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I’m playing in a 5e campaign as Hildebrandt Gildecart, a halfling rogue. Last night we got jumped in a spooky, dry forest by a bunch of vine dudes. With a -1 strength and having been knocked out the first round and subsequently healed for 2hp (wtf), Hildebrandt executed Plan C - set fire to the dry leaves and nuke the site from orbit.

Of course, there was no Plan A or B. In his defence, Hildebrandt DID give the others plenty of opportunity to create and execute those plans.

The result? Hildebrandt did enough damage with the spreading fire (and 2 back-to-back crits on the last vine dude) to kill three of the 5 monsters.

- Mo!

DM note: you can see how we organized this battle. The orange dice are the locations of my first two torches. They didn’t change during the whole battle. At the end of each round, the fire expanded 1 square in all directions from each torch. You can see the red marker/dotted lines marking their expansion. The green square is the actual patch of vines and tinder.

PC note: Hildebrandt Gildecart is the gray-haired mini in the centre of the first picture.

Your Most Heinous Stories of Role-Playing Games Gone Wrong
Everybody loves role-playing games (unless you’re irrationally worried about Satan.) Escaping into a fantasy world, surrounded by like-minded nerds, is just the best thing ever. Except when it isn’t, because someone is deciding to be a total Gelatinous Cube. Here are some of your worst RPG horror stories.
By Charlie Jane Anders

In our new game update, we balanced out the cost of everything. And due to someone stealing all of the group’s money, everyone was broke save about 11 gold each. We tried to purchase bombs that were much more expensive from an old shop owner. Instead of the usual “kill them and take their stuff”, Jack decided an easier solution.

Jack(OOC): “Alright I’m gonna flirt with the old lady.”

DM(OOC): “Okay, go ahead.”

Jack: “Ma’am, it seems like you’re displaying an excessive amount of cleavage. I enjoy that.”

Nobody forked over the cash for the bombs, but they did get a 75% discount

D&D is very much going in the same direction as Marvel, where we recognize that the tabletop RPG is the heart of D&D and always will be, and we’re looking for ways to get D&D stories out in the world to attract more people to the brand, so that eventually they discover where D&D comes from — it comes from this game that’s about sitting around a table with your friends and having these experiences that transcend and last a lifetime.

LOOK AT HER GO - One of the most true sounding things I ever heard was that Facebook is really a real-life Role Playing Game (RPG). We create our characters, which are usually the best versions of who we’d like to imagine ourselves to be, and the things we choose to share with the outside world are our campaign. I’m not sure who the Dungeon Master is.

From the collection Rules For Dating My Daughter.

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