Duncan tries to change

a big problem in the td fandom is this black and white simplification that a character is either a perfect angel we should put on a pedestal or a horrible person we should all hate 

its usually female characters and its very common with gwen and courtney, usually depending on whatever ship w one of them and duncan the person likes more, despite the fact that in their conflict, neither of their sides were completely unjustifiable. (and duncan rlly caused most of the mess and cared the least abt anyones feelings, yet doesnt get much of the blame at all)

gwen was wrong in kissing duncan and maybe even for staying with him during the drama, knowing he cheated on his girlfriend with her. but the duncney relationship was so confusing at that time it is possible to argue she wasnt sure they were still a thing, and she genuinely felt horrible about it in the end and tried to apologize to courtney.

courtney was always kind of a jerk to duncan, should never have tried to change his behaviors to suit her and instead should have dumped him, and she was very brutal towards gwen about the kiss. but she had been betrayed by her boyfriend and her new friend, and she doesnt have many people on her side, so it makes sense for her to overreact. 

i saw this come back a little bit with josee and jacques. josee was in the wrong for sometimes scaring jacques and constantly holding their loss over his head. jacques was in the wrong for holding her underground during her panic attack. neither really made up for it towards each other. theyre both in wrong for that. but theyre still great characters.

feeling rlly strongly abt characters either way isnt bad, especially for personal reasons, but sometimes ppl in the fandom are too weighted on one side without ever considering how characters can be multifaceted