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Behind the Scenes of The Waters of Mars (Part Three of Many)

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s interview with Lindsay Duncan in DWM 415:

How did she cope with the physical demands of playing a self-confessed action woman? “It’ll either be the first and the last, or maybe someone will think, oh, great, she can do more of those,” she reasons.  “That would be great.  But trying to keep up with David, running around sets and down corridors, was quite a challenge.”  Earlier this year, David’s Planet of the Dead co-star, Michelle Ryan, told DWM: “Running against David is impossible. He’s speedy like a panther… I should have done some more training beforehand.” Was Lindsay left trailing behind too?  “David is fast in every way,” she nods.  “You have to keep up with him in more ways than the running. He works harder and longer than any other actor. He’s so utterly professional. The man has such a sharp mind. His thinking is so quick. He can turn really quickly, within a sentence, and it makes the character compelling. It’s impressive.

“But physically, yes, it’s really, really hard.  His energy levels are so high. You think, oh God! In terms of my character, but also in terms of myself, the actor, I desperately wanted to keep up with him, but I’ve got to admit - I can’t! I can’t run as fast as him. But I gave it a good shot. I didn’t want Adelaide to drop the ball.

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I want to learn to talk more.

I want to learn to seek support when it would help me.

I want to learn to worry less.

I want to learn to not avoid the challenges my work present to me.

I want to regain more control over what I spend my time doing.

I want to learn to trust the people I have and not feel so alone at times.

I want to feel better about myself.

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