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Being young is awesome, don’t get me wrong, it feels/felt fantastic. Middle age and old age can feel fantastic too, provided you make good choices and have a little luck -and lots of love- on your side. I think a good strategy, to continue the joy and euphoria of youth, is looking at the folks closer to the finish line and examining the decisions (good and bad) that led them there. “Grandma’s House” is an articulation of this theory and a celebration of one of my favorite people I will ever know.

- Nathan Jr. at OPBMUSIC

i love these two so much it kinda tickles. this song gets me every time.

you can catch them at Live Wire this saturday night.


Under Mistletoe by Duover (by fatdeadguy)

I like this: Duover

First class organic raprockindustrialreggae from São Paulo.

Duover is a very talented two-piece project that puts together elements from rap, drum'n'bass, rock, reggae and mixed genres to create a very personal sound. Their music is quite obscure yet but the quality they display is beyond expectation and very innovative.

They create all beats, play all instruments, record their own sounds and put together loads of heavy and groovy vibes. Duover has just finished a new track with vocals by Seattle rapper Art Vandelay.