Blake Griffin’s game has long since evolved beyond “just a dunker.” Don’t get it twisted, though: he can still freaking dunk. Just ask Robin Lopez, who found himself on the business end of a vintage CP3-to-Blake pick-and-roll flush on Saturday.

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Dunker by Lumsk

Det bur eit bergtroll uti Fosen eit sted
hans namn kjenne ingen, han er nøye med det
han var så forelska i ei fager møy
“eg sei ho ikkje namnet mitt, for da kan eg dør”

Hei - hei huskom - i - hei
snart tek eg brura i min famn
hei - hei huskom - i - hei

Han tok den fagre møya inn i Fosenhula si
der skull dei bu til saman til evig tid
men jenta var sørgmodig ho gret og var så lei
mens Bergetrollet laga i stand bryllaupsfest for dei

Hei - hei huskom - i - hei
snart tek eg brura i min famn
hei - hei huskom - i - hei

Den kvelden i før bryllaupsfest han var i godt humør
han drakk og han sang som ein brudgom kan gjør
i manga dagar hadde jenta prøvd å lokke fram
sin brudgoms namn men tenk det hjelpte ei med dram

Hei - hei huskom - i - hei
snart tek han brura i sin famn
hei - hei huskom - i - hei

Som natta gjekk og meir han fekk
ho såg sin muligheit
kom kjære ven eg luskar deg du er mi kjærlighet

Kom legg ditt hovud i mitt fang
eg for deg syngja vil
han blei så glad han reiste seg og vart ein smule vill
Han dansa rundt og rundt og rundt
og pluteseleg han sang
ein sang det skulle visa seg han sang for siste gang

Hei - hei dunkeromdei
Han fekk ikkje brura i sin famn
Hei - hei dunkeromdei

Some times I wear flannels to bed. And some times I sleep in my dads trench coat because it’s warm. I put on both tonight and looked in the mirror and got kinda sad because I started thinking about what if Cas and Dean had a daughter. And what if that daughter wore flannels like her dad and uncle. And what if some times she tromps around the bunker in Cas’ coat and sleeve smacks people. What if. They would be such good dads. Like kill me.

Die Wahrheit ist, dass ich mich manchmal fühle, als säße ich in einem Zug, der langsam anfährt. Und auf der anderen Seite des Bahnsteigs steht auch ein Zug, der ebenfalls langsam anfährt, nur in die andere Richtung. Dann hat man für einen Moment das Gefühl, die Orientierung zu verlieren. Man weiß nicht: steht man, fährt man, bewegt man sich vor oder zurück, oder passiert vielleicht alles gleichzeitig, und man wird ganz sanft innen auseinander gerissen.
—  Schmerzverliebt

“When you’re President of the United States, you don’t make many new friends, and I’m not giving up the old.”

This week, we’re sharing stories of ‪#‎LGBTQ‬ history in our holdings. On Saturday, join us online for our second National Conversation, held in Chicago, on LGBTQ human and civil rights: http://bit.ly/1UB5sCs

John F. Kennedy met Kirk LeMoyne “Lem” Billings at Choate prep school in 1933. They started the ‘Muckers Club’ to organize Choate’s pranksters, and were almost expelled when the headmaster heard about the Muckers’ plans to treat the school gym to a pile of horse manure. JFK also learned that Lem was gay shortly after they met.

In 1937, JFK and Lem travelled to Europe together. Possibly most adorable part of their European adventure was their adoption of Dunker, a dachshund puppy they met near Nuremburg.

In the 1940s, JFK enlisted in the Navy and Lem joined the Naval Reserve; they kept up their friendship through letters.

The two stayed friends throughout JFK’s rise to the Presidency, a risky decision. In the 1960s, gay Americans faced institutionalized discrimination, especially in government and politics, and this could spell the end of civil service for gay individuals and people associated with them.

As his political career progressed, JFK continued to rely on Lem’s help and friendship. As JFK put it: “When you’re President of the United States, you don’t make many new friends, and I’m not giving up the old.”

Text and image via John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum