First time Bucky saw Clint, the guy was bent over his mailbox. And Bucky’s mailbox had been stuffed with condoms, had had a crucifix hung off of it, had been slammed with a baseball bat, had - oh hey, ‘fag’ in bright pink paint, nice. 

“Hey!” he hollered, and the guy’s head came up like a startled horse, big blue Iowa-sky eyes wide. “Hey, fuck you, I’m calling the fuckin’ -”

He registered the bowl of dish-soapy water, then, the yellow rubber gloves and the sponge dripping pale pink. 

“Hey,” the guy said, sitting back on his heels. He offered Bucky a smile, like greetings with swearing and yelling were standard practice around here. “Sorry, I didn’t figure it’d be so stubborn.” 

“I - sorry,” Bucky managed, feeling all wrong-footed. “I didn’t -”

“You should absolutely call the cops,” he said. “I actually already -” he held out a hand, registered the dripping sponge, pulled off his glove and dropped it in the soapy water and then stared at it in dismay for a second. “I actually am the cops,” he said, fishing out the glove and shaking the water out of it sadly. “Hi.” 

“Wow,” Bucky said flatly. “I feel safer already.” 


“You smell like coffee!”

Astrology isn’t something you “believe” in.

No one says “Do you believe in psychology?” “Do you believe in biology?” “Do you believe in metaphysics?” “Do you believe in zoology?” “Do you believe in engineering?” “Do you believe in sociology?”

Astrology is a science (a social science, or a pseudo science), and it’s not something that requires “belief.“ It’s not a creedal religion.

Christianity requires a belief in the one true God; Vaishnava requires you to believe Vishnu is the one true God, and all others are various reincarnations of him. Astrology has no deities, no moral codes. There’s no rules of conduct, nothing (or no one) we worship. We do not lay claims to knowing the future or past.

Astrology is a set of data. Astrology is a collection of patterns studied vigorously to make predictions about future and past circumstances, and what those may indicate - much like meteorology. 

Astrology is a “science”, a tool, that’s "unverified’ because man lack the ability at this current point in scientific and technological development, in addition to other factors. Perhaps someday this may change; just as Psychology was originally considered a load of horse crap. Once man learned how the brain worked, how hormones and bodily chemicals affect us, studied how our environments mold us, and conducted many other studies - all of which happened quite recently - it became valid.

I believe Astrology will follow down a similar path, with similar results. But for now, let’s step away from the notion that Astrology is about believing in it; it’s about use. 

Either you find Astrology useful, or you don’t. 

Personally, I find it extremely useful. It’s easier for me to say “I have a Moon in Pisces.” than to say “I like time to be alone every now and then. I need to retreat from the world to recharge my batteries. I come back out after a while, but I need isolation.”

Astrology is our language. It’s how we say a lot with only a few words, it’s how we express vast ideas and concepts in an extremely brief sentence. It’s a tool for us to understand and communicate, and hope others understand too. 

Astrology is a tool to gain insight into people that we normally wouldn’t be able

even saw isak on the first day of school and since he was always strategically placed in isak’s line of sight when isak started noticing him, even probably followed him around and sat close to him whenever he could. this means that he saw all the little things no one else noticed. he saw isak yawning and scratching his nose when it was too damn early for anyone to be fully awake. he saw isak stretch his arms above his head and make that high pitched whiny noise. he saw isak hum the postman pat theme song while waiting for the boy squad to show up at lunch. he saw isak struggle with his locker and completely destroy his books every single day. he saw all these stupid things people do when they think no one’s looking and he was completely mesmerized by it