important. if you don’t clear the rest of the box, the other pokemon in there will be lost.

3. leave the box and finish the procedure as normal

this can be used to duplicate items as well.

i haven’t tried this yet because i have nothing i want to duplicate, but this code has been verified.