Meet The Narrator Of HGTV's 'House Hunters' Franchise
House Hunters and its many spin-offs are a pop culture phenomenon, but the iconic narrator has always been heard and not seen — until now.
By David Mack

To any HGTV fan, Andromeda Dunker has a voice that is instantly recognizable. Her gliding intonation and dulcet tone are as soothing as the comfort-food reality TV shows which she narrates.

Since 2009, Dunker has voiced literally thousands of episodes of the House Hunters franchise, becoming an integral part of the HGTV juggernaut, which drew almost 25 million primetime viewers each month last year.

While the buyers and cities may change, the narrator does not. Episode after episode, Dunker introduces us to a new couple and a new location but with the same sing-song intonation and honeyed tone. She is the show.

Yet, she hasn’t been seen on camera on the network, not even once.

On a channel brimming with handsome homebuilders and homespun husband-and-wife property stars, the woman who gives voice to some of the network’s most popular and obsessively-watched shows stands apart — unlike the others, she is heard but not seen, HGTV’s most famous unfamous person.

“I’ve remained in the shadows,” Dunker told BuzzFeed News. “The conventional wisdom for voiceover actors is you are kind of heard and not seen. It’s just kind of the way it’s always been.”

And she’s never given an extensive interview before — until now.


Dunker by Lumsk

Det bur eit bergtroll uti Fosen eit sted
hans namn kjenne ingen, han er nøye med det
han var så forelska i ei fager møy
“eg sei ho ikkje namnet mitt, for da kan eg dør”

Hei - hei huskom - i - hei
snart tek eg brura i min famn
hei - hei huskom - i - hei

Han tok den fagre møya inn i Fosenhula si
der skull dei bu til saman til evig tid
men jenta var sørgmodig ho gret og var så lei
mens Bergetrollet laga i stand bryllaupsfest for dei

Hei - hei huskom - i - hei
snart tek eg brura i min famn
hei - hei huskom - i - hei

Den kvelden i før bryllaupsfest han var i godt humør
han drakk og han sang som ein brudgom kan gjør
i manga dagar hadde jenta prøvd å lokke fram
sin brudgoms namn men tenk det hjelpte ei med dram

Hei - hei huskom - i - hei
snart tek han brura i sin famn
hei - hei huskom - i - hei

Som natta gjekk og meir han fekk
ho såg sin muligheit
kom kjære ven eg luskar deg du er mi kjærlighet

Kom legg ditt hovud i mitt fang
eg for deg syngja vil
han blei så glad han reiste seg og vart ein smule vill
Han dansa rundt og rundt og rundt
og pluteseleg han sang
ein sang det skulle visa seg han sang for siste gang

Hei - hei dunkeromdei
Han fekk ikkje brura i sin famn
Hei - hei dunkeromdei


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